May 5, 2006

What other, um, "blogs" do you visit?

Over at GNXP, people are sharing what blogs they read frequently; most have to do w/ science, culture, econ, etc. That's hardly all there is to life, though, eh? Before I get back on track w/ science & culture posts, I thought I'd allow myself one last prurient one. So, below are some of the, erm, adult NSFW sites I tend to visit. I provide this list as a public service for those who haven't discovered such gems (but NB: they're all very NSFW, mostly feature videos rather than images, and reflect my taste for generally more voluptuous, brunette, exotic-looking girls). In the comments, feel free to share gems you've found -- I suspect most answers will be from guys, but for the minority of girls who look at this stuff, feel free to help each other out too!

Simply enter www before, and .com after, the following names. Each of those sites links to plenty of others, so these should be enough:

As for particular girls, my current crushes include (pretty NSFW*):
Ice LaFox (1/2 Mexican, 1/2 Puerto Rican; daughter of adult star Angela DeAngelo)
Olivia O'Lovely (French, Italian, Chilean, Spanish)
Madeline Marks (Cuban? looks like Lacey Chabert)
Tiffany Taylor (1/2 French, 1/2 Pakistani)
Karina Kay (1/2 Armenian, 1/2 Russian)
Sativa Rose (Mexican, I think)
Penny Flame (misc Euro)

You can search their names at the Freeones website and get a list of sites that showcase their images and/or videos. Some express dismay that guys spend a non-negligible amount of time viewing such things, but the explosion of adult material on the internet is akin to the widened distribution of Classical music after the invention of the LP (or mp3). After all, why should only a privileged elite enjoy the beautiful things of this world?

*Unfortunately, even linking to the google search for the pic I wanted to show for Penny Flame doesn't work. I wanted to showcase the 4th image on the website linked.


  1. My dismay is more because most porn is rubbish. Sturgeon's Law is most definitely present in porn, and may well understate matters. I am very much in agreement with this old Eric Raymond post.

  2. Well, I myself could appeal to Agnostic's Law: 90% of eponymous adages are crud. ;) (don't know if someone's already beaten me to that one.) True, most of the actresses don't do anything for me, but you just find the few who do. True, most of their scenes are boring, but you just find the few good ones.

    They really need some brighter bulbs directing the scenes, btw -- so many things that only a moron would allow. "Hmmm, would the viewer mind if the guy's junk took up most of the frame? Nah, we'll keep that shot." MENSA should send a pro bono mission to San Fernando Valley and clean up the quality.

  3. "Hmmm, would the viewer mind if the guy's junk took up most of the frame? Nah, we'll keep that shot."

    Haha... so true.

    Yeah, there is some good stuff out there if you have the patience to dig for it, but what annoys me more is that the porm market is structured such that those diamonds in the dungheap are difficult to find without having to wade through all the crap. It's as if you had to skim 99 lousy books before you could find a classic piece of literature.

  4. There's something both funny and depressing about this. Google has rendered its verdict.

  5. Here are a few of my favorites. I tend to favor exotic darker girls with wide hips and nice rumps. NSFW of course!

    Lenka Gaborova

    Veronika Vanoza 1, 2

    Aria Giovanni

    Alley Baggett

    Rita G 1 2


  6. richards-realm


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