November 17, 2018

Alexandria, the anti-fragile

The clueless elites have learned nothing from their bashing of Trump over his most relatable traits, views, and political behaviors. He loves fast food, thinks American companies should buy American and hire American, knocked out a dozen of his party's Establishment candidates during the primaries, and at least way back when, made confrontational moves toward his party's leadership if they did not play ball with his new brand of politics.

These intended attacks on him only made him stronger, because the elites confused themselves for the mass-audience spectators of this political theater, who have the opposite views of the elites. Their individual minds and collective institutions are so abnormally warped that they still cannot weaken him, after nearly two years in office that most of his Independent and cross-over voters regard as a great big let-down. And yet what else is there on that party's side? -- Nikki Haley? Get real.

If the elites had any ability to influence the people, there would have been a "blue wave". The blue trickle that actually resulted ignored the elites' typical attacks on Trump -- his tweets, Mueller-gate, etc. -- and focused more on healthcare and how the tax cuts harmed wealthy suburbanites in blue states.

Now they're turning their failed attacks on one would-be anti-Establishment star to a more promising one on the re-aligning Democrats' side, Ali O-C. Both liberal and conservative elites have completely pissed their pants trying to rag on her for what makes her most relatable to normies, still unaware of how callous and degenerate their own elite class is in comparison.

She live-streams herself making a normie meal of mac-and-cheese, while listening to normie-friendly songs by Janelle Monae. She wears (discount rack) professional clothing while fighting for populism -- remember, "Trump can't be populist because he wears Brioni suits!" Her crazy extremist agenda is seeking a higher standard-of-living for people below the top 1%, including universal healthcare, instead of tax-payers forking over big bucks for Jeff Bezos' helipad at Amazon's new headquarters in her district. And she has stood up to her party's widely loathed zombie leader in that leader's own office, on behalf of a grassroots cause that the leadership takes for granted and ignores (climate change, corruption by energy lobby donors). Why doesn't she think of the damage that could do to getting a cushy committee assignment?!

Normal people distrust nakedly careerist strivers and special-interest agendas, so this entire chorus of elitist sputtering has only made the otherwise disengaged public take a shine to her, or at the least to give her -- and her policies -- the benefit of the doubt.

The generic right-wing objection is "She's not white," but we've seen that one already fail with general audiences against Obama, who was also a normie (if closeted homo) rather than a counter-cultural weirdo.

Right-wingers are also bitter that she represents their loss of the crucial babe support. Women, in particular the attractive ones, are more socially sensitive and easily pressured into conformity. Back when the Reagan revolution was kicking off, an attractive woman would have gone over to the GOP side -- siding with Mondale or Dukakis would have been too great of a social risk to take. The fact that the babes are with Bernie shows which way the mass-audience wind is blowing.

For the GOP to make up the difference, they would have had to run a cutie associated with the Trump 2016 campaign, running on those same anti-Establishment issues, and dethroning an old-guard incumbent. But two years into Trump's administration, Kayleigh McEnany is still a talking head rather than a Congresswoman, and stumps for her party's Establishment as spokeswoman for the RNC. Nor will Hope Hicks run and win for Congress in 2020, or 20-whenever.

Deep down, though, the Right is just upset that their own sclerotic party, at the end of its Reagan-era reign, doesn't have these re-aligning insurgents who will take on the backwards leadership in their own offices. Can you imagine any of the Trumpian groups showing up to protest in Paul Ryan's office, after Election Day of 2016, only to be visited and led by Trump himself? That would have portended successful re-alignment. Instead, none of them showed up, and Trump did not get to publicly have their backs against the widely hated leadership.

Some spin this into a narrative about the "end of white people in America," either explicitly or tacitly, and in either dystopian or utopian terms depending on which side of the political spectrum they're from. But it's really just the end of Reaganism. The end of an entire race gives this turnover of political eras a far more grand and apocalyptic significance than it deserves. At root, the complainers are just upset at no longer belonging to the dominant coalition, and have an emotional need to make this important.

Most of those who voted for Obama twice before Trump will be all on-board with Ali O-C, and the freak-out over her most relatable character traits, agenda items, and political behaviors will only make them trust her more.


  1. The freak-out also makes Ali O-C a foil for Antifa and other lifestyle Leftists.

    She is a radicalized normie -- populist politics, normie persona and lifestyle. They are Establishment freaks -- "Boo GOP" politics, counter-cultural persona and lifestyle.

    Antifa is the most alienating and worthless combination, making Ali O-C and her fellow travelers seem all the more wholesome, inviting, and worth joining in a coalition.

    Deep down, the Trumpians intuit this, and are angry / jealous that it's the Bernie side that is attracting the radicalized normies, as the woke status quo-ers get shoved out of the Dem spotlight, and as the former Trump revolution has been largely co-opted into its own brand of stylistically edgy Establishmentarianism -- a glowing-eyes pepe avatar cheering on Swamp scum like John Bolton and Brett Kavanaugh.

  2. She's a free-spirited gypsy dancer, too. How did I miss this?

    Mute the dorky song on that video, and play something like "Party Rock Anthem" instead in another tab, which would've been big when she was in college.

    That was the manic phase of the excitement cycle. Such good times...

    If that video goes viral, with people putting their own songs over it, it'll further cement the trend of the Bernie Left getting the radicalized normies. The ones who are actually fun-loving, not joyless scolding counter-cultural freaks (of the Left or Right).

    Again, the clueless elites would think they're getting in an epic sick burn sauce by spreading that video around, but it would backfire and make her all the more relatable and reassuring -- you don't have to be some dour avant-garde poser to work toward replacing neoliberalism!

  3. "I’ll take my family over a fat bank account any day"

    How many Reaganites would say that? Instead they promote the most degenerate anti-family money-worshiping libertarians like Kevin Williamson. Abandoning your roots is just the entry fee to upward social mobility, beep boop.

    The two rising stars of the Dem realignment, after their patron saint Bernie, are Tulsi Gabbard and Ali O-C, while the GOP's future is Ben Shapiro, Paul Ryan, Kasich, and McCain's brain tumor in cryogenesis.

    GOP cuck-sultants are melting down trying to put out the Ali O-C fire because all they have are a bunch of off-putting closet cases, while the nubile and MILF-y Millennials are over-flowing on the Sandernista side.

    The GOP caught a break with the square-jawed bros supporting Trump in 2016, but they've gone right back to business as usual in their messaging (reflecting the status quo in their policies).

    Which side are disaffected heterosexual dudes going to resonate with, between Ali O-C and Ben Shapiro?

    Fertiles > faggots

  4. "and McCain's brain tumor in cryogenesis"
    Okay, now we know who is behind getting Assange!

    1. OT. Tonight Jack Posobiec and Cassandra Fairbanks are saying that Assange will be indicted for Iraq War/Manning, they're trying to get him in the US before Christmas, and Equador is trying to get Death Penalty down to Life... A year ago, for no particular reason, just desperate and emoting, I came here and asked everyone to always be good to Jules. My heart is breaking. I hold out hope that Trump will pardon him. If he does not, well I'm a nobody with no power, but I will turn my back on him, I will work against him.
      Again, for no particular reason: Please be good to Jules. He's a good man.

  5. "The end of an entire race gives this turnover of political eras a far more grand and apocalyptic significance than it deserves."
    isn't that genocide?

  6. No, there is no genocide -- they're just conjuring up a non-existent apocalypse (racial extinction, which is not happening) in order to give a run-of-the-mill phenomenon (political regime realignment) a grander narrative impact.


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