May 15, 2022

Catcall report, woketards killing off boy bands, pent-up female desire channeled into pseudo bi-curiosity

Wow, first Saturday night of the spring where I went cruising down the main drag in the city with music blasting out of the windows.

Haven't been since maybe New Year's -- everything has gone virtual, I haven't even bothered to check in on the would-be Saturday night revelers. But there was actually a decent crowd! Not as big and bustling as it should be, but compared to other public spaces, this was not as devoid of bodies. Some experiences are way less replaceable with a virtual simulation.

In pre-virtual times, this crowd would have been totally representative of the population at large. But now, when everything has gone virtual, these seemingly ordinary people are actually a self-selected elite -- the top 10% of the population for fun-loving-ness, outgoingness, and corporeality, who just cannot feel fulfilled from the simulations of The Real Thing.

So I decided to turn up the dial on the life-of-the-party behaviors that I normally roll out on such occasions. I don't need to be gentle with them, they can handle it -- they *want* it that high, that's why they came out IRL instead of staying plugged into their simulations.

First was of course some catcalling, or rather wolf baying, since I had "She Wolf" on repeat and howled out during that part of the chorus (a proper AWOOOOOOOO, not the dainty little "awoo" that she does).

Got some good looks, although since it's dark at night, it takes girls longer to figure out that it's a hot guy making the sounds, so no calls back. Will try this again in the afternoon sunshine, tomorrow or some other day. I miss getting catcalls back, performers feed off the energy of the crowd. Summer of last year and 2020 were perfect for that, so we'll see about this year.

Are they so used to online interactions that it doesn't even occur to them to call back, even if they wanted to? Is their instinctual muscle memory by now to grab their phone and tap out a text message? They'd better not be *that* online. We'll see...

Anyway, on the way back from the main drag, I fumbled around for a new CD to put in the player, and there it was -- One Direction's debut album. I'd picked it up for a couple bucks at a thrift store, and decided to put it on for the ride home. But I didn't make it more than 30 seconds into it before singing along, and thought -- I have to turn around and go back, to serenade the babes!

Just think of how deprived their senses are of that crucial experience -- it's not right to just let them wither on the vine like that. Not that I'm a professional singer, but I can belt it out if I need to, for a little while anyway. And the hits on that album do get pretty intense, they're not mellow '70s ballads or anything. The early 2010s were one of the most intense zeitgeists in human history, and One Direction was a central part of that.

The absolutely pulsating teenage yearning that was provoked by the boy band to end all boy bands... and the phenomenon only just got going with the endless trail of humped pillows left in its wake. It was more about the feeling that they were actually desired as The Only One by some hot guy, who not only wouldn't keep them their dirty little secret, but was proud to shout it to the rooftops.

So I cycled through the three songs that struck me as the most apropos -- their mega-hits "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing", along with one that I was surprised was not released as a single or a music video, the wholesome party anthem "Up All Night" (I heard it for the first time tonight, but the lyrics are simple enough to pick up fast).

By the end, my voice was getting pretty shouty, and I needed some nice rosehip & hibiscus tea after getting home, but it was totally worth it. Again, it's not a technical recital for American Idol or anything -- they're just excited to be part of that level of a party atmosphere.

And those girls were just the right age to be One Direction's fanbase 10 years ago, so there was no risk of "Hmmm, I wonder if the audience will know this one or not..." They knew. It's like singing "I Want It That Way" to 24 year-olds in 2008 -- of course they remember that one! Few songs have the ability to instantly, and fully, transport you back to an earlier time and place. One of the most powerful types are those that made you feel noticed and desired as someone special, for the first time.

No amount of likes on your social media posts -- or, God forbid, donos to your OnlyFans account -- can recapture that feeling of Mr. hot guy serenading you, and as far as you were concerned, only you. (He doesn't *really* mean it toward those billion other girls in the audience...)

Aaaaaain't nothin' but a heaaaaartaaaaache

Aaaaaain't nothin' but a miiistaaaaake

The response was amazing. Not like applauding or anything fake like that, it's not the occasion to applaud a performance. It's to jump on the trend, let go of your inhibitions, and do what the singer is provoking you into doing. Smiling, running like the wind, and all that other crazy wholesome hormonal behavior.

At one point, when "Up All Night" was blasting, two cute girls in sundresses dropped whatever they were doing, to bounce and dance around on the sidewalk, each with one arm raised up to link their hand with the other's. For that pagan dancing-around-the-Maypole vibe (it is the time of the season, after all).

It's so heartwarming and rewarding to see them respond like that, and to know that a bunch of others nearby saw that duo dancing, and felt what they were feeling vicariously. Good enough, since it wasn't a club, where everyone is expected to be dancing. I can get catcalled or followed around a store some other night -- picking up everyone else's spirits is something that is usually limited to festive occasions like this.

