October 10, 2006

Non-salacious South Asian video

In my post below on South Asian doublejointedness, there are three clips of brown girls breakin' it down. However, lest the reader confuse this collection with sanctioning the objectification of female gender -- which I would never dream of... -- here is a sweeter clip to temper all the booty-shakin' below. From my admittedly meager understanding of Bollywood music history, this is considered one of the greatest love songs, somewhat like the part in Ghost where "Unchained Melody" plays, I guess. It's from a 1968 movie, so I'd guess it would have the same status as Oldies music among under-40 Whites, or Grown Folks music among under-40 Blacks. The song is by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh, and is called "Phool tumhe bheja hai." The refrain -- "Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein, phool nahein, mira dil hai" -- means, if I recall correctly, "The flower that he has sent me is not a flower but my heart." Here goes:

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