May 21, 2018

Plame affair reboot disappointingly predictable, with libs enraged by doxxing of intel asset

An earlier post laid out the parallels between the Mueller probe and the Valerie Plame affair. Not necessarily in the facts, charges, or themes, but in the power dynamics.

The dumb liberal airheads think that the parallel is to Watergate or Lewinskygate, but those were both opposition presidents during their respective eras -- a Republican during the New Deal, and a Democrat during Reaganism. Congress -- the people who actually do the impeaching and removing -- was controlled in both houses by the dominant party for their era, and the balance on the Supreme Court favored the dominant party of the era (liberal during the New Deal, conservative during Reaganism).

Translation: Trump and his circle are in no danger. Instead, this is like the W. Bush admin during the Plame affair -- their era's dominant party controlling the White House, both chambers of Congress, and the balance of the Supreme Court. It was only a bit player in the dramatis personae who got indicted, not even on an underlying crime, and his prison sentence got commuted by the president anyway. The exact same will happen this time around.

But now the writers of this Plame affair reboot are just getting lazy -- not only making it similar in the power dynamics, but recycling the same old plotline from the original. Back then, it was the leaking of the identity of an undercover CIA agent (Plame), by a mainstream columnist for a corporate media outlet (Novak for WaPo), supposedly to retaliate against her husband's criticism of the admin's foreign policy (throwing cold water on the "Saddam is seeking uranium for WMDs" that rationalized the Iraq War).

The dumb liberal airheads got all up in arms about defending the sanctity of the intel agencies, who were under assault by the rogue Bush White House. They sought refuge in the arms of the Feds, who would bring down the rogue White House via their Special Counsel investigation. All of these false saviors were Republicans -- Comey, Fitzgerald, etc. -- but that didn't stop partisan Democrats from clinging to them, in the deluded view that the GOP Feds were "putting country above party," rather than it being a big gay slap-fight within the party.

Now the Mueller probe is taking a turn in this direction. A formerly anonymous spook who spied on the Trump campaign is about to be outed. Stefan Halper has already been described back in March by Ross at the Daily Caller, although not singling him out as a "Deep State spy within the Trump campaign". There were nameless descriptions of him in the NYT and WaPo over the weekend. All that's left is for a mainstream journalist for the corporate media to link the two overtly and publicly, and say what everyone already knows. That person will be the Novak of this Plame affair reboot.

The dumb liberal airhead media is already poised to denounce that journalist, and by extension the whole conservative media (corporate or fringe), as a reckless leaker of sensitive info regarding an undercover intel agent, with Halper being the Plame of this reboot. Halper, like all of the other major anti-Trump characters in this story, is a 100% Republican -- part of the big gay Establishment slap-fight, not a partisan witch hunt. The spying action he took, for which he will be doxxed, was to counteract the foreign policy of the admin -- getting along with Russia, something he was bitterly opposed to, just like Plame being against some version of invading Iraq (or a particular rationalization of it, anyway).

With there being absolutely nothing to the bogus Russian collusion angle of the Mueller probe, and the obstruction angle going down in flames, perhaps they will move onto this angle next -- the Trump admin has gone rogue in leaking the quasi-undercover nature of some spook, or at least retaliates against one of our sacred spooks! He's endangering the very safety and functioning of our intel agencies! Send in the over-zealous Feds to take him out before he does more damage!

This reboot could not get any more predictable and therefore boring. If you had not done so already, it's time to just change the channel. Nothing is going to happen, just like in the original.

At the same time, you also need to change the channel on the mirror-image hysterical narrative about the Deep State plot to take out Trump. That may have been plausible back when it was still up in the air whether or not Trump would do the unorthodox policies that got him elected. But after surrendering to the corporate globalist Establishment on every one of those distinctive promises, and only helping to implement the same old Reaganite bullshit that the GOP has been pushing for decades, Trump is no threat to the Deep State in any way at all.

Especially now that they've seen how much he just issues empty threats -- he only delivers on threats that align with the GOP orthodoxy, like exiting the Paris Climate Accords or the Iran deal, not on those threats that are at cross-purposes with the GOP orthodoxy, like exiting NAFTA or Afghanistan.

That doesn't mean he is not the target of a gay slap-fight within the Republican Establishment, targeted by Never Trumpers. But they have no power -- just an impotent Special Counsel who faces over-powering opposition from the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court, if push came to shove.

The best thing to do is just troll the Never Trumper faction of the GOP, and the dumb liberal airheads who are placing such Titanic quantities of false hope in the Republican spooks and Feds who are hounding Trump. Consciously refer to the Mueller probe as just another Valerie Plame affair that will come up just as empty-handed, and leave the wishful thinkers just as blue-balled, as the original. Remind them that the president will simply commute or pardon any serious sentences for mickey-mouse charges brought upon the bit players who plead guilty in order to avoid crushing legal fees for continuing to fight.

By taking the opposite approach -- taking the investigation intensely seriously, as though it were a mortal threat to our democracy's very survival, or at least portraying it that way to the public -- the Trump side only makes itself sound just as unhinged and retarded as the conspiracy theorists on the anti-Trump side. It will resonate with Fox News addicts and kneejerk GOP partisans -- but not with normal people. And since anything that Trump says will resonate with the partisans, his side needs to ignore what plays with them, and focus on what plays with those who are uncertain and discriminating.

Normies will go as far as agreeing that the whole probe is bogus, pointless, and time to move on, and that there is a Never Trump faction within the GOP that still wants to hound Trump. But not because he's anti-Establishment or unorthodox, and not that they're going to sink our democracy for it.

They'll agree that the Feds are not saints, including Comey et al. But the hysteria over DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION AT THE DOJ to bring down the anti-Establishment president, is such laughable BS by this point. First, they're all Republicans. Second, they're just an impotent faction within the GOP -- the bulk of the GOP politicians and politicos absolutely have Trump's back, after he surrendered to their Reaganite orthodoxy. He's obviously in no danger, 99% of his party's powerful figures will protect him, and the remaining 1% have no power to do outsized damage.

Only if he pulls out of NAFTA, removes the US from Syria, or deports millions of immigrants who the mega-farm landowners depend on for cheap labor, will the GOP no longer have Trump's back. Since he's not doing those things, he's in the clear. It's just going to be an annoying and boring narrative driven entirely by the dumb airhead liberal media -- not by any real power that the Special Counsel has.

So just ignore, or better yet, troll the shit out of them for how little power they have, and how empty-handed they came up last time the power dynamics were like this. Explicitly name the Valerie Plame affair. Pardoning Scooter Libby, on my advice from the first post, was a great first step, especially when Kellyanne Conway connected the dots for the clueless reporters. ("Many people think he was the victim of an over-zealous Special Counsel investigation.")

Otherwise, they'll alienate the normies who they want on their side of this mock battle, with their unhinged ranting about a Deep State trying to take out an entirely Establishment-enabling president.

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