Toward the end of the cruise, it had suddenly begun to pour buckets -- but I refused to roll up the windows. The car seats can withstand a little water, my shirt sleeve and arm that are hanging out the window will dry out. The show must go on -- even more so, when everyone's mood is tempted to go all negative, getting poured on during their Saturday night out.

So I kept the music up, the singing going, and still pounded the outside of the driver's door like a drum during the right moments. While not able to distract them from the pouring rain, this activity at least makes it feel like it's all part of one great big crazy party atmosphere, taking them out of their ordinary experiences. Not just a bummer or a downer.

BTW, I think the average guy -- at least the type willing to go out and have fun on Saturday night -- enjoys hearing One Direction's girl-crazy anthems, too. When they were teens, these songs gave voice to their own intense crush on that one special girl, who they were internally debating whether or not to reveal their feelings for.

Listening to these songs, they got to imagine themselves in the aspirational position of being a confident (and hot) guy who opens up, in hopes of winning the girl. Not just girls, sluts, or thots in general. Not interchangeable accounts on the hook-up apps. But her, the only one he can't stop thinking and feeling about.

It's risky and takes courage to sing songs like these to a girl, so the guys are imagining themselves in a courageous role, something that would motivate them to take on a confident, masculine behavior. Sorry, but sliding non-committally into a girl's DMs, or God forbid, Venmo-ing her some cash on her OnlyFans, is not courageous. Not public, for one thing. But also non-committal, almost passive-aggressive. Girls want a guy who's got guts. Nothing risked, nothing gained.

* * *

Sadly, these kinds of songs will never be made again, as our empire disintegrates, and along with it, our cultural production industries. In this case, it's not only the general breakdown of trust and cooperation at the institutional level -- and remember, there are no Trump voters in these industries, it's 100% Democrat-on-Democrat suspicion, paranoia, hate, and violence.

On top of that, there was the jihad that these puritanical libtards waged against "toxic masculinity" over the course of the woke 2010s. These boy band songs came out right at the beginning of the decade, before the avalanche of wokeness had really gotten rolling during the 2nd Obama term and after.

How can the culture industry go back on that, and make One Direction / Backstreet Boys / New Edition songs again? For the woketards, such songs are instilling in vulnerable young girls the notion that they're only worth anything via the male gaze. Wanting to be desired by a special guy, is just internalized patriarchy. Their sense of self-worth isn't supposed to react to whether, how much, or by whom, they're being desired.

Even worse, if girls react positively to such songs, they are not merely neutral bystanders on the sidelines -- they are enabling the toxic forces, and are thus guilty themselves of perpetuating the social pollution. So even if you felt like reacting positively, you have to keep a lid on it, lest the witch-hunters come after you, as a 2nd-degree troublemaker, i.e. as an enabler of the 1st-degree troublemakers (99% of the male population, who aren't gay and want to win over the girl they're crushing on).

This is like daughters who are raised by insane feminist parents, who have to play down their desire to play with dolls and bake pastries, since for the parents that's just the first baby step toward reproducing the toxic pollution of the patriarchy. Only now, it's not just a fringe group of insane parents -- it's the entirety of the culture industry, academia, and media.

The current situation is a radical break from all previous eras of our history, and contra lazy right-wing "minds", it is not only the latest in a series of such changes since The Sixties. Girls blew off the insane feminists and kept crushing on boys, and wanting to be the crush of those boys. The pressure from the culture industry was not simply lighter in degree, it qualitatively was not telling them to be ashamed for liking their crush and wanting their crush to like them back. That's why decades of boy bands were produced by that industry.

And the same dynamics are at play for the young guys listening to these songs. They're not supposed to be encouraged by such songs, because wholeheartedly and without warning letting a girl know how you feel, is non-consensual and on the slippery slope toward literal rape. If you do feel the urge to follow the model of these songs, clamp down on it, don't let it break loose where it could infect or pollute innocent victims.

Woketards pathologize what is healthy and natural, and normalize what is sick and twisted. They don't care if a guy Venmo's an OnlyFans girl some money after jerking himself off to her videos. That's transactional, financialized, virtual, mediated, and animalistic -- not romantic, fully-human, IRL, and part of the wide array of normal behavior that is not consensual.

The OF girl did ask to get paid by coomers, whereas the average high school girl does not ask for any ol' guy, perhaps someone she doesn't even know, to reveal his feelings toward her. But it happens, it's natural, it's permissible, and dealing with awkward social experiences like that is part of growing up.

* * *

So where does that leave girls' desires? They can't unabashedly express them in their natural way, because that would be enabling toxic masculinity. Well then, how about if they got horny for other girls? That would seem to be compatible with the anti-hetero agenda of the 2010s, epitomized by the gay marriage Supreme Court ruling of the 2nd Obama admin.

Per se that case was not anti-hetero, but huge decisions like that are never standalone things, they're part of a broader cluster of things happening. And in this case, it was the jihad against toxic masculinity, all those rape hoax stories in Rolling Stone and the like, Slutwalk, mattress girl, #MeToo, and by now the trans agenda.

