September 5, 2020

The princess is back from the dead, again

Can we pretend
To delete, and then
We'll tweet again
When both our alts go live

* * *

Lest anyone doubt the power of offering ritual tribute to raise the dead, the anti-woke left princess has returned. Still trying to cast the spell right to reincarnate her as a blog, though.

With that new name and avi, I've got just the theme song for her -- as always, from Marina and the Diamonds. [muah]

1 comment:

  1. Like 7 minutes in heaven, but "80 minutes with A.T." (the transgressive party game where Zoomers cram into a closet and listen to What's Left, samizdat-style).

    BTW, if she's looking for a re-branded title to downplay the link to leftists or leftism, "80 Minutes With A.T." sounds intriguing and provocative.


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