May 4, 2016

"The woman card" is Trump appealing to Bernie voters

The talking heads are still wagging their fingers about Trump saying that Crooked Hillary "plays the woman card" to deflect attention from her horrible record throughout her entire career. They are aghast that when they point out this supposed gaffe to Trump, he only doubles down on the claim.

"Doesn't he know that this will destroy his ratings with women?"

First of all, it only boosts his ratings with Republican women, who loathe Hillary and enjoy seeing a man not being afraid to call her out on her shameless pandering to gender politics, when the real issues are the economy, the government, foreign policy, and so on.

But it turns out that exasperation over Crooked Hillary's playing the woman card is widespread among Bernie voters, too. Although I haven't been following the Dem race too closely, it sure sounds like every time she's criticized by the Sanders supporters, she hides behind empty charges of sexism.

Here are just a few examples among the hundreds of thousands for the trending hashtag #DropOutHillary, where the Bernie crowd is reacting to Trump's securing the nomination by arguing that their populist candidate should be the one to take on the Republican populist:

So, Trump's remark about "the woman card" is only echo-ing what the Bernie babes themselves are accusing Crooked Hillary of doing. And they are certainly much angrier about it than Trump, which makes his take on it seem more cool-headed and Presidential.

He doesn't need to court the hardcore Hillary voters. By shaming her for playing the woman card, Trump builds a more and more convincing bridge for the disaffected Sanders supporters to walk across in November. There's more than one kind of material that goes into building that bridge -- it's not just her stance on ruinous trade deals, it's also her entitled attitude while hiding behind being a woman. The Bernie babes can't stand that any more than we can.


  1. BTW, I checked those three to see how amenable Trump's broader message would be, and the third one re-tweeted a meme about Hillary laughing about getting a child rapist off the charge, re-tweeted a Bernie delegate from WA who called her "Crooked Hillary," as well as referring to Cruz as "Lyin Ted".

    If a Millennial girl, who looks ethnic, is open to these messages, Crooked Hillary is going to have a disastrous time getting anyone to turn out to vote for her in the fall.

  2. Notice how thoroughly white, middle-class and well-adjusted looking this group is. They look like pleasant people -- not predatory career whores, and also not blue-haired SJWs or other defectives either. Based on the look of the room and carpet, it wouldn't be unusual if this were taken in, say, a church basement.

    I'm okay with this realignment (save for some guy's interesting comment on this blog about historical precedent for nationalists/globalist wars).

  3. Nice catches and good post, Agnostic!

    The media would like to believe that Trump's low poll numbers with women are mostly because of his policies with the "superficiality about women's looks" as something that compounds his problem.
    They have it exactly backwards.

    Razib has written a lot about how liberals, against all evidence, believe being pro-choice is how you win a woman's heart (they're not even just more pro-life, but pro-lifers are more likely to be litmus voters). But it's true across a slew of issues that the media anointed "women's beliefs" are wrong.
    And then the media compound their own problem of misunderstanding what women want with how much weight and emphases women put on various issues....
    In other words, nobody gave a *)&^ about any of Trump's pro-life or other "gaffes".

    Now, being seen as a pig, commenting on or disparaging women's looks, is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
    It's off-putting to others and demoralizing to his supporters. Nobody wants to be on the side of a bully. Tough guy, yes. Bully? No. Personally, when Trump did a reversal on H1b, I was angry hot; when he retweeted the infamous meme about Heidi, I was so embarrassed to be one of his supporters and just wanted to hide under a rock. And just prior to Florida, I had even once held forth in a barber shop about the importance of voting Trump to all the patrons!

    Very simply: Trump's gotta knock it off.

  4. Yeah, the hardcore fem ID politics careerists are often boomers (like my mom, who's voting Cunton based on her being a woman) who are beyond, and not worth, saving. Even younger feminists, though as annoying as their predecessors, are not buying the sterile 1960s-70s generation's pseudo-lesbian platform.

  5. You wrote a post some years ago about the U.S. being in an age of cynicism and insincerity. Do you think the Trumpening will bring us to the other side of that cycle? Or are we too far gone?

  6. The women vote is heavily minority. Break it down and you'll see that married white women are a heavily Republican demographic. The issue is that there are less married white women year after year.

  7. Lev Bronshtein5/5/16, 11:31 AM

    @phb: "Make America Great Again" is sincerity in full bloom.

  8. When I was in college during the 2008 Dem primary, it seemed like blaq women were enthused about Hillardy than Barack, not sure if that's representative.


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