January 20, 2021

Keep Holding On

Just a little placeholder post before more in-depth analysis of the shifting political landscape.

Because Trump's finale of the Reagan era was terminated artificially through election theft, and not through an organic realignment of the parties and voters, the current admin is an uneasy interregnum before true realignment occurs and ushers in a new era. Everyone but the most out-of-touch libtards can sense the instability during this supposed "end of our national nightmare," which everyone knows is only just beginning.

The dread and anxiety is still there, because the decapitation of Trump and the GOP has only left a power vacuum, which all sectors of society with even an ounce of life left in them are going to wage war in order to fill. That is no less true on the left half of society, who are just as fractured as they were less than a year ago, during a bitterly divisive primary.

Indeed their divisions and lack of enthusiasm were key factors in their defeat at the ballot box. Rigged elections can win the struggle for power between parties, but cannot force unity on the factions within the winning party. Now they all know that the only reason they won was the urban machine elites stuffing ballot boxes, and the intel agencies hijacking social media platforms.

So there will be no spoils doled out except to those entities -- not to the still apathetic Millennials, let alone Zoomers, not to the Bernie bros and babes, not to Independents, not to private-sector labor unions. And crucially, not to any non-white ethnic group other than those in the top of the relevant sectors -- Talented Tenth blacks in Democrat machines, Brahmins in the intel agencies and their social media appendages, but not Hispanics, nor most East Asians.

Libtard elites aside, everyone could use a little resilience music today. It's another visit from a Manic Pixie Dream Girl fave, Avril Lavigne, from the last restless warm-up phase of the excitement cycle (late 2000s). Not that it matters so much, but it's a relief to see her not wading into politics throughout the entire electoral cycle -- not during the BLM / Antifa riots, not the general election, not the inauguration, or anything else. One of the few in the entertainment sector to not have sullied her purity by politicizing her material.

Here's looking to another free-spirited nurturer born in the early '80s manic phase, Tulsi Gabbard, as we enter the downward spiral of this anarchic interregnum.


  1. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the bifurcated Americana reality vis-a-vis the market (corporate profits, surging "market") and the accelerated mode-of-living brought on by Covid. How is it that the squishy managerial elite can enjoy endless new constructed homes/bourgeois trinkets and the "middle" is wading in a sea of absolute obscurity.

    I think about this a lot, but I'm not a good enough writer to cogently express what it means or why it's happening.

  2. Much as I don't like that the uniparty won and I think that their administration is already starting off on the wrong foot with bullshit like a troon as assistant secretary of health I just can't buy into the narrative of the Dems stealing the election. Trump gave himself more than enough rope to hang himself and ruin his election chances in his four years. He largely did a great job of disappointing enough of the white suburbanite vote for marginal gains among non-whites and in general looking weak which, in some respects is his fault (say his listening to bad faith actors like Pompeo, Mitch or Kushner) and in others isn't (his lack of political connections and knowing how to finesse the system leaving him a weak Carteresque figure). So I don't buy that the election had to be stolen for him to loose.

    That said this was certainly a coup by the oligarchic mix of neoliberals, neocons, business (especially tech) interests and the MIC but it reeks of a last, desperate attempt to regain and hold onto power. The kind of flailings you'd see from a system or regime that knows it's on its last leg as it attempts fruitlessly to prop itself up. Personally I do feel like 2024 will be the last election of the current system as the Dem factions splinter much like the R factions are (between Trumpers/populists and the neoliberal/neocon establishment). 2024 will definitely not go well for the Republicans when they run some kind of RNC approved Nikki Haley/Marco Rubio ticket as they stand by while the Democratic uniparty elements try to sink any of the current popular populist choices for that election (Cruz, Hawley and DeSantis) which will just fracture the party even more.

    I do wonder what your opinions are on the possibility and viability of potential third parties as the Dems and Republicans continue to splinter apart as the political narrative shifts from Left vs. Right to Populares vs. Optimates. I don't think the proposed Trump-led Patriot Party would amount to anything as it'd be too tied to Qoomer nonsense which, after an initial burst of energy, would falter as most people (largely younger types) would likely see it as lame, old and low energy.

  3. Glass half full:


  4. I'm a non-politically active black leftist. I don't know if you've read about Sandoval's Cognitive Type system, an empirical rework of the unfalsifiable Jungian cognitive functions model, but it's my personal belief that most conservatives are Si/Ne types and most liberals are Se/Ni types. If you buy into this model, the perceptual axis (containing the S and N functions for information intake and information abstraction) appears to be the most important axis of distinction between people, lending what is colloquially referred to as "different worldviews" and creating irreconcilable disagreements rooted in near-indescribable phenomenological and information processing variations. And this tracks with the near 50/50 split that always comes up in general elections, though I wouldn't venture to say there couldn't be unrelated reasons behind it. What people with the opposite S and N functions see as self-evident, you may be completely incapable of ever perceiving.

    I fled to Europe this summer with no money because I was scared that if things definitively shifted to a Hobbesian state of nature a group of locked and loaded MAGA boys would readily manifest to kidnap or shoot me. And if the magic bullet didn't arrive from them soon enough, perhaps it would instead be some rogue police ready in spite to double down and become the racists they were pegged as. In essence, many were stroking their dicks at the thought of an opportunity to fuck my shit up. So preemptively, I left. What, however, is the probability of that day actually coming to pass?

    I'm now sick and my parents want me to come home to see my doctors and be vaccinated sooner. Out of pocket fees have dissuaded me from getting proper workups with specialists. I don't want to end up permanently disabled by this mutant virus because of paranoia but as Cobain once stated, "just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you."

    I read your articles. I think you're very smart though like most other conservatives, often full of shit. You do have some theories that I personally maintain. In analyzing the climate, your perspective would be of use to me. As I'm a leftist I assume you don't want me in the country, but because I publicly stroked your ego with this comment, I hope you'll respond in earnest. It goes without saying that I need to move to Europe. But if you were me, would you come back in February and March, or do you think the people who are out to get me and my ilk will actually have me?


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