Not only are young people feeling pressure from the culture industry, schools, etc. -- but from the very highest levels of the government, who are weighing in on one side of the culture war. And about something as non-political, and biologically basic, as feeling crushes and wanting to be crushed on by their crush.

This is what's behind the cohort of girls born after roughly 1994, frequently mentioning how hot they find other girls, etc., while keeping a lid on any feelings they have for guys. They are not actually going to eat another girl's pussy, fall in love with another girl, introduce another girl to their parents as "my new girlfriend," or get married to / raise kids with another girl.

Lesbians cannot stand this trend, since they feel like they're being led on and faked out -- oh great, yet another performatively bi-curious, yet 100% straight girl, only fooling me into thinking we could have shared something together.

But we have to understand why this is happening, and it's very understandable. These girls are straight, but they can't express those desires without painting a target over their heads for the woketard witch-hunters. You want to get into a monogamous relationship with a guy whose reciprocation of feelings would mean all the world to you? Wow, someone's suffering from internalized patriarchy, internalized misogyny, not to mention enabling toxic masculinity instead of breaking the cycle of pollution.

I reject the idea that it's these girls acting like badass girlbosses and not wanting to make themselves vulnerable or weak in any way. We've had girlboss careerists in this society for many decades, and they didn't trigger a widespread trend of silencing your hetero female desires in favor of performative bi-curiosity. If anything, they wanted to be wooed as well. They wanted to have it all, the '80s yuppie woman's dream.

And if it were about not wanting to appear weak, then that would apply to expressing desires for their fellow girls as well. After all, the other girl might reject you, might laugh in your face, might gossip about the whole deal with the other girls.

However, if the desire is not genuine, and the intention to reveal her feelings to another girl is not truly there inside of her, then there's nothing to worry about. She can call other girls hot, since they know nothing is actually going to happen. It's just the only outlet they have for expressing their desires, during a jihad against toxic masculinity.

Female sexuality may be more plastic than male sexuality, but not that much. If these changes in overt expression were reflecting a deeper change in desires, then what's stopping these girls from getting it on with another girl, dating another girl, or marrying / raising kids with another girl? If anything they're being encouraged to do so.

And yet, as lesbians will testify, these girls are not genuinely bi-curious. Lesbians can't even get the initial stages started, where they're hanging out, going on dates, and getting mildly physical, despite the bi-curious girl calling it off after a bit. That was from the old days. These days, 99% of girls who talk about other girls being hot are not even bi-curious in behavior. They just need a societally sanctioned outlet for their sexual and romantic desires, in a climate of oppressive wokeness.

So blame the woketards, not the performative bi-curious girls, who have forced others to channel their expressions in this way, however misleading it is to everyone.

I think the late '90s births are the last generation to have gotten to enjoy unfettered, natural sexuality during their formative adolescent years. As evidenced in part by the One Direction craze. That may have changed as they got into their late teens and 20s, but they at least enjoyed it during their high school years.

Girls born in the 2000s imprinted during their formative years on a different environment, where the jihad against toxic masculinity had been launched. They're never going to enjoy that crucial early round of validation from a chart-topping boy band. There won't be any more, and boys IRL and online are not going to step in to fill that gap in pop culture. I mean, I will, but I'm not from their generation.

It looks like core cohorts of Millennials, the late '80s and early '90s, will be the last generation to go through both adolescence and early adulthood under natural circumstances, before the jihad against toxic masculinity, which only struck by the time they were around 25 and fairly done with forming impressions. They imprinted instead on the 2000s, defined by America's Next Top Model and American Apparel ads. If those girls talk about other girls being hot, they truly are horny for them, and they may very well act on it.

That would seem to be the last cohorts of guys who are comfortable revealing how they feel to girls, not just mutually swiping right on an app. That includes One Direction themselves (even though some of them are gay, they were still comfortable in the role of serenading a girl).

What remains to be seen is whether these trends ever reverse, like the backlash against feminism by the late '70s and '80s -- but that was when we still had a cohesive, resilient society. During imperial disintegration, we can't rely on society's immune system kicking in when needed. In that case, the plummeting birth rates, indefinite celibacy, and performative bi-curiosity will be hallmarks of our population contraction during societal disintegration.


  1. "What remains to be seen is whether these trends ever reverse, like the backlash against feminism by the late '70s and '80s -- but that was when we still had a cohesive, resilient society. During imperial disintegration, we can't rely on society's immune system kicking in when needed. In that case, the plummeting birth rates, indefinite celibacy, and performative bi-curiosity will be hallmarks of our population contraction during societal disintegration."

    Its either religious communities taking over where Men of means married women in the 20's to have families with.

