December 10, 2021

"Santa Aimee"

I know I said I wouldn't do these often anymore, but I couldn't resist after seeing her in that hat for her new profile pic. Just a fragment, though maybe I'll put together a medley by the time Christmas comes.

Hope you're enjoying our wintertime coziness, special fren. (One benefit of parasocial media -- vicariously connecting with out-of-season seasons. Hehe.)

* * *

Santa Aimee, I'd really love some weekly livestreams, and memes
Of that frog and his girl
Santa Aimee, uncurse the lonely timeline tonight

Santa Aimee, a photograph of lovers who're doomed, perfumed
With your figgy sig scent
Santa Aimee, uncurse the lonely timeline tonight

Think of all the libs I gimp'd
Think of all the thots for whom I never simped
Next year I could be just as based
If you just make my Christmas pimped (uwu, uwu)


  1. Aimee it's woke online [duet with her IRL bf who's trying to convince her to log off for the weekend].


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