November 19, 2008

Cordayrox -- the next Mia Rose?

Stumbled across this pretty songbird on YouTube. Eyes like saucers? Yep. Cute and deep-for-a-girl voice? Check. Not American? Uh-huh. She needs more work, but she's pretty young. (Her profile says "I'm fifteennn", but I think she wrote that when she started her account -- she's probably 17 now.) At least she points out her flaws and gets all vulnerable and anxious about them, which is more than you can say for this overrated attention whore (age 28).

For comparison, here is her cover and Mia Rose's cover of "Bubbly," as well as her cover and Mia Rose's cover of "I Don't Love You." And here she is singing "Umbrella" and "Thnks fr th mmrs". There's something about pretty young things belting out emo songs...

I already go to teen danceclubs, so I should probably join a teenage choir or something if I want to find a girl like her, right? Look at those eyes.


  1. The choir thing may be a good option, actually - they tend to have trouble finding male voices so you don't have to be all that good, especially if you're a baritone. It seems every university has one or two choirs.

    Since female singers are more plentiful and therefore face higher selection standards, this would also be a good place to test your "pretty songbirds" hypothesis.

  2. hahah woah, thank you for this! I really appreciate it - and no, I am still fifteen, I change my channel with my age :)
    ahh, to be the next mia rose :(
    thank you again :)
    cordelia x


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