    And/or Barbarian Hordes like the founders of Rome who:
    "According to Roman historian Livy, the abduction of Sabine women occurred in the early history of Rome shortly after its founding in the mid-8th century BC and was perpetrated by Romulus and his predominantly male followers; it is said that after the foundation of the city, the population consisted solely of Latins and other Italic people, in particular male bandits.[3] With Rome growing at such a steady rate in comparison to its neighbors, Romulus became concerned with maintaining the city's strength. His main concern was that with few women inhabitants there would be no chance of sustaining the city's population, without which Rome might not last longer than a generation. On the advice of the Senate, the Romans then set out into the surrounding regions in search of wives to establish families with. The Romans negotiated unsuccessfully with all the peoples that they appealed to, including the Sabines, who populated the neighboring areas. The Sabines feared the emergence of a rival society and refused to allow their women to marry the Romans. Consequently, the Romans devised a plan to abduct the Sabine women during the festival of Neptune Equester. They planned and announced a festival of games to attract people from all the nearby towns. According to Livy, many people from Rome's neighboring towns – including Caeninenses, Crustumini, and Antemnates – attended the festival along with the Sabines, eager to see the newly established city for themselves. At the festival, Romulus gave a signal by "rising and folding his cloak and then throwing it round him again," at which the Romans grabbed the Sabine women and fought off the Sabine men.[4] In total, thirty Sabine women were abducted by the Romans at the festival. All of the women abducted at the festival were said to have been virgins except for one married woman, Hersilia, who became Romulus' wife and would later be the one to intervene and stop the ensuing war between the Romans and the Sabines.[5] The indignant abductees were soon implored by Romulus to accept the Roman men as their new husbands."

  2. Isn't BTS still extremely popular? And Harry Styles has a huge solo career currently. So I don't really agree that boy bands are on their way out.

  3. Not to get all, "Won't someone PLEASE think of the horny teens!" but horniness is natural and good. It's a motivating drive for them to pursue a monogamous pair-bond, early in their reproductive life stage, so they can hit the ground running during their 20s and raise a family with a steady husband / wife.

    During adolescence, it's more of a practice or mock-game, to prepare for the real deal a little bit later -- but not too later. If she thinks she's going to fall for a husband at 25, without having gone through a boy-band phase during her teens, she's fooling herself.

    And likewise for the guys, again. If he thinks he's going to woo a 25 year-old, without having sung along to boy-band songs as a nervous teen trying to build up his courage, he's fooling himself as well.

    That's why the 2000s and after births are so awkward around each other, despite having entered their 20s. No practice, and therefore no intuition for how things work. They need it explicitly articulated on some woketard Reddit forum, which will only reinforce their awkward tendencies.

    But from what I've seen, even those born in the second half of the '90s are affected by this shift. They started out normally, but as the woke jihad destroyed everything over the course of the 2010s, they suffered one hell of a case of whiplash, and they've never fully recovered from that concussion they sustained while their brain was still somewhat plastic and squishy.

  4. BTS is not a boy-band, but a dance-pop group made up of boys. Huge difference.

    Boy-band means there's a heavy emphasis on making an earnest, heart-on-sleeve appeal to a girl about how he feels about her, trying to court / woo / win her over. Building up his courage, letting it all out, trying to knock her over like a caveman wielding a musical club to make her head all dizzy.

    "Candy Girl" by New Edition, "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, "One Thing" by One Direction, etc.

    It's not about girls in general, but addressed to one specific crush, as part of the pair-bonding process. And the girls in the audience imagine themselves as the sole crush of the singer, not as one among many of hot young babes with a ripe bod who give the boys boners.

    These themes are not central, or even peripheral, to any of BTS' 5 number-one Billboard hits in America. They're more about feeling good, focusing on yourself, and dancing. That individualist focus cuts against the boy-band theme of surrendering to a pair-bond feeling that you can't control, tying you to another person whether you like it or not.

    And not to overstate the obvious, but BTS is a South Korean group -- part of the American empire, but not really American. And I'm talking about American social and cultural dynamics.

    I don't know enough about South Korea to say whether there's some other group there that is a legit boy-band, playing to the local audience. But BTS playing to the international and American audience is not part of a boy-crazy "he's my ideal practice husbando" phenomenon. Dance craze, yes. Unashamed hetero horniness, no.

  5. And obviously Harry Styles is not a one-man boy-band. He's still popular, but not as a member of a boy-band with boy-band themes and delivery.

    Nothing wrong with aging out of that role -- the point is, who's replacing them? No one. Not ever again. They were the last boy-band.

  6. And then I saw her takes,
    Now I'm-a retweet her.
    Not a chase,
    For clout on my mind.
    I'll stay sub'd.

    Oh, I'm-a retweet her
    I couldn't delete her
    If I tried

    Parasocial pair-bonding, soon to be as irresistible as crushing IRL. Hehe.

  7. Whatchu gon' do wit' all dat scale?
    All dat scale aroun' dat tail?
    I'm-a make make make make you inhale
    Make you inhale my female trail

    Quite the kuh-raaaazy stream tonight, I can't help resonating with it lyrically.

    After the "Sharkalicious" fragment that I posted a little while ago, I began toying with an adaption of "My Humps". But not sure whether to make it a straightforward one, where it's basically the same concept, only it's about shark anatomy. Or to make it more figurative, focusing on you being a streamer / Vtuber.

