May 17, 2007

Migrating to find The One

Inductivist has two posts (here and here) on the value of seeking out women in "Slavic" countries. I put Slavic in quotes since I think he'd include Lithuanians, Hungarians, and other non-Slavs in the less developed parts of Europe. I don't have much to add, so I'll just link to a similar post of mine on this topic. Of course, my target would be Iberia rather than Muscovy, but some guys prefer the tall, skinny blonde look. Actually, most of the Southern Slavs (e.g., the former Yugoslavian countries) have more than a hint of the Mediterranean in their appearance. For example, see the delegates to Miss Universe from these countries, the composite face of the Balkan Slav vs. other Slavic women at the bottom of this report by Dienekes, or compare Donald Trump's first wife (who is Czech) with his new wife (who is Slovenian).

Remember: to increase the probability of getting a hot girlfriend (regardless of whatever else you look for, and regardless of who you are), target a group whose mean is greater and whose variance is slighter than the American for physical attractiveness. That way, an objective 8 will perceive herself subjectively as a 5, and thus demand less at the bargaining table. With less variance, the gap between hot and not won't be as salient, so even if she is in the right tail, she won't percieve herself as standing heads and shoulders above the uglies, which also serves to make her more modest.

Addendum: If you live where there are lots of international women, you may not even have to migrate. E.g., any large metropolis or a university with international students.

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