May 11, 2020

Disco revival in "Rock Bottom" by MisterWives

As the restless warm-up phase of the excitement cycle continues, we're hearing more disco type music, just as expected. For those keeping track, the early 2020s is the neo-neo-neo-disco era (after the proto-disco of the early '60s, original disco of the late '70s, then revivals in the early '90s and late 2000s).

Here's one song I stumbled upon by an indie band. Not bad, and better than anything else I found under "new music" by less-than-mainstream groups. They've got a horn section, and are really drawing attention to the disco drum pattern during the chorus with the hi-hat on the off-beat -- using two quick hits instead of the usual one of normal length. And lyrically the theme is resilience -- we're in the restless phase when people are ready to come out of their shells, after wallowing in helplessness, victimhood Olympics, and trauma porn during the refractory state of the vulnerable phase.

Their output from the earlier vulnerable phase was more mellow and less danceable -- as everyone's music was from roughly 2015-'19. Now even those who you'd think would be mopey art school grads are getting back into the swing of simple-step dance music, to warm up the body with basic exercises after having slumbered in melancholy isolation for the past 5 years.

Earlier post with other examples.

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