November 22, 2009

Creepiest place ever

Without a doubt, that would be Sur La Table. You're typically the only male there, which you'd welcome in another situation, but not when they are middle-aged women who block out their childlessness by cooking all day long, and who probably haven't been touched in decades. Sometimes teenagers will track me nervously through a store and at a distance (it's hard not to notice when they're looking at you). But in Sur La Table the women shamelessly descend onto your space, and you have to be really nimble to escape because they counter your evasion right away.

It really is striking how quickly the knack for flirtation fades away in females. With teenagers or college students, it feels like a playful game of hide-and-seek through the maze of displays in Urban Outfitters. Once they get into their late 20s, you feel like you're surrounded by a bunch of determined kidnappers.

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