    Like the guy isn't catcalling your bouncy shark tail, but your social media metrics or something. "Whatchu gon' do wit' all dem subs?" or something, and you bragging about how many followers / dono's / etc. you bring in.

    We'll just see which way it ends up. But I'd better hurry, sounds like you're already in the mood to hear your own version of that song. Hehe.

  8. She got me trennnndinnnnn'...

  9. The nekos gather near me,
    Your dad just sub'd at tier 3

  10. Whatchu gon' do wit' all dat sass?
    All dat sass throughout dem streams?
    I'm-a make make make make you meme,
    Make you tweet memes of your queen

  11. They say I'm really edgy
    Like lol so random xD

  12. Speaking of inhaling a trail, did you ever look into the Dior Fahrenheit and Bvlgari Black colognes? For the not-like-other-girl who prefers the fume-y aroma of gasoline and tire rubber.

    Now there's a merch idea -- not something as degen as "gamer girl bathwater," but Vtuber perfumes and colognes. Curiously incongruous -- what could a virtual, disembodied entity possibly smell like? And yet...

    "Eau de Charqui", riding the '90s revival trend, and going with the aquatic genre.

    Although that's too light for your brand. You need something with a little bite to it, a pungent punch right in the opening. Some artemisia. Maybe modeled on Kouros, tying in to your ancient mythology branding. "Atlantean Dreams".

    Fauna's would have to be a chypre, forest-y and mossy. Something really witchy and heady, too, to evoke the feeling of being spellbound and turned into a tree forever. "Sylvestral Spell".

    Lots of potential here.

  13. All of online is super-horny rn (right now). Don't fight it, internet. It's natural and good, give yourself over to its creative powers. You don't have to slut it up IRL and get STDs, you can sublimate it through your posting prowess.

    Think of all that uncreated content, if no one were ever horny or they just diddled themselves and drained their energy (talk about a self-own).

    The content gods demand it!

    I don't think this is just a little blip, I think it's the excitement cycle getting back on track, after the brief de-railing by the covid hysteria. It's the restless warm-up phase of the cycle, as of 2020, and people are itching to come out of their shells already.

    The "don't touch me, it's painful" refractory phase of 2015-'19 is in the rear-view mirror. And now that covie's ovie, it's time to rev up your engines, ladies and gentle-accounts.

  14. Thirty years ago when boys were boys and girls were girls!

  15. Cultural degeneracy over the past generation in several graphs!

  16. Reminder to get physical media, since it's all going to disappear from virtuality. Yes, even one of the biggest groups of all time.

    Look at how quickly they're erasing J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, a staple of 2000s / Millennial pop culture.

    Even if One Direction's members never do anything overtly hostile to the woke agenda, this early stuff is still going to strike woketards as problematic. And nothing ever stays merely problematic -- it soon becomes re-framed as the enabling force behind the outright evil stuff of its time. Perhaps more dangerous, for being so seemingly non-threatening.

    Separately, streaming rights are going to become too expensive for music. The way was paved by movies -- nothing has been available to stream on Netflix, ever since its inception as a streaming platform.

    You could get every single movie and TV show ever made, when it was physical DVDs sent through the mail. I loved that era of Netflix. But the rights-holders simply demand too much money for Netflix to have a decent catalog for streaming.

    Pretty soon music rights-holders will do the same. And One Direction's music would be in heavy demand, so cha-ching for Spotify, and therefore, no One Direction for the Spotify customers.

    Luckily, the fact that they were hugely popular means there are zillions of copies of their content out there, IRL, in physical media. And for dirt cheap, unlike acquiring the streaming rights -- only $1-2 for thrift store CDs! And DVDs are only a dollar more.

  17. Pokimane brought up an interesting angle on her stream today, sharing stories of how to recognize fuccboi behavior -- meaning, "player" behavior, for the pre-Zoomers.

    Back in the good ol' days, being a player was rare, while being the boy-band serenader type was common. Now it's the other way around. Not that every guy now is a player, but among the minority of guys who are getting laid, a far higher share of them are players than they would've been many decades ago.

    Girls don't actually like being one of the many interchangeable side-pieces in a player's constantly updating roster of warm bodies. If they did, they'd be celebrating, personally and culturally.

    Like, "Back in the '50s, I'd have to be the steady gf of some ordinary guy, but now I've got hot-guy dick on tap, yay Tinder."

    Only 1% of girls are so slutty that they celebrate this state of affairs. For most girls who take part, they see it as the silver lining to an otherwise bad situation. "Yeah they don't care about us and won't be around for long, but at least they're hot".

    And of course, most girls aren't taking part in the hookup apps ("dating" apps) at all. If they liked it so much, they *would* be taking part, eagerly.

  18. So wokeness is responsible for the surge of fuccboi / player behavior that now plagues the dating scene, for the very same young metropolitan female demographic that's supposed to be helped out by wokeness.

