December 11, 2019

With MeToo dead, girls getting flagrantly frisky in public places

Over the past couple months, I've experienced a major shift in how girls behave in public places toward guys -- random hot guys, at any rate. During the MeToo era of the last several years, their public flirtation level has fallen off a cliff, still willing to make eye contact, follow me around a store, giggle and do cute things among their friends in order to get attention -- but not establish physical contact.

That was a huge change from roughly 2005 to 2014, when it was common for them to come right up and say "you're cute / so hot / etc," brush against me as we walked by each other, or press their hips / shoulders into mine while sitting on public transportation. Deliberate initiation of physical contact between strangers. And that's not to mention how they behaved in dance clubs -- I'm only talking about ordinary public places with no expectation of flirtiness.

The last time I remember frequently getting brushed against in public was the summer of 2015, the first year of the current vulnerable refractory phase of the 15-year cultural excitement cycle. One last hurrah of horniness before the broad MeToo sentiment began to set in. It's not as though people had stopped having sex altogether, but their levels of public touchy-feeliness toward cute strangers had crashed into a hangover state. I can recall maybe one instance per year since 2016 of some girl brushing against me in a store.

Until the past couple months, as the vulnerable phase winds down, and the restless warm-up phase begins in 2020.

First, although it wasn't direct contact, it was a level of blatant hormone-mania that I hadn't felt in public for years. I was taking a walk around a park, and after descending a hill, there was a group of three teenagers who were absent-mindedly playing on some playground thing while chatting with one another. As they saw me walk by, they went dead silent, and hopped right off in order to tag along about 10-15 feet behind me on the walking path, giggling and competing to see who could talk the cutest / loudest. They're so unaware of how obvious they're behaving, it's so cute and adorable.

Then just last week, there were two cases almost one day after the other, both in ordinary retail stores. Both teenagers again. One was a blue-haired indie chick who was walking with her friend in my direction for a good 30 feet down a wide aisle, then shifting to brush against me as she passed by, she and her friend giggling most of the time. This is probably someone who was SJW-posting just 2-3 years ago.

The next was a more typical girl-next-door cutie who was out with a group of friends (late high school or college). When she first made eye-contact she had a deer in headlights look, before composing herself. She walked slowly in order to prolong the contact, and I gave her a good pressing back with my arm -- not a push or shove, just giving her some pressure back with my forearm as she rubbed her body against it, to make her feel desired too.

A night or so after that, a group of teenagers had just entered the supermarket and barreled toward me, five or six standing abreast just in case I felt like dodging them. But the girl on the end who they were pressuring to brush against me (by all shifting in my direction) chickened out at the last moment and cut in front of the rest of her friends to narrowly avoid contact. No hard feelings from me, she's just less horny than her friends. Whoever's idea it was, should have moved to the end in order to do it herself, but that would have been too obvious of a signal and made her look desperate.

The damnedest thing is that this has all occurred during fall-winter, not even during the mating season when you might expect it.

In these cases, it's not as though we exchanged phone numbers, hooked up, or whatever. It's the fact that public horned-up behavior from girls toward their targets has started to surge recently. This is more of a social weather report. The winter of MeToo has begun to give way to the springtime of the next restless warm-up phase of the excitement cycle. And if the late 2000s are any indication, girls are about to get a lot hornier in public.

Thinking back over previous cycles, I don't remember much public horniness in college, which was the vulnerable phase of the early 2000s. In fact, I remember the same emo, anti-horny, "everyone's going to stalk or rape me if I leave my room" mood as we've been living through for the past nearly 5 years. But I remember very blatant physical contact initiated by girls during middle school (early '90s warm-up phase) and high school (late '90s manic phase). I don't recall much of it from most of elementary school (late '80s vulnerable phase). But during the early '80s manic phase, in pre-school or daycare, one of my most vivid early memories is during what was supposed to be naptime, a girl peeking out from under a tablecloth, waving me over to join her under the table, and then inviting me to show her mine and she'll she me hers. Good ol' 1984...

I think teenagers and girls in their early 20s are the most reliable indicators for this social weather report because their hormone levels are generally off the charts, and they are incapable of hiding their feelings from others. If they're horny, you'll know it -- and if they're not, you'll know that too. Their signals are very honest. Somewhat older women may have lower hormone levels to begin with, and even if they have high levels, they're better at disguising that from public awareness -- they only want their target to know, not the entire world.


  1. cannot tell if you're psychotic or a pimp. maybe a bit of column a and a bit of column b eh

    1. he's a chad, get over it incel.

