September 25, 2017

Bi-monthly political cycle entering downer phase

The up-one-month, down-one-month cycle is going to take us into a low point coming up. See the last report from early July, during a relative high point.

After an ebb in the witch hunt, everyone piling onto CNN, the speech in Warsaw, and the meeting with Putin, who could have foreseen what a disaster was coming up in the second half of July and into August?

The public feuding with Sessions, the Alt-Right looking retarded and killing someone at Charlottesville, the purge by the Pentagon junta of the fellow travelers of Mike Flynn, including Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, and culminating in the Afghanistan troop surge.

I saw all of that coming -- not the specifics, of course, but the fact that after the high we were going to go into a low again, right on the bi-monthly schedule. It's been happening since the beginning of 2016 at least, and I've been covering it with each turning of the wheel.

The most recent peak after the terrible month of August was nothing big, but more of a lull in the hate and witch hunt coming from the globalist elites, and even building some goodwill during the hurricane response, as well as cutting bipartisan deals with Chuck & Nancy.

The current downturn has already begun, it just doesn't feel that bad because it hasn't hit a low point yet.

At first Trump supporters were excited to hear the end of DACA, but then it emerged that Trump simply wanted it codified into law rather than handed down from executive branch over-reach. Then there's the tireless campaigning for Mitch McConnell's stooge in the Alabama special election, which is likely to blow up on Tuesday.

Legislatively, the GOP healthcare charade is going to piss everybody off all over again when it fails sometime soon. The tax reform plans have been revealed to be typical Republican tax cuts for the rich, which neither Trump nor any other populist has had any input into, but which Trump will be pressed into the service of campaigning for just like with the ridiculous healthcare / Afghanistan / "Strange doesn't even know McConnell" bullshit that the Establishment still thinks we're too stupid to notice so long as Trump is its public face.

Left-wing activist judges are poised to strike down the third iteration of the travel ban.

Who knows how this NFL culture war stuff is going to go -- hopefully no retards from the Alt-Right go mowing people down at a football game.

I'd like to end by saying, Let's hope the coming downturn is relatively quick and painless so we can get back to Trump trashing McConnell and other good things. But the nadir is going to hit during October -- famous for its surprises. We're just two weeks away from the date when the Access Hollywood tape blew up. Time to be extra vigilant.


  1. There's still too much striving to make that much progress. If it's true that we periodically go through times of crisis that call for profound changes, well, it's going to be harder to get those changes when elites won't listen to the people.

    The 1930's followed many decades of rising striving (circa 1860-1900), and several decades of diminishing striving (circa 1900-1930). So we started to see elites become much more attentive to populism by the 30's.

    Where are we right now? Rising striving: 1970-2010, diminished striving: 2010-present. So that leaves a good 20-30 years, that ain't gonna be pretty, before reduced striving reach full impact.

    NFL-wise, there's several populist angles to shaming bratty "adult" players:

    - NFL players are obvious elites, paid well to provide the public with bread and circuses

    - Over the last several years, people have begun to catch on to football being a gladiator spectacle that glorifies base instincts. That's why ratings are declining. Give me a break, it's not Colin Caepernick who's to blame.

    - White proles couldn't care less about the PC political opinions of elites (over) paid for non-intellectual activities (actors, pro athletes). A fair number of proles are boycotting stupid movies, mocking know-it-all Hollywood liberals, etc.

    If protests centered on the work-place conditions of athletes or actors, fine. Proles would be more sympathetic. But restricting agitation to elite-liberal hobby-horses like bitching about police and Trump does nothing to further populism. Hell, actors and athletes could easily win us over by calling out the plantation slave-drivers who run pro sports and Hollywood, but seldom do they have the courage to do so. Also, the reticence can be explained by us still being in a higher striving era, as actors and athletes are clearly loath to do anything that would get them blacklisted and thus reduce their pay check.

  2. "The NFL owners didn’t heed the president. Owners, broadcasters and league officials criticized Trump over the weekend, and more players than ever kneeled during renditions of the anthem that were broadcast live Sunday on CBS and Fox. Patriots owner Robert Kraft, one of several owners who donated to Trump’s campaign, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the president’s comments."

    Jacksonville owner Shad Khan (!) was particularly indignant, going as far as standing (kneeling?) with his players on the field before the game.

    Now folks, would NFL owners be so quick to defend players who vowed to stage a walk-out until owners agreed to certain safety measures (such as weight limits)?

  3. "The current downturn has already begun, it just doesn't feel that bad because it hasn't hit a low point yet."
    "Time to be extra vigilant."

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Please, Love, though I'm not one for hot opinions, please delete any I may have expressed. In all my years here, the only one I can think of is the one laughing about someone playing a racist song while in an absolute drunken stupor - in case it's not found, I was APPALLED when I heard it sober as I had no idea it was violent.

  5. thoses "cycles" stories are often interesting, but more often pointless.
    Exemple : I had often read this theory about a cycle of 50 years (violence every 50 years, 1970, 1920, 1870). But what with 1820 ? Violent, the year 1820 ? No.

    When I was younger, I was very interested by those stuffs. (cycles of 30, cycles of 60, etc.) but this is something used to reassure ourselves. For exemple, I believed in the 30-years cycle : a down phase (1914-1944), an up phase (1944-1974), then a down... But France is in deep shit since 1974, 43 years long...So...

  6. Ag, if not in the comments then I'd like to know your thoughts on the current Resistance/leftist culture and when (or if, or if it's already begun) the pendulum swings back around? This NFL stuff, Gregg Poppovich going on about how whiteness doesn't exist (yet white privilege does... huh?), the increasing politicization of every single form of entertainment, largely by newcomers who have no history or investment in it and simply want to deconstruct things to deconstruct them (as is the case in comic books, video games and now sports), even going back to GamerGate style stuff.

    Cernovich retweeted that and I wonder how long that sentiment starts spreading? I imagine it's there among the silent normies already but it feels like things are reaching a boiling point for all of this stuff.

  7. I could see Moore winning tonight being a triggering event, even in the abstract foreseeing it, they're getting upset.
    Too soon?
    They're wanting to either call the voters stupid (mostly on the right) or get Trump in trouble by pointing out he was less than enthusiastic.

    It will be a crippling blow to a narrative the cucks and the commies both love: Trump succeeded due to charisma, not his positions. So, I can see a lot of pain and anger coming our way.


  8. Well, it appears I can't have nice things anymore...
    You know, the thing I think that bothers him more than being smart or successful was that *I thought that I* was smart and successful. Gotta prove me wrong.
    My husband, my political allies, my political "enemy" all had that one thing in common over the past 1.5 years: couldn't stand feeling inferior to a woman. On their "side" or against, it doesn't matter. I either caused guys to rethink women getting the right to vote or just plain needed beating up. Received an absolutely humiliating dressing down in public two days after.... expressing happiness I may have influenced politics in a more pro-life direction.
    The bitterness and ensuing cruelty aimed in my direction over the last year plus... Maybe you're right, Ag: women don't belong on the political battlefield.


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