    The MRA / angry incel types blame this on the girls themselves -- it's in female nature to like assholes, so that's why assholes succeed in the dating & mating market. Why weren't assholes as common and successful back in the '50s, then?

    It's the same argument that woketards use -- they blame bad outcomes on female preferences. Woketards say girls who like boy bands and want a steady bf / husband are enabling the patriarchy, and are therefore part of the problem not part of the solution.

    Neither will say that female preferences are not a constant over time and space, and that they adapt to their circumstances. Then you'd have to ask why the circumstances are the way they are currently.

    Then, we'd arrive at the correct conclusion: woketards and MRAs are both to blame, since they are the new poisonous factor in our society over the past 10 years.

    And really, the MRA incel types are just frustrated players -- they're not girl-likers, they don't sing along to boy-bands, and they would not have liked the '50s environment where they'd marry a boring homely-looking woman like themselves and be on the hook for alimony if they split up (which was very hard to do).

  19. Why does wokeness allow fuccboi / player behavior but not boy-bands? Because the point of wokeness is to destroy traditional institutions, something as basic as "the pair-bond" or "the family".

    It's not about interpersonal behavior, but institutional structures. That's why liberals have more racist associations about black people, and treat them more condescendingly, than conservatives -- but are the anti-racist party, because Democrat institutions provide materially for blacks, while GOP institutions do not.

    And here's yet another example of liberals being the real misogynists, as I detailed in a comment section a few posts back. But that is trumped by Democrat institutions providing women with jobs (media, entertainment, finance, education, healthcare) and GOP institutions not (military, agriculture, manufacturing, energy extraction).

    So, "anti-woman" does not mean interpersonal behavior that mistreats, degrades, or otherwise makes life miserable for women. If it did mean that, then fuccbois would be labeled misogynists, their behavior would be subjected to ostracism, and they would therefore be afraid of being found-out as a fuccboi.

    That's how the situation was back in the '50s.

    But that's not what it means, so fuccbois are not labeled automatically as misogynists (only if they voted for Trump instead of Biden), they are not ostracized or witch-hunted, and they are pretty blase about their behavior, not ashamed.

    Rather, "anti-woman" means an institutional structure that keeps a woman from total individual autonomy, such as a monogamous pair-bond and a nuclear family. And fuccbois are obviously not tethering a woman to them in that institutional way -- they're totally disposable, in fact.

    But boy-bands and their male singer-alongers feed into the pair-bonding process and family formation. They are therefore enabling the institutions of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. They are the ones to get wiped out by wokeness, not the fuccbois.

  20. To wrap up, resist the urge to blame low-ranking masses of people, when it's the elites who are imposing this crap through their institutional leverage. Ordinary people don't have leverage to get society to look the way they want.

    "Women" do not want a plague of fuccbois, while boy-bands get problematized and erased. A very narrow but very insane minority of high status women want this change, and they control enough of the culture-making industries to enact that change, whether ordinary girls want it or not.

    "Democrats" meaning the voters, did not perpetrate the Great Ballot Count Stoppage on election night 2020. That was a highly organized cadre within the Democrat party apparatus. Given Biden's pathetic approval even among Democrats, those voters were not OK with their party stealing the election if it resulted in a delegitimized government that can't get anything done and is causing all sorts of problems like inflation that weren't here a few years ago.

    If mask mandates were just the elites fulfilling the wishes of the masses, then why did everyone stop wearing masks once the legal requirements were over? Turns out nobody wanted that shit. Only a small minority of the normie masses are masking dead-enders, and even they won't try to police anyone else anymore. That was top-down imposed by an insane faction within the Democrat elites.

    I've felt the bipartisan populist spirit of 2016 -- Bernie and Trump -- slipping away over the past year or so. Now things are reverting to blaming the common people instead of the crooked elites.

    And not just blaming the common people for their supposed harm against others, but for their own harm -- blaming the victim. Ordinary girls had zero to do with the insane harpies in the culture industries destroying their beloved boy-bands over the past 10 years, while allowing the fuccbois to proliferate.

    And no, they're not to blame for the actions of the party they vote for -- that's no different from saying that ordinary Republican voters are to blame for the soaring immigration of the entire Reaganite era, which has been enacted by GOP elites against the will of their own voters.

  21. "And really, the MRA incel types are just frustrated players -- they're not girl-likers, they don't sing along to boy-bands, and they would not have liked the '50s environment where they'd marry a boring homely-looking woman like themselves and be on the hook for alimony if they split up (which was very hard to do)."

    True. But then again as the Christian blogger Dalrock( points out:
    (and who has stopped blogging recently). The marriage market has been greatly distorted by a lot of bad laws and family courts alongside our current culture.

    As for marrying plain women. I think Men should aim for the best they can do. But really take into account character so they are going to end up the Johnny Depp in the Amber Heard situation.

    Happy is the man who manage to bag a woman of good looks and character as his wife.

    Of course a man ought to be good at negotiating with the woman's Dad too. That he would be a good son-in-law. Fathers ought to have a say in this regard.

