July 19, 2014

Taylor Swift believed a sham gay boyfriend could truly fall in love with her, and a speculation about Promise Rings

Closeted homosexual quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been looking to protect his reputation with his conservative fan base by shopping around for a "beard" — a sham girlfriend who will give him a normal, even ladies-man reputation. This item from Blind Gossip mentions that Taylor Swift was an early option for Rodgers, both of whom appeared for photo ops to float the idea of them as a couple.

Nothing unusual about beards and homos in the entertainment industry, but what's striking about Swift's story is that she had begun telling her friends that she thought or hoped that eventually her fake gay boyfriend might start to actually fall for her. The woman who Rodgers' team ultimately opted for, late Gen X-er Olivia Munn, had no illusions about gay men falling for women.

Swift's delusion reveals two major changes in the psychology of young women over the past 20-odd years.

First, the Millennial generation that Swift belongs to, and speaks on behalf of, has been so socially isolated by helicopter parents and yet so propagandized by the mainstream media and the educational establishment that "queers are normal just like us," that a 25 year-old female could be so pathetically clueless as to think that one of them would have a change of heart... er, change of cock? Whatever. They are that out-of-touch, and rely primarily or exclusively on the media to tell them how the real world works. Young women in the '80s sought to become savvy and streetwise, not naive and stunted.

Second, the ideal relationship for Millennial girls is shown to be one where the non-boyfriend will "fall for" the girl, i.e. shower her with attention and make her feel desirable, while expecting and asking nothing in return from her physically — perhaps even feeling averse to the very thought of it. Maximum ego-inflation, and zero putting-out? — awesome sauce! Back in the '80s, girls were more boy-crazy, and put at least equal weight on getting it on as on getting attention.

Now that I think about it, this may be what's underlying the whole "Christian dating" / Promise Ring phenomenon. The guy is supposed to be getting nothing physically, or not very much at any rate. Nothing wrong with that, if it's part of a larger religious lifestyle of chastity and modesty. But is the girl being denied by him as well — denied the attention, flattery, etc., that is meant to puff up her pride and vanity about how desirable she is?

My impression is that the girl is still getting plenty of attention and ego-inflation lavished upon her, and gets to feel the thrilling rush of desirability on a regular basis. (Remember that this is what the average female wants most — to feel desirable, not to feel a man's body.) This undercuts the argument that this phenomenon is a counter-trend to the broader zeitgeist. Rather, it is just another example of girls having their egos inflated, which corrupts their character, while the dude gets jack in return. Only there's a veneer of Christian / religious respectability to it.

I don't think this fig leaf is there only for moralizing to non-Christians. Most of them live in fairly religious regions, and there's little point when you're a teenager or young adult to moralistically antagonize your enemies in a different part of the country. Instead, the rationalization is meant to make female ego-inflation palatable to religious males — the non-boyfriend, both sets of parents, and the menfolk in the wider community. "Not to worry, Daddy — why would I put out when he's already puffing up my pride for free?"


  1. Women are naive simpletons - that's why the Frankfurt School / MSM target them.

  2. Didn't know Aaron Rodgers was gay. We are never going to hear the end of it if he comes out - it was bad enough with that washed up, mediocre (by NBA standards) basketball player last year.

    What's Taylor Swift's deal? Is this really a millennial thing? She could basically have had any boy/man on the planet she wanted at the peak of her fame, yet her dating history reads like a list of suspect celebrity men. (Yeah, she's still pretty now - tall, thin blonde, but her face is aging surprisingly poorly.)

    Robin Hanson is blogging today about how diamond engagement rings are a signal of commitment but I think they're just another example of socially-enforced desirability crack for women.

  3. Prior to the the recent rumors about Rodgers being gay I thought that he had this shy, just sorta there feel to him but it never occurred to me that anything was 'off' about him. Then I saw this article: http://www.queerty.com/super-bowl-mvp-winner-aaron-rodgers-allegedly-outed-by-rumored-boyfriend-20131228

    Yikes. His voice and his expressions/demeanor aren't a raging inferno but he doesn't give off a very convincing self reliant, secure adult hetero man vibe. He does seem to have some of those traits that Agnostic puts on gays like how he seems to be more of an overgrown naughty boy who's efforts to be cool, tough, sexy or even particularly dignified usually don't work.

    Rodgers also made a stilted effort to explain his orientation on a radio show:
    “I’m just going to say I’m not gay,” Rodgers said on 540 WAUK-AM in Milwaukee, where he does a weekly radio show. “I really, really like women. That’s all I can really say about that.”
    The vast majority of straight guys would've confidently said "No, I'm not gay". Rodgers' verbose, mumbled answer is hard to buy.

  4. "She could basically have had any boy/man on the planet she wanted at the peak of her fame, yet her dating history reads like a list of suspect celebrity men."

    Part of Millennial infantilization is that many of the girls have this bratty asexual view toward boys. Bratty because, ew, boys have cooties, but they should still lavish attention on us princesses anyway. Asexual because, ew, we don't want them to... y'know.

    It's something more than merely wanting to be half of a "power couple" to cash in even more on her brief fame. Why not some attractive and talented guy who had a healthy sex drive, instead of a homo? They only want to feel desirable, and if they're seen with "random hot guy," that's good enough. Even better if he's famous hot guy.

