July 7, 2016

With flop of witch hunt over six-point star, Jewish media discovers America doesn't view them as a victim group

For over a week, the media has been desperately trying to pin the label of anti-Semitism on Trump for tweeting a picture of Crooked Hillary that had a six-point star in it, despite it being solid rather than interlocking lines like the actual Star of David.

Unlike some of the other witch hunts that were halfway successful for a short while anyway -- about disavowing the KKK, women who get an abortion, and a judge using reverse racism against Trump -- nobody is picking up this six-point ball and running with it. It's only Jews in the mainstream media, and in the SJW realm of Twitter.

Why is this one failing? The others had to do with what Jonathan Haidt calls sacred victim groups -- women who get an abortion and become the target of legal action, blacks, Mexicans, etc.

The non-reaction to this latest attempted witch hunt shows that Americans don't view Jews as a victim group, let alone one that ought to receive special reverence for its victimhood. The morons in the media kept trying to tie the six-point star to the piles of cash in the background of the image, to argue for the anti-Semitic connotation. Of course, if anyone in the audience actually bought that dubious connection, they would have been reminded that Jews are in fact incredibly wealthy, powerful, and influential -- and therefore, not a member of those who are poor, powerless, and marginal.

Since the culture wars erupted in the '90s, we've heard time and time again that "race plus power equals racism," hence why blacks cannot possibly be racist -- they lack the power to oppress whites. To the liberals who buy into that worldview, Jews fall into the same category as whites -- those with wealth and power, who if anything will be the perpetrators rather than the victims of racism.

That was more out in the open back in the '80s and '90s, when black leaders railed against Jews as much as against garden-variety whites (Jessie Jackson calling New York "Hymie Town," and the Crown Heights Riot between blacks and Jews in Brooklyn). Blacks don't have time to micro-analyze all the wavelengths of whiteness -- if you're Caucasian and wealthy and powerful, you're probably a racist just waiting to act on it. And you most definitely can never be the victim of racism.

Blacks hate Mexicans, too, but they at least allow them to be victims of racism, along with other poor and powerless minorities. When Jews tried to join in the victimhood club over the past week, finally having a tale to tell about how Trump did a problematic thing about their ethnic group, the ordinary black person didn't buy into that being racism, and at most thought to themselves:

"Yep, sucks to be you guys (witcho control over Hollywood, Wall Street, and the media). It's awesome being black -- we can cry racism over anything and get a public hearing."

Getting no support from the black section of their audience, let alone from white people, Jews in the media now understand that nobody buys the image they're hawking of their group being another victim group that is persecuted by the wealthy and powerful.

If they were reflective, they would understand that this is because Jews are wealthy and powerful themselves, and so it sounds just as ridiculous to try to claim victimhood status as it would for WASPs. But knowing their record, they will probably chalk it up to every group on the planet being secretly hateful toward Jews, a worldview that they will bitterly cling to for the rest of their days.

Hopefully this means they'll drop this failure of a witch hunt, but at the least we can tell that non-Jews no longer take claims of anti-Semitism seriously. They have to clear a certain threshold, whereas claims of racism against blacks get a pass no matter how baseless.


  1. Americans are finally growing up. But there's a long way to go.

  2. Slightly OT, you were right about Gary Johnson hurting Clinton worse than Trump. Poll of California, 2 person race: Clinton leads 58 to 28, 3 person race: Clinton leads 50 to 26


  3. BioCultBeamDelta7/7/16, 1:56 PM

    Great. Now all we need is for Americans to stop taking the idea of "victims groups" seriously, at all.

  4. A.B. Prosper7/7/16, 3:23 PM

    Trump has two Jewish relatives and is an outspoken friend of Israel.

    Its awful hard to spin his as an Anti Semite on those grounds alone

  5. The media is full of Uncle Leo's.


  6. Random Dude on the Internet7/7/16, 9:34 PM

    The victim industrial complex just sees white skin and that's about as far as they will go. Back when the country was 90% white, people cared more about ethnic groups within whites like Irish, Italians, Jews, etc. In an era where the country is 65% white, all they see is white, black, brown, etc. Jews are considered white whether they like it or not and the progressive stack isn't very forgiving to those with white skin these days. Oy vey!

  7. OT: but is Steve finally scratching the surface of Peter Pan theory? http://www.unz.com/isteve/is-transgenderism-an-autism-spectrum-disorder/

  8. Old post on how trannies are more likely to be spergs:


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