October 15, 2006

Callipygian poem

As part of my recent interest in what makes South Asians different on a phenotypic level, I've started perusing Sepia Mutiny every now and then, just in case some popular in-group stereotype comes up that I wouldn't know about, which would give me more data. I liked the challenge of this post, which was to compose a 55-word piece of writing on the topic of callipygia, or having beautifully shaped buttocks. Go there and put in your own 55 words. Here's what I managed to whip up:

In times when Nature, with lubricious verve,
Was endowing the races with bounteous rumps,
Spiteful Nordia, cursing her exclusion,
Wished to sow discord forevermore
Amongst the fleshly Grecians, Phoenicians,
Persics, Nubians, Hebrews,
Arabians, Bantus, and Hindoos,
And thereupon tossed into their fertile lands
A golden apple on which was inscribed:
Callipygiste -- "For the most booty-ful."

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