November 2, 2019

Aimee Terese, Apostle to the Deplorables, hits milestone

The princess of the anti-woke Left, Aimee Terese, officially hit 10K followers on Twitter. She never would have come close if she'd stayed cloistered within the online leftoid bubble, a niche that is beyond saturation, and impossible to break into without social or professional connections to established leftoids.

She did it by appealing to a whole new audience, carving out a new niche. It's composed not only of her fellow lefties who are sick of identity politics, polarization, and so on. There are plenty such figures, and some host podcasts that get as many clicks as hers and Benjamin Studebaker's (What's Left?). But they're not going to hit 10K followers and beyond, because they can't take the leap of faith to interact with people who are not already fellow travelers, and who may even be vilified by their in-group as sub-human.

Here's a recent popular tweet of hers about alienated young white males on social media, who most leftoids would write off entirely, and the only debate would be whether to condemn them outright or just ignore them.

It takes courage to pursue what seems like a lost cause, in the hope of a greater good down the line, perhaps that she will not see herself. An earlier post drew attention to her role as being similar to Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles, where she is the socialist Apostle to the Deplorables. And it's bearing fruit! For every libtard fanboy of Chapo Trap House that she loses, she gains two posters of frog memes.

Bernie was meant to do likewise for 2020, but he, his campaign, and his supporters have steered him away from a successful mission to the flyovers. That project is not bearing fruit -- his support is half what it was in 2016. He lost the libtards, but did not appeal to the deplorables to shore him up when the yuppies dumped him for Warren.

Where Bernie faltered, Aimee has been steadfast and tenacious. Reminds me of a song by another Mediterranean Australian, "On a Mission" by Gabriella Cilmi, who's Italian with some Albanian. From the most recent manic phase of the 15-year cultural excitement cycle, 2010:


  1. The young guys drawn to her pine for her hand in marriage more than using her as a fuck doll. That must be reassuring to someone who's known that she's sexually desirable since she was 16, but has yet to get married.

    The easy way to amassing a following online, if you're a cutie, is to leverage your looks, constantly talk about sex, mention how numerous your body count is, talk about past sexual experiences, etc etc etc. Basically, signal to everyone that you're attractive and promiscuous, and wait for the stampede of thirsty paypigs.

    Also, drop hints that you're part of their sub-culture -- gamers, anime, antifa, whatever -- in order to play up cultural commodification. "I'm not just a Barbie doll, I'm goth antifa Barbie!"

    And yet Aimee has done neither. She occasionally talks about her desires, and even then it would alienate the incel crowd she's supposedly appealing to -- like most women, she desires guys who are tall, hot, have big dicks, and are good in bed. A real e-thottie would lie about desiring guys who are average in every way physically, to soothe their sexual egos.

    Other than those off-hand remarks, she doesn't talk about her sexual behavior.

    And she almost never posts pictures like a real e-thottie would.

    She's not soothing the sexual egos of the frog meme people, it's a social reassurance -- you're not deplorables, you're not sub-humans, everybody deserves the basics to be met, and those who are vilifying you are the most repugnant garbage that ever oozed its way out of our wicked, degenerate societies.

    It's not from a trad-thottie persona either. She's culturally moderate, not a libertarian but not a puritan either. That's just another Barbie doll role -- "Hey guys, look, I'm a Barbie doll, but trad-cath Barbie!" Yeah, we get it.

    She's not selling a persona, lifestyle, or role, and just said on her most recent podcast that she deliberately steers clear of anything that would invite a parasocial relationship between her and her listeners / readers.

    A hard task for someone with such a breathy, mellifluous girly-girl voice, romantic over-sized eyes, and Mediterranean exotitude -- but somehow she's been largely successful. Congrats to a real, uncommodified one.

  2. There are 3 Twitter links here, all from protected accounts. Samizdat is non-partisan materialist populism (and anti-imperialism).

    You can have an open account if you're a partisan polarizer, if you're a culturalist, or if you're an elitist (including the professional class vs. the owner class). But if you're none of those, the mob is going to be constantly monitoring what and who you're talking about.

    I figure one is @paul_yield, since he linked here awhile ago when he was above-ground. The other two, no clue, maybe followers of his with fewer followers -- and despite having no followers, still needing to protect their accounts.

    I still get a kick out of the fact that the leftoids on Twitter could only refer to "that list" rather than link or drop an identifier of who did it. Truly this is the most dangerous knowledge you could come into contact with. Spoooky!


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