    2. Must be a top 0.1% Chad to spur teen girls at the height of their SMV to rub up all over him in public based on nothing more than appearance and body language, and oh yeah he's 40 and has all kinds of time to educate himself on and espouse the panty-wetting topics discussed on this blog. All seems to fit.

    3. he's roosh, fyi

  2. So are we in a rising crime cycle?

  3. It stands out that the normies are ahead of the sub-culturals in these mood shifts. Notwithstanding that one blue-hair who took a bold move, most of them are way more withdrawn than the normies, and still so heavily buried under the SJW mindset that they're continuing to talk like that IRL in 2019.

    Just tonight I overhead a group of three of them (seemed to be college students, none with a natural hair color). A manager came on the PA to summon a worker "Grayson". Then a counter-order: "Cancel Grayson". They started in-joking about "Grayson is canceled". Lame.

    If they were merely choosing another random hot guy target than me, I'd see them doing the risk-taking physical-contact behavior, just toward someone else (maybe he needs to have dyed hair himself). But they aren't. They're slower adopters of the broader societal trends.

    And it's not because they're intrinsically withdrawn and puritanical -- just 6 years ago, they were all hardcore into the Slutwalk phenomenon. But they were late to the game on that one too. Also late to the '80s night thing in the late 2000s, which was adopted earlier by normie college kids.

    From the anti-woke Left world on Twitter, it's striking how minimally Aimee Terese has taken part in the anti-horny phenomenon. She's not a sub-cultural. She's unabashedly posting pics of naked guys (albeit homos). Awhile ago she had an ongoing theme of "MeToo has to reckon with the fact that women have desires" -- i.e., "It's OK to get horned up".

    Alison Balsam said something like that during the summer -- she's not as sub-cultural as she presents herself to be (good thing, not a bad thing).

    Whereas a recent Red Scare podcast saw both hosts talking about horniness as a disease or something like that, non-ironically. They have to play to the sub-cultural audience, and they're all hyper-conformist -- "We're still doing that horny police thing, right? OK then, horniness is a disease."

    It will be the more normie-minded ones who break out of that, even within the sub-culture. That guest they had on once, Weed Slut 420 (lol), she's the way forward into the neo-American Apparel atmosphere that's coming in the early 2020s. They should have her as a recurring guest, to pull them away from the puritanical introvert sub-sub-culture.

    Everyone else is starting to feel like the whole horny police thing is played out, tired, lame, and irrelevant. They're going to get the dance club itch pretty soon, and they make you turn in your horny police badge and firearm when they stamp your hand at the entrance.

  4. "All seems to fit." Do cute girls tell you "you're sooo hot" to your face? Ask for your phone number as the first thing they say after approaching you? Circle around you with 5 of their friends to all grind against you in a dance club?

    I'm not interested in bragging that I am in fact a hot guy, just mentioning it in passing to establish the credibility of the girls' behavior. Obviously they're not going to do this to ordinary looking guys who they don't even know.

    BUT, in a climate where they're doing these things to me, those guys will have better luck interacting with girls, too, because the girls are starting to get all horned up. I'm well positioned to be a social weather reporter because I'm the first to feel the changes in the temperature up or down.

  5. The point was to remark on how special it is for any man to be able to elicit that type of behavior from young women by his mere presence. It's even more special when that man, with all the benefits and opportunities that come from having those attributes (since preschool it seems) bothers to use his time becoming learned on all the matters discussed in this blog, instead of endlessly taking advantage of the lifestyle his appealing attributes make possible. Also the likelihood that such a man would create a website with a sci-fi looking banner and lightning bolts flying from eyes is smaller still.

  6. I am confused as to how a rising crime cycle differs from rising energy. Both sound similar.

  7. Another one tonight, a hoejabi in Walmart (early 20s). She really let me feel it, too, while giggling heavily. Even the foreigners are feeling the shift in the local social climate.

    Middle Eastern girls have high T-levels, but also high estrogen -- not mannish, more like aggressive and girly at the same time. Like all the exotic honeys you know and love from the anti-woke Left (Aimee, Anna, Rania, et al.).

    She was with her sister / cousin / friend, as the other ones were. Girls are usually too timid to take bold actions when they're alone (generally only guys are lone wolves). When we saw each other later on at a distance, they both locked eyes and started giggling pretty loudly.

    A very coquettish race -- hence their male kinsmen making them wear the hijab, threatening them with honor killings, etc. With girls who are that horny, flirtatious, and risk-taking, only a major consequence could deter them.

    But they feel a bit safer here in America, so they'll take more physical risks with strangers in public places. If for some reason their male kinsmen have yet to immigrate here, the girls will really fly off the rails.


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