  5. "His voice and his expressions/demeanor aren't a raging inferno but he doesn't give off a very convincing self reliant, secure adult hetero man vibe."

    Adult-looking gays are more difficult to spot. I don't follow sports, but I doubt I would've picked up on Rodgers for sure either. Something also just seemed off about George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds before I started reading that site and learned that they're both closeted.

    There was a guy in a class I TA'ed once, who gave off a different vibe, but wasn't an obvious flamer either. He had an adult-sized skull and face, heavy/muscular build. Not the stereotypical Peter Pan. I didn't put all the pieces together until the end of the semester, but he was def homo.

    I should try putting together a list of traits that the minority of adult-looking gays have in common. Probably wouldn't be worth much on a practical level -- I've only ever met that one in real life -- but might shed some light into the etiology of homosexuality.

    Even the ones who look adult still have this "I'm a little stinker who's playing a trick on you, and you don't even know what it is yet!" kind of vibe.

    So the "gays as permanently infantilized boys" theory still holds. It's just that most are struck by the "gay germ" (in Greg Cochran's theory) at earlier ages, whereas boys at somewhat older ages are less vulnerable, but still could contract it. For the latter, their development wouldn't be so freakishly stunted, but they would still come off as grown-up 9 year-olds.

  6. "I really, really like women."


  7. More damning evidence in case any one is still skeptical:

    In that photo, as well as others I've seen, Rodgers just doesn't seem able to smile in a way that conveys joy, relief, appreciation, or camaraderie . He also look to be aging rapidly for a guy in his early 30's. Natural retribution I suppose.

    I do think it's possible for more developed/masculine guys to be pushed over the edge by gradually developing aberrant thoughts and desires. I used to read a lot about serial killers. Most of them began fantasizing about violence and sex at some point after puberty initially those fantasies would get them off. As they aged those fantasies escalated and eventually they felt that they had to act out those fantasies to achieve gratification. My point is that the mind can develop anti social and unnatural thought patterns if there isn't some kind of influence or corrective measure to keep it on the right track. I do believe that a person can control what they think and feel and that it's up to the individual to not fall into destructive, addictive thoughts that eventually lead to misbehavior. Of course, being in a nihilistic, warped culture will make it more likely that someone develops into a homo or, worst of all, a sexually sadistic psycho.

  8. " For the latter, their development wouldn't be so freakishly stunted, but they would still come off as grown-up 9 year-olds."

    I don't think the gay gene would change the way they look, lots of straight men are boyish-looking.

  9. The blogger Andrew Lehman argues that homosexuality is common in matriarchal societies. This is why lesbians, unlike gay men, tend to have mature faces - as well as more mature personalities(domineering, politically organized, and "lesbian death bed").

  10. I can't stand girls who use gay guys as fake boyfriends. They use them for cover; it's parasitic. The girl gets a boyfriend figure that raises her social status, and the gay guy gets to look normal in society. What grosses me out is if they actually kiss. God, that's disgusting. The girl kissing the guy knowing he's gay, the guy kissing the girl knowing she's straight, fucking disgusting. All that deceit and dishonesty and delusion.

  11. "Part of Millennial infantilization is that many of the girls have this bratty asexual view toward boys."

    I think that Swift and a lot of her contemporaries were naive and manipulated by their money-hungry publicists.

  12. strong-chinned dane7/23/14, 7:58 PM

    Sorry, I don't know how to provide a link from my kindle, but if you really want to watch something amazing regarding the changed attitudes toward queers, check out the youtube video, "1960's anti-gay lecture for children." Even without NSA computers, cop felt confident he could smoke out anybody.

  13. Well, it seems that Rodgers has found that 'beard'. He's 'dating' Olivia Munn, who came out as 'lesbian' on "Loveline", sooooooooo.... If we really have reached the point where being gay is okay, if not something to be proud of, then to suggest- or tell- that the guy is gay--is not an insult or thing to be ashamed of--but being a liar and poser is.

  14. It's a pretty obvious thing that's going down, so to speak, as Rodgers is clearly gay or bi, and his angry and resentful ex, is a guy who has much less to lose, and more to gain, from outing his former boyfriend. Rodgers has been shopping around for a 'beard', a woman to serve as a cover for his real self. He found that co-conspiritor in Olivia Munn, an actress who has not bothered to make it known that she likes girls; i cannot find the audio or transcript, but Munn said in the show "LovelIne" she was lesbian. If Rodgers wants to play a more convincing role, he needs to just find a woman, straight, gay or in-between, who won't eff-up his well-thought-out game plan. It's possible, that he is on the edge of being out, and that is a very common status in Hollywood, where liberalism is the norm, but the game game is accepted as how it's supposed to run. Jodie Foster, on and on, lived an open life there, but NOT in the minds of us in the midwest, or the Bible Belt. It's image for the sake and sale of that masked character. This is the same sort of stuff that happens in Hollywood, where image rules and trumps real life. Male sports is obviously one of the last places where being gay is okay, and the Micheal Sam story pretty-much tells that as true.


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