January 21, 2017

Despite women's march, non-white women turning against white women for voting Trump

Don't be fooled by the mass temper tantrum being staged this weekend: feminism / women's rights / etc. could not be any lower in importance right now, when it's more about race, ethnicity, nationality, and so on.

After the election showed a majority of white women voting for Trump, non-white women (who will always be 99% Democrat partisans) are reacting by tossing out concerns over women's issues and lashing out at "them white hoes" through collective blame and guilt by association.

Reminder that even if you confess to white guilt, the non-white feminists will still rub your face in your collective guilt (and their own collective innocence and bravery), in other words never accepting your confession or penance. You're just supposed to grovel forever.

Can't let the occasion slip by without using it to slam Bernie supporters and further divide the Left:

At least the pretty girls are not so easily cowed by the feminist herd. Here's one Bernie babe:

Since women's issues have not been on the minds of voters, or the plans of politicians, during the entire electoral season, these tantrum-throwers will have nothing to organize around. Building the wall, making illegals leave, bringing industries back, building up the military, etc., offer no way for feminists to inject themselves into the national conversation.

Although when the shit hits the fan over sanctuary cities, we may be wishing that our worst problems were a handful of cat ladies complaining about why nobody listens to them.

Liberals and leftists are in for a rude awakening about how their decadent luxury issues (anything relating to sex) will be dropped like a hot potato, now that the President is going to get tough on bread-and-butter issues. And it's too late for them to re-train in other issues, so they'll be left with nothing to say. The handful of leftists who don't like closed borders will either be in agreement with Trump over economic policy (if honest) or defend laissez-faire globalism and prove they're worthless sell-outs.

Not a good time to be on the Left -- you might as well board the Trump train.


  1. http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2017/01/20/billionaire-george-soros-has-ties-to-more-than-50-partners-of-the-womens-march-on-washington

  2. Random Dude on the Internet1/21/17, 11:22 PM

    I suppose it is bad form to criticize white women, especially when they did come through for the election, but it is a little distressing and annoying to see how slow white women are on the uptake when it comes to this stuff. Non-white women don't see them as allies, they see them as enemies. Even if white women broke for Hillary, they'd still be considered enemies. This has been a point of contention for feminism in the past few years. I've even seen women who voted for Trump who claim to be "woke" on my Facebook feed. As you can guess, it earned them exactly zero favors yet they fall for it every time. I guess we have a ways to go to shift out of identity politics.

    Regarding theo the kraut's link, Soros is hellbent on having his color revolution in America. These type of marches is just him warming up to see how far he can take it. Can he enact a revolution that forces Trump to abdicate? What if he can push further and see if the public is willing to go for nullifying the constitution? It should be an absolute priority of the Trump Administration to launch investigations into Soros's various dealings. Soros is probably the biggest threat to stability. Otherwise he's going to keep funding these public marches in hopes that it can whip up enough sentiment to take it to the next level. Trump and Co. need to be smart and nip this now.

  3. On the plus side, when women do discover that they've been socially rejected for some bullshit reason, they will never forget or forgive that.

    It's normal for girls to have a falling out with a friend, and never speak to or think about them ever again.

    Now that white women are becoming wise to how they're perceived by the Democrat partisans, radical Left, non-whites, and even their whiny white liberal neighbors, they're through being kneejerk Dem voters.

    Re-evaluating will tax their minds too much, when they don't want to have to think about political stuff, so their default setting for the next couple decades is that the Dems are extremists obsessed with identity politics, where white women can never be cleansed of their sins no matter how much they try to atone.

    "Well all righty then, Trump party it is!"

  4. White women were key to flipping all those blue states, where the stereotype is that people are even more naive than elsewhere in the country.

    We narrowly lost white women in Iowa and Wisconsin, but won them in Ohio and Michigan (big-league), Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Minnesota.

    Only close states where we lost white women decisively were New Hampshire and Maine.

    Overall, though, it's a wonderful sign when even gentle naive white women in Minnesota have boarded the Trump train, against all national shaming attempts. They are highly conformist in Minnesota, which means there must not have been much shaming at the local level.

    If it weren't for that CIA cuck, we would've taken Minnesota as well. Something to shoot for next time.

  5. The good thing about Soros manipulating things at many layers of removal is that we can cut him off entirely and summarily, and the general public wouldn't care -- "George who?"

    The propaganda machine would have to go into overdrive trying to explain who he was, what's his background, etc., and then immediately try to get the audience to sympathize with him. But you don't take someone's side after just hearing about them.

    If he had made himself into a prominent figure, a la MLK or even Zuckerberg, taking him on would be more difficult. He'd already have people on his side.

    But he wants to be sneaky in social engineering and have plausible deniability in being tied to any of these liberal / Leftist organizations. Since he's not a public figure, he can be shut down without any immediate backlash.

  6. There is no end to leftist infighting. Like how Tulsi Gabbard gets attacked for being an Islamophobe, and her supporters respond with accusations of Hinduphobia and misogyny.

    Identity politics will eat itself.

  7. "Otherwise he's going to keep funding these public marches in hopes that it can whip up enough sentiment to take it to the next level. Trump and Co. need to be smart and nip this now..."

    Sounds like Trump is off to a flying start. He's having those arrested charged with felony rioting, a charge that carries a hefty fine and up to 10 years in prison. Did these pighat wearing idjits forget that Bathhouse Barry no longer has their backs? If Trump can implement this felony policy in lefty-run shitlibopolousses and can punish any cop who refuses to do his job, the violent left will either have to disband or move onto "loner" crimes like bombing.

