November 12, 2019

Snow Day tribute to Tulsi d'Arc

On this first heavy snow day of the season, a music video that concentrates so much evocative wintry on-location footage, both interior and exterior, into just a few minutes. The music is part of the folk revival that appears during the manic phase of the 15-year cultural excitement cycle.

I imagine Tulsi Gabbard in the role, however strange that may seem for an aloha-state babe, since she's a literal member of the military. But you could also indulge your figurative side and imagine Aimee Terese, Anna Khachiyan, or Angela Nagle playing the honor-bound woman martyred during a war for the entire nation (not just some inbred little faction).

"Maid of Orleans" by OMD (1981)


  1. Their other Joan of Arc song is more reply-guy:

  2. While interviewing Tulsi, Michael Tracey struggled to not play another OMD song over his phone "accidentally":

  3. What do you think? The PMC is the cart, not the horse, says Amber

  4. Cart & horse isn't the right metaphor since PMC and owners are against each other, not working in tandem. Of course the professionals, managers, administrators, etc. have to work toward a common goal with owners -- but then so do workers have to get along with their managers.

    As far as structural roles within / across institutions go, or material interests, professionals have their own set of interests, distinct from and usually hostile to the owners. Likewise owners have their own interests, and feel little compunction in cutting professionals loose if money gets tight -- see the private equity sugar daddies closing down their digital media outlets, and professional Brooklynites howling for revenge.

    As for recent history, current state of affairs, and near term, the professional class is far more the enemy than the owner class. It's the professional class that has exploded in size, and therefore influence, since the 1970s. The 10% has become the 20%. And the 1% has become the 2%.

    OVER-PRODUCTION OF ELITES -- the key concept that no one talks about other than Turchin.

    Solving our current problems require a harsh depopulating of the professional class, at least back to where it was in the 1950s (before the higher ed bubble). And that will require an organized working class allying with the tippy-top owner class, again like during the New Deal.

    The working class on its own, even with collective power, cannot take on both the professional class and the owner class. And since professionals refuse to align with workers, that only leaves the big boys for workers to align with.

    Recent posts on these topics:

  5. That's a good article overall, though, since most people are unfamiliar with class analysis that includes the elites rather than just the owners as non-working-class or non-commoner classes.

    And as she points out, they're unfamiliar with that because they belong to this class, and have reason to obscure their structural role and material interests.

    Also worth noting that her antagonist is another member of the WASP-kenazi elite ethnic groups, judging from his last name being Sessions -- pretty Anglo surname. So is Winant (Dutch), who was busy obfuscating about the professional class a little while ago. Carl Beijer also has a Dutch name, Mr. Boo Class Reductionism -- you know he's not going to name the professionals as the enemy.

  6. "..they're unfamiliar with that because they belong to this class, and have reason to obscure their structural role and material interests"

    Public school vs private school kids

    Scratch that condescending, hateful "worker" blue check on Twitter and you'll find a private school kid. Scratch his target, and sometimes even, especially even, victim, and you'll find a public school kid.

  7. Ryan Grim of the Intercept, whom Aimee Terese is currently castigating for saying Warren is pro-worker, what's his education? I looked and I can't find whether he's public or privately educated. Usually, this means private.

    I know one DSA jerk who had the audacity to say he was publicly educated despite years in an expensive private school, even tried to bury it.

    I believe Warren is currently in trouble for this right now, trying to imply her kids were publicly educated despite later attending expensive private schools.

    This also works for conservatives, too. MAGA leaders who want to fight on the basis of ideology, anti-antifa, etc. seem to be more likely to have attended private school than public.

  8. Grim's surname reveals The Eternal Dutchman, also the puritanical and dour strain he shares with Warren.

    And you don't get more Dutch of a name than "Brooklyn". A whole legacy of culturally and economically laissez-faire mercantile cartels. Very little dominance of pastoralist interests in Holland, unlike the non-London British.

    Christ, even the Scandis are better than the Dutch. Not nearly so genetically and culturally descended from the mercantile sector, and there's at least some background from the pastoralist Vikings lingering around.

    When have you ever seen woolen items that were "Made in the Netherlands" vs. "Made in Norway / Iceland"? More artisanal, traditional, and pastoralist (sheep's wool). The Dutch production process -- from materials to outward style -- is too modern.

    Belgium best Low Country for sure. Wool rugs (albeit machine made), Rubens rather than Rembrandt, Ensor rather than Mondrian, not infamous as the Red Light District of the entire world.


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