September 22, 2015

Will desecration by Syrian immigrants provoke a backlash?

From a Reuters article and slideshow on asylum-seekers waiting in Serbia while trying to cross into Croatia, here's an uplifting family photo of aspiring EU citizens callously desecrating a grave in their host society (click to enlarge):

There are 7 or 8 people squatting not just in the cemetery in general, but specifically on someone's grave. Cigarette butts and other trash can be seen on the concrete, along with a pair of dirty stinky shoes, bodies sleeping right on top of the burial slab, and a couple of dudes just shooting the shit like it's all no big deal. Lord only knows where they're pissing and shitting.

The contrast could not be more stark with the stewardship of the natives who have left an orderly flower arrangement on the grave.

BTW, there's another group in the back right who are squatting on another burial slab.

(Here is a new video from Reuters of the scene at this cemetery. Although there were several thousand people, very little is shown of the area with the graves, but the group above is included. Another shot shows several shirts, etc., draped on top of a tombstone as though it were a clothesline. Such callousness, it's disgraceful.)

Such flagrant disrespect among guests should be only be met with a nice ass-whooping from their hosts. How much more disgraceful can you get than camping out on top of someone's grave?

"But it's only a minority of bad apples" -- oh, only a minority are raping babies, I guess it's no biggie that it's just a minority. Moreover, what does it say about the rest of the immigrants that they aren't stopping this? Some fraction also don't give a shit about such blatant desecration of the host culture, and the remainder who see it as an embarrassment still won't turn on their own people, no matter how shameful they're acting.

And who knows? Maybe a handful of good-natured immigrants have already tried to move these scumbags off of the cemetery, but were unable to convince or coerce them.

No matter what the reason, it all reveals the utter normlessness and anarchy that results from letting in a flood of foreigners. They no longer behave like guests in a host's home, but like a victorious army who can fuck around with the defeated people's stuff however they please.

If callous desecration continues unchecked for too much longer, it'll provoke a harsh and vengeful clean-up. The EU bureaucrats give these asylum-seekers a false sense of security by pandering to them and worshiping them. The immigrants could be in for a rude awakening when they discover that coddling bureaucrats don't run things in the small towns where they're camping out (Tovarnik, near where the photo was taken: population 2,775).

In that case, it'll be the EU bureaucrats who will have blood on their hands for inviting such wanton immigrant behavior by treating them as though they were unassailable, giving them a pass to desecrate their host societies.


  1. During The Crusades, Muslim invaders at one point tried to conquer Europe, laying siege unsuccessfully to Vienna. That failed, but what the Crusades didn't achieve for Muslims back then is succeeding through Political Correctness.

  2. The closest parallel I've been able to find is the Thirty Years War, with most of the battle being between the Northwestern Europe and Central/Southeastern Europe, with the Ottomans providing a huge foot soldier invasion on behalf of the Northwestern side.

    I've got a post on that coming up.

  3. "During The Crusades, Muslim invaders at one point tried to conquer Europe, laying siege unsuccessfully to Vienna. That failed, but what the Crusades didn't achieve for Muslims back then is succeeding through Political Correctness."

    That wasn't during the Crusades, you historical illiterate.

  4. It wouldn't surprise me if those migrants are gypsies.

  5. Their clothes look a little too expensive for Gypsies. They look like semi-prosperous Near Easterners, i.e. just like all the others streaming in.

    This picture is much worse than those you may have already seen showing how much trash the Muslims are leaving behind. At least there, they have plausible deniability, even if it's still BS -- "We're just passing through, there are no trash cans, where else are we supposed to leave our stuff, etc.?" (At least heap it into a pile rather than spread out.)

    Here, they know exactly what they're squatting on top of -- everyone knows what graves are, and the tombstone on this one even shows a small picture of both of the deceased! Staring right at these ingrates from beyond the grave.

  6. Muslims believe in desecrating anything with a non-Muslim religious symbol.

  7. Agree with the person's comment above. Muslims have no respect for anyone's religion but their own and certainly no respect for their host country.

  8. Orcs roam our lands, Killing at will. Orcs bearing the White hand of EU bureaucrats. If we don't defend our country, they will take it by force.

  9. I believe the liberal elites responsible for bringing this replacement population are infinitely evil.
    They are true devils from the darkest pits of hell, from pope Francis on down.
    They will not permit tomb desecrations to affect the unlimited instream in any way. The narrative will remain strictly controlled.


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