  8. Random Dude on the Internet1/22/17, 8:27 AM

    > Now that white women are becoming wise to how they're perceived by the Democrat partisans, radical Left, non-whites, and even their whiny white liberal neighbors, they're through being kneejerk Dem voters.

    Hopefully this will make some headway to restoring the trust between men and women, at least white men and women anyway. Once they begin realizing that everyone who isn't white hates them and wants them dead or at least to go away, then maybe there is a chance that some solidarity may form between white men and white women. America's deplorables, sticking together.

  9. Albionic American1/22/17, 12:39 PM

    "Social justice" can never happen any way because society's losers, misfits, scolds, degenerates, utopians, etc., have conflicting grievances that they can't reconcile.

    I agree that if white feminists realize they have become the targets of other progressive utopians, this might push them back into their organic alliance with the country's regular and more conservative white men.

  10. I'm not with the naysayers predicting temper tantrum since Trump's inauguration portends things to come...

    Trump producing tangible, concrete results will check that.

    God-willing, he busts up the media monopoly. We have a situation where the vast majority of media are aligned against half the country; I can't think of a more toxic environment than one where the power center, DC, is 94% Democratic. This share has *grown* even as blacks have left. And it is toxic. I've never seen journalists come out and give approval for presidential assassinations and beating up rightist supporters. During GWB, the extreme played footsie with assassination in art, but they've graduated to tacit support of it and now have added violence against citizens.
    Thank God Trump won.

    Ag, was there anything like this monolith before populist teens, roaring 20s got underway?

  11. Forgot to add that Labor participation likely down because of Trump's meeting with Trumka. Important signal by Trump that seemed to pay some dividends.

    This March wanted cake and eat it, too. Be both anti-Trump/liberal and old-school pro-choice, hence "women's". Then they got upset that men weren't signing on (cuz who wants to intrude?).

    Saw some Labor pushing it, but obviously they were a no-show.

  12. Two observations:
    - The "march" was organized by pro-Sharia Muslims like Linda Sarsour in addition to the usual suspects (their Semitic cousins), can't get a much more lol demonstration of the inherent contradictions of the new left
    - As you said, the Bernie movement is much better than he is himself, as evidenced by his selling out to the DNC and praising "reproductive justice" aspect of the march.

  13. Implicit whiteness icon Taylor Swift skipped the Women's March in order to protect her brand with normal Americans:


    Only the off-putting celebs are turning out to protest -- menopausals who were cute 30 years ago and ever-uggo Millennials.

    The mercenary PR-savvy types like Taylor Swift are staying miles away, signaling the end of mainstream viability for kneejerk Trump bashing.

  14. Someone claimed that Madonna was turned down by Trump in the 80s, when they were both rising stars. Obviously no way of verifying, but it wouldn't surprise me, scorned woman and all.

  15. Random Dude on the Internet1/24/17, 9:49 PM

    > Only the off-putting celebs are turning out to protest -- menopausals who were cute 30 years ago and ever-uggo Millennials.

    I noticed the list of celebrities who attended and noticed the sheer amount of washed up actors, actresses, and singers who maybe hoped to get a career boost by attending the rallies. Shia LaBeouf ain't the Hollywood darling he was 5-10 years ago. Maybe he figured that if he causes enough trouble, gets his name in the paper for being a Good Guy fighting those deplorables, maybe it can help him get his career back on track.

  16. Random, Ag, great comments!

    I'm not enough into pop culture to really know or notice, but I did find myself thinking constantly, "Woah, she's going way too hard on the plastic surgery!" So, this sounds right.
    Ashley Judd... her face and dialing the crazy to 11. Brought her much more down-to-earth sister out to chastise her (though she's got a DUI under her belt).

  17. Another harpy that most people are asking "Who?" about, Chelsea Handler, comes from the perfect storm of anti-Trump backgrounds -- Jewish father, Mormon immigrant from Germany mother.

    Maybe she'll convert to Salafi Islam and complete the trifecta.

  18. My perusing of twitter I can't help but notice that black women are incensed more by mudsharking than white men. There is an undercurrent within these left wing ideological circles of pure animus against these white women. Not only do they come in a steal the limelight of victimology from the black woman they steal their men too! I think a lot of this angst is coming to a head.

  19. http://nypost.com/2017/01/23/how-trump-is-remaking-the-culture-war/amp/

    This article by Rich Lowry of all people, basically repeats what you've been saying for a good while now.

    "But he has reoriented the main lines of battle away from issues related to religion and sexual morality and onto the ground of populism and nationalism. Trump’s culture war is fundamentally the people versus the elite, national sovereignty versus cosmopolitanism and patriotism versus multiculturalism."

  20. ScornedMillenial2/14/17, 1:23 AM

    I don't know about this white women turning for Trump. New York remains a bastion of Trump bashing white women (this includes every age group, with the young ones flat out stating in their online dating profiles that no Trump supporters need apply). Of course it could all be a big shit test, but their shrieking makes it tough to tell. You also can't be too loud about it in public lest an angry flash mob decides to let off some steam.

    Would love to find a way around this idiocy, but it's seriously hampering the dating life.

  21. Newsflash: there are white women outside of New York that show up in national statistics.

    Related: get the hell out of New York. You don't belong there.


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