April 18, 2021

Bully the maskers outdoors

The tide has been turning over the past month or so in public behavior regarding the failed measures meant to stem the pandemic last year, especially the placebo masks. Now it is time for the early adopters of "no masks indoors" to push further into enemy territory -- and don't worry, it is very poorly defended, as you'll discover. This will keep the momentum building until the mandates are rolled back outright.

It's time to bully the lamewads who insist on wearing masks outdoors. Indoors, people are still torn, and you can't be sure that your target would be a true zealot. But by this point, anyone wearing one outdoors knows what they're perpetuating, and they open themselves up as fair game.

I'd been pondering this escalation for a few days, but today everything fell right into place, and I seized the moment. I was cruising down the main drag with Rick Springfield's greatest hits CD blasting out the windows, as throngs of people were filling the sidewalks on a sunny afternoon. Midway through "I've Done Everything for You," I caught sight of a joyless sourpuss of a woman in middle age, wearing a mask among a mostly face-baring crowd.

I turned down the music, raised my voice, deepened the pitch, and slowly escalated the intonation, like a stern father warning his children of bad consequences if they keep it up:

Take off the mask outdoors, BOOMER

Goddamn what an exhilarating attack, on such a deserving target! I was already on a rush from the sun, the tunes, the crowd, and from already having howled like a wolf at a thicc babe in running shorts only five minutes earlier. I was still going several blocks later, and let out a Ric Flair WOOO! just thinking about it.

These social-polluting hysterical zealots need to be punished for what they've done, but more importantly, everyone else needs to witness it. That way, the behavior will spread from the original role model (such as moi) to multiple waves of imitators. And even for those who don't take it up themselves, they'll know that the public battle has decisively shifted against the mask freaks.

That will help to shatter the conformity effect, even if they only witness one single guy doing it. Only one bullshit-caller was needed to shatter the illusion of the emperor's new clothes, or the "line comparison" experiments from social psychology.

"Wow, this must be the first time I've seen someone go on the offensive to bully the wearers of masks -- things have changed."

Fuckin' A they have, and everyone should understand that, the faster to undo these failed draconian measures.

Reflecting back on it, I don't think I could've improved anything. I picked a stereotypical killjoy Karen, who would get no sympathy from the fun-loving crowd. I didn't stop to bask in the victory, because traffic had to keep moving, but also it doesn't need to be a drawn-out confrontation -- a drive-by is perfectly fine, and gives them no chance to respond.

We're not debating them anymore, since they never responded with facts in the first place, like when you point out that cases soared exponentially throughout last year, despite all the measures imposed on or adopted by us. They do not need to be debated, they need to be bullied and defied.

She and any minority of fellow zealots did not respond by yelling back, naturally since they were caught off-guard because they assumed they would never become the targets of mask-based bullying themselves. Time for a rude awakening, bitches!

The setting was great, with a huge number of spectators witnessing that single event. No point in doing this at a park where you and the zealot are the only ones present.

Also, I've been deliberately telling myself for the past few weeks, "Don't call them a libtard, don't call them a libtard," in order to not drag partisan polarization into it. Especially if you're vastly outnumbered, as anyone in a city will be. Make it about the failed draconian policies per se, and the broader know-nothing technocracy that produced them. Plenty of urbanites, libs / progs / commies, and Democrat voters will be on board if it's not framed in a "Trump supporters vs. the libtards" way.

I mainly call them "lame" or some variation, to brand the failed measures as uncool and unworthy of imitation. But "Boomer" was a better fit for this context, since most people were not Boomers, and young people especially do not want to be associated with out-of-touch killjoy old people. If the local old people were normies and not wearing masks, obviously I wouldn't have used that term. And I don't care that she was a Gen X-er instead of a literal Boomer -- the crowd, and she, understood what I meant, and it cut deeper than using the accurate generational label.

Having new wave and power-pop music blasting out of the windows established that I was cool -- and if anyone could see inside the car, also hot. It's so crucial to frame this as fun-loving normal people against the joyless wannabe dictators, if any of our messages and behaviors are to spread.

Particularly when the spectators are from the post-X generations, as along a main drag. I don't think Zoomers have ever experienced a climate where people hurl insults out of the car window against a seemingly unprovoking but well-deserving target, like playing a verbal game of mailbox baseball. Some Millennials might remember this in a watered-down form from the late 2000s (if emos and preppies called each other faggots as they drove by), but they too could use some reminding.

These tactics will not work in reverse for the other side, since most people in the audience already do not sympathize with the policies. And just hearing a drive-by scolding won't make them more compliant -- it would backfire, if anything. Whereas when we do it against the zealots, it resonates with what most of the audience is already feeling, but is reluctant to admit or act on. It jolts the silent majority out of its slumber.

Something to keep in your bag of tricks for White Boy Summer.


  1. Yeah, seems like there was a huge push within the last few months to get everybody cocooning again. The last hurrah, hopefully.

  2. If only Aimee Terese could've been there riding shotgun, calling them cucks out of the passenger window.

    Such a natural born shit-talker. Levantine + Celtic Aussie has to produce a hybrid vigor for trolling behavior, hehe.

    Come to think of it, Rick Springfield's Australian too. An unstoppable combo.

    Seriously, if you're a girl, you ought to be shaming these freaks as well, albeit in that bitchy feminine way.

    "masks? outdoors? ummm, didn't know you were that retarded..."

    Or "you don't need that thing outdoors" while pointing and laughing, if you want to be more peppy than bitchy in your cutting remark.

    Again, just pick your targets right. Mainly middle-aged people, since young people are mainly going along out of Zoomer passivity. They should hear the attack, but not be the target themselves.

    Get in loser, we're delegitimizing the globalist technocracy...

  3. I saw one old man walking with a mask. He was also taking a walk along the river.
    There were also two teenager girls sitting on a bench.
    But I never found the heart to confront them.


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