    And yes boy-bands are just not attractive to those types. Heavy Metal, Classical Music and Video Game music is what alot of them listen to.

  22. Childless loner nerd is who "metal / classical / video game soundtracks" appeal to, as a bundle. That's not dad rock at all, which is the boy-bands of the '60s, classic rock of the '70s, hard rock from the '80s and '90s, and at its mopiest or darkest, the post-grunge of the 2000s.

    Crucially, there's nothing about relationships, courtship, sticking it out as a married couple in metal. Metal is for those who fell through the cracks of society, not the ones who started a family. Not a moral judgement of either side, just clarifying what kind of music appeals to what demo of men.

    Even if you were a metalhead, to be a dad you also had to be into boy-bands. My brother is a perfect example -- trained for the military since middle school (now in manufacturing / logistics), had a kid in marriage though soon divorced, and has never been socially awkward around girls.

    He was really into the aggro death metal of the late '90s and 2000s, but he also was into the boy-bands of the late '90s. There's actually a "don't ever show this to anyone" shot-on-VHS tape of him serenading some girl he had a crush on, at some friend's house in high school. I believe to "I Want It That Way" -- one of those songs, anyway. And he was really into Britney Spears of that time, the female counterpart to the boy-bands.

    All of my Gen X cousins who have families are into standard dad rock, not metal or classical or video game soundtracks. The one with the largest family, and the most conservative Christian among our generation, serenaded his fiancee / wife during their wedding ceremony. I don't recall the song, but something ballad-y that would make a girl swoon, not arena rock or metal.

    All of the MRA / aggro incel types would view that as cringe, putting pussy on a pedestal, a humiliating sign of submission to Der Ewige Waifu. In reality, they're still married 30 years later, have 4 kids, and already having grandkids in their early 50s.

    Any dork who thinks he's going to growl out the lyrics to Limp Bizkit during his wedding, to put his dumb-bitch wife in her place at the outset, so she understands who wears the pants, is delusional.

    Their only romantic prospect is a shout-out for superchatting an OnlyFans girl, which they can't even do out in the open, unashamed -- it would have to be under an alt, lest their fellow aggro incel "friends" online find out and excommunicate them from their sterilizing death cult.

    I will never apologize for crusading against the MRA types -- they are just the right-wing / failed-player version of the left-wing woketards. Their shared project of destroying the New Deal, and then even destroying the fragile neoliberal order of the Reaganite era, is what got us where we are now.

  23. Actual dad-rock for actual dads with actual kids, and at least for awhile or still today, an actual wife. None of these are vocal-centric with a bubblegummy back-up band, they're distinctly rock with a hard edge.

    "Still the One" by Orleans

    "Baby Come Back" by Player

    "Right Down the Line" by Gerry Rafferty

    "Caught Up in You" by 38 Special (must-see video)

    "I Can't Hold Back" by Survivor

    "Love Somebody" by Rick Springfield

    "Crimson and Clover" by Joan Jett (boy-band cover)

    "To Be With You" by Mr. Big

    "Believer" by Smash Mouth (boy-band cover)

    "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls

    That's just 10 -- there's so many more!

  24. Joan Jett is so lesbian, she can pull off dad-rock, hehe.

  25. Gurl, with a smile that pretty, you can mispronounce that word however you want.

    Hehe, just a little something that popped into my head while watching Pokimane argue with chat today about the proper pronunciation of GIF.

    Also reminds me of Gura fumbling over her words -- it doesn't only apply when the girl is in a mock-debate tone.

    It just says: let's not worry about the things that don't matter, that we disagree about. Let's focus on the important things, that we do agree on -- that your smile is pwetty. :)

    You can adapt to other media, too: "With an avi that cute, you can misspell that word however you want."

    This is a good example of a "neg", BTW. It teases her a bit, but is clearly playful, and pairs it with a compliment (not a creepy one either). It shows that you see her good qualities, but aren't so simp-ish that you could never mention some minor flaw she has, playfully.

    Somehow, after the heyday of PUAs in the late 2000s, "negging" got hijacked by autistic nerds and simply turned into insulting girls and trying to make them insecure / suicidal. Typical case of girl-haters oafishly ruining the civilization that girl-likers had carefully built up.

    The goal is to get her to lower her "bitch shield" -- the shield that most attractive girls have up, since they get hit on so often. The neg is just supposed to be disarming of that shield, so you get your foot in the door and can begin a real conversation without her thinking that you're just a desperate loser / simp / etc.

    Insulting, roasting, etc., is going to make her keep her shield up, maybe even more strongly. And she will never open herself up to you after that -- nice going, dork, you just cut off your own dick.

    And right at the outset! Not even after she did something insulting first, and you're just trying to save face by doing an eye for an eye. Nope, your opening line is "Run the other way from me". Gee, why do you possibly need to look up "how to talk to girls" on

  26. Gurl, you don't need DDs when you've got a butt that round. This is one to use later on, *IF* the topic naturally comes up.

