October 3, 2008

Simple pleasures

As opposed to pleasures I'm supposed to feel guilty about...

* Cruising at night with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing, remembering how fun pop music sounded again in 2003 to 2005.

* My 19 year-old close friend nodding off in the car at 2:15 on the way home from '80s night, and remarking how tired she is in that tone of voice like "Hey Daddy, I'm too tired to walk -- can you carry me inside?"

* The refreshing aroma of ovulation that she leaves in my car. And later noticing the smell of her sweat on my forearms, from dancing close. Pretty young girls can't smell bad even when perspiring. (Of course I'll never tell them this -- it would spoil them.)

* Changing into a new undershirt, socks, and underwear after sweating off about five pounds in the nightclub. It's like when you were 10 and rushed in from sledding all day to throw on some dry long-johns.

* The perfect hangover-prevention snack: gooey chocolate with chocolate chip cookies and watered down pomegranate juice.


  1. You're supposed to feel guilty about that last one. As long as it's regularly preceded by sweating off ten pounds, you'll probably be okay. But metabolic rates change!

  2. Not anytime soon for me, at least. Over the past several years, some chemical change is causing me to become *more* extraverted, whereas most people decline starting in their 20s. So my activity / energy level has shot up.

    That's another reason why I have to be around young girls -- women my age are too sapped of energy to do anything that's fun and adventurous.

    Fortunately, I'm typical in that my level of Neuroticism has steadily declined, unlike the young girls' male counterparts, who do have high energy but are too nervous and angry to put it to good use.


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