September 26, 2019

Lovable crazy broads new wave mixtape (deep cuts)

Inspired by this tweet from the instigator princess of the anti-woke left:

The central divide between the anti-woke left and the woke left is their indictment of neoliberalism -- is it bad because it's warping and perverting what is normal, or because it's not going far enough to transform normality into something weird? The woke left think neoliberalism sucks because it turns women into wives and baby factories (enforcing normality), whereas the anti-woke left think it sucks because it doesn't allow women to become wives and baby factories if that's what they truly want (preventing normality).

Hence the impasse between anti-woke women who want to assume complementary sex roles, and woke soy boys who expect a sameness of sex roles. Or for that matter, woke women who expect role equality and view the anti-woke women as betraying the project of modern evolved sisterhood.

One of those key complementary roles is for the woman to be the emotionally volatile one, and the man to be the emotionally stable one. (This does not contradict another set of roles -- women are pragmatic, men are idealistic.) Anti-woke women do not want to become the hyper-rational girlboss, coldly calculating and optimizing, that their unwilling entry into the labor market pressures them toward. Woke women exalt this process.

Yet while one personality type is endearing, alluring, and entertaining -- the other is off-putting, boner-killing, and boring. So only the anti-woke women have any potential to kick off a mass phenomenon.

To celebrate our lovable crazy broads, below is a new wave mixtape, mostly of deep cuts. Some might expect gothic or post-punk music when associating with "crazy," but that's more of a depressive low-energy crazy, not the volatile and endearingly clingy type of "crazy" that Aimee is describing. Visually, the big wild hair of new wave goes perfectly with the lovable crazy broad.

Plus, post-punk and goth didn't have much participation from women. It was the new wave bands who all had a female singer, embodying the complementary sex roles that the anti-woke people seek to bring back -- men playing instruments, and a woman using her voice to emote. Not as part of some enforced, regimented social norm imposed from above -- but because it's only natural, and everybody has more fun making music that way.

New wave fans are not misogynist either. Bitter incels and sex pests are more likely to prefer post-punk and goth over new wave (not that normies can't like those genres either). Because fun-loving and emotionally adjusted people mainly prefer new wave over the other two, leftoids would likely brand it as a right-wing / crypto-fascist kind of music -- you can't piss off your racist uncle by blaring new wave over your phone at the Thanksgiving table. No genre of music is political, of course, that's just the woketards politicizing what belongs to the cultural realm.

I tried to represent the gamut of lovable crazy broad emotions here -- anxiously attached, mischievous, brattishly impatient, desirous, submissive / masochistic, dramatic, and more manic than depressive. I'm only embedding a few, the rest are links.

"Pleasure and Pain" by Divinyls

"Reply Boy" "Shy Boy" by Bananarama

"Dracula's Tango (Sucker for Your Love)" by Toto Coelo

"Rette Mich" by Nena


"Beat of a Heart" by Scandal

"Johnny Are You Queer?" by Josie Cotton

"Regrets" by Eurythmics

"Do You Wanna Hold Me?" by Bow Wow Wow

"James" by the Bangles

"Screaming in My Pillow" by SSQ (video NSFW)


  1. Toto Coelo... there's no exiting *that* vampire castle.

  2. Ann Coulter knows Warren is a woketard rather than populist:

    "Yes they will. They know she’ll immediately drop the war on Wall Street and wage the war on pronouns." [Re: Wall Streeters threatening they won't support Dems if they nominate her.]

    More basic awareness of Warren's role than you'd find among the DSA (Democrat SJWs of Astoria).


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