    Butt girls are more insecure about not having big boobs, than boob girls are about not having a bubble butt. So it's a nice way to assuage her anxiety, while still acknowledging the facts (a simp would lie and tell her that her boobs are actually big). Pair it with a compliment, and deliver it in a playful appreciative tone.

    Also, notice that you don't say "I don't mind your small boobs" -- that's too brutal of a way to acknowledge the facts. You leave more lee-way in the interpretation, diplomatically. You're only saying that she doesn't have DDs -- that could possibly mean you think she has a C, or a B, or whatever smaller than that.

    Having boobs that are "not huge" sounds better than "small".

    Also, don't mention the size / space / volume that her ass takes up. Even if it's perfect, it will still give her anxiety thinking about having a big butt. As a double-bubble appreciator, I wish they could get over it, but they can't.

    So you refer instead to its perfectly curving, gravity-defying shape or proportions -- its roundness. Or bubbliciousness, if you're gotten closer and informal and flirty.

    Never, "Damn, I just luv me a gurl wit a big ol' azzzzz like dat!" Haha.

    And obviously you wouldn't be saying that if she were a butt-girl whose assets were moderate rather than badonkadonky.

    Oh yeah, I was blasting "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" on Saturday night down the main drag! Nice aggressive guitar riff, like a predator pacing closer to its prey. Another crowd-pleaser -- probably even if you lived in a libtard state!

  27. (And to reiterate, I'm not actually a fuccboi. More of a flirrtboi.)

  28. Hey Sharky Bae Jepsen, wide-set eyes are good for girls to have! Please don't listen to the bitter / clueless / girl-hater nerds in your chat (hopefully just a minority).

    Wide-set eyes suggest a childlike innocence, trustworthiness, and other traits of the ingenue type. Close-set eyes make us not trust them, they look egocentric, almost sociopathic.

    Wide-set eyes are prized in the modeling and acting world, the most well known example today being Anya Taylor-Joy. Here's a few dozen more -- see how alluring they are!

    Close-set eyes can still be attractive, but more in a va-va-voom, vampy maneater kind of way (think Miley Cyrus). That's not who you are, and it's a hard role to pull off anyway.

    Your avi has been blessed, not cursed! We appreciate signs that you're open, empathetic, and trusting (you call yourself somewhat gullible, but that simply means highly trusting).

    Very feminine, dainty, and in keeping with your cottagecore frilly aesthetic, hehe.

    When you say "ban pants," what I really hear is, "I don't like roles that require pant-suits". Instead of a clinical wannabe girlboss, you're relatable and girly.

    And believe me, the babes in your audience are just as appreciative of that as we bros are. No one loathes women managers more than the women they manage.

    This may have to be a recurring series, just to let you (and everyone else) know when there are girl-hater behaviors showing up, and to please ignore them. Your audience, and most normal human beings, are girl-likers.

    So keep a wide-set eye on this space, hehe.

  29. [Megan Thee Stallion voice] Real V-girl shit.

    Avi avi avi avi avi avi avi.
    Avi avi avi avi avi avi avi.

    Avi dainty, twin tail-y, big eyes wide-spaced
    Avi dainty, twin tail-y, big eyes wide-spaced

    Avi avi avi avi avi avi avi.
    Avi avi avi avi avi avi avi.

  30. "Childless loner nerd is who "metal / classical / video game soundtracks" appeal to, as a bundle. That's not dad rock at all, which is the boy-bands of the '60s, classic rock of the '70s, hard rock from the '80s and '90s, and at its mopiest or darkest, the post-grunge of the 2000s."

    Cool. I have too many inherited diseases in my family tree that I don't want to pass down either. Some people lose out in the game of reproduction. Its just the way it is. Nothing to complain about.

    Nope none of those appeal to me. Symphonic Metal and Monk Chants do.

    "Even if you were a metalhead, to be a dad you also had to be into boy-bands. My brother is a perfect example -- trained for the military since middle school (now in manufacturing / logistics), had a kid in marriage though soon divorced, and has never been socially awkward around girls."

    That doesn't look good.

    "The one with the largest family, and the most conservative Christian among our generation, serenaded his fiancee / wife during their wedding ceremony. I don't recall the song, but something ballad-y that would make a girl swoon, not arena rock or metal."

    Good for that Man. I congratulate him. But he is increasingly an exception.

    All of the MRA / aggro incel types would view that as cringe, putting pussy on a pedestal, a humiliating sign of submission to Der Ewige Waifu. In reality, they're still married 30 years later, have 4 kids, and already having grandkids in their early 50s."

    Was MRA hung around the MGTOW sphere but then I got bored with those types talking about women all the time.

    Nope sorry. I got a life and a purpose to live.

  31. did you see u were mentioned on a TPN episode ? lol by a tranny

  32. No, was it a pay-walled one? If it was free, leave the ep name and a time-stamp, and I might check it out. Or just say what the gist was.


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