August 15, 2021

"A Horseshoe World" (Aladdin parody, Aimee Terese tribute)

The princess of the anti-woke left, Aimee Terese, could use some company to cheer her up, having to suffer under a pointlessly isolating lockdown. Why not do double duty and serenade her below her prison-tower window?

That also gives her a plausible cover story about needing to leave the house -- "I mean, look at the guy, going to all that trouble -- and those predictions of a lockdown baby boom aren't just going to fulfill themselves! See ya later, mass-surveiller..."

I'm still on a Disney renaissance kick, so like "Australian Nights", this one is to a tune from Aladdin. After the prologue has set the tone, now we find Ag-laddin of Blograbah courting Princess Jaspie (her lyrics in italics). Original lyrics here.

I chose the theme to be the left-right realignment that she pioneered, since it naturally mirrors a kind of adolescent infatuation with a group you never really liked all that much before, but somehow suddenly find yourself hopelessly drawn towards.

Achieving realignment would be like a marriage across two clans. Societal reconstruction and harmony via matchmaking the hot kids from two (formerly) feuding tribes. In that way, it is a whole new world, but not where I'm the guide to a naive girl -- rather, we're both guiding the rest of the skeptical society into a new era.

Right now it's a fragment, but I may revisit it later as I come back to the Disney tunes. Below is the adult contempo single version of the song, for reference, not the literally-gay theater-kid version from the movie.

* * *

I behold a new girl
SWERF-y socialist spectre
Tell me, Princess
Now when did we last marry left and right?

I propose we join sides
Split the consensus asunder
Honeymooning Down Under
For the groyper groom and bride

A horseshoe world
Our realigning points of view
No one to flag our posts
No lines to toe
We'll show we're not just memeing

A horseshoe world
The nazbol paradox's truth
Here in the Tulsi-sphere
We're shifting gears
And now I'm in a horseshoe world with you

Now I'm in a horseshoe world with you

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