March 24, 2018

Conditions for DACA amnesty: Affordable housing in 1% zip codes, $25 minimum wage, paid by 1% hosts

Since it seems inevitable that amnesty will be granted to the DACA people, whether or not it's also given to the voluntary grown-up illegals, the populist-nationalist Trump supporters should begin thinking about contingency plans to minimize the damage.

The overall goal is to prevent the enablers of illegal and legal immigration from burdening ordinary Americans with the costs of immigration while enjoying none of the benefits, which instead have gone to the wealthy in the form of cheap labor (business employment, or domestic servants).

Our goal is simply to make the elites have skin in the game regarding demographic replacement.

The political landscape is shifting in a populist direction, so that when Democrats become the realigning party for the next several generations (after decades of Reaganite Republican dominance), it will be Bernie-style politicians and activists who shape society.

These populist Dems feel sympathy for DACA people not only because of multiculturalism (their main difference with populist Trump supporters), but because of their being relegated to second-class citizenship despite being brought here involuntarily, akin to the slaves of the antebellum plantation South.

As a sidenote, a pact must be made between the Bernie and Trump populists to repatriate as many of the voluntary illegals as possible -- that solves the problem of their being second-class citizens here (they will become first-class citizens in their home countries), and does no one an injustice who was brought here involuntarily.

Populist Dems will eagerly support a Trumpian program to make the elites shoulder the costs of illegal immigration, whereby the DACA people would become permanent legal residents and workers -- but only on the condition that they receive affordable housing and employment in 1% zip codes, within the state that they're currently residing in, and that these two needs will be paid for by the municipal governments of these 1% zip codes. Monthly rent under, say, $1000 for a family of four, and a $25 minimum wage. All numbers indexed to inflation.

That prevents mass population transfers to places with low immigrant populations, and gives the DACA people better roots. The state they're living in is "the only place they've ever known" -- not some state with low immigrant populations to which they might be moved.

White people in California, Texas, and Florida will not like this -- but that's tough shit for them for living so close to Latin America.

White people in the Midwest and the non-coastal Northeast will be fine with this -- and that's their reward for not abandoning their roots just to chase fleeting yuppie career prospects in the Sun Belt.

For that matter, African-Americans will be fine with this, perhaps outside of Georgia, where there might be a real fight between DACA people and longtime black residents of the state.

Even within the state, it ensures that working and middle-class Americans will not be paying the price of immigration -- assuming they don't work in 1% zip codes, they won't be competing with the DACA people for employment, and they won't be competing with them in the housing market either, as they live in bottom 99% zip codes. Cultural and demographic replacement would be confined to the groups who have enabled and benefited from immigration -- the elites, not the middle or bottom of the class pyramid.

And by restricting the funding of these programs to municipal governments, middle and working-class Americans would not have to foot the bill for immigration's effects either. Worst-case scenario, levy a national-level tax on the 1% to pay for DACA assimilation programs.

One-percenters who don't want to live next to DACA people can slum it in a 10% zip code, and it won't be the end of the world.

Whatever the particulars shake out to be, the overarching goal is to team up with the rising populists of the Left in order to prevent Americans below the elite stratum from having to pay the many costs of the mass immigration of the past couple decades.

Among themselves, populists on the Right can say things like "demographic replacement" or "cultural homogeneity," but it's probably better to keep quiet about that in mixed company. Definitely do not use alienating phrases like "shithole countries" that will torpedo any chance of achieving the main goals -- which are not to trigger the libs with politically incorrect taboo words, but to improve the material and cultural conditions of the American people.


  1. Florida, California and Texas?

    Time to face reality, it's everywhere:

  2. There the odds of what the author is proposing happening are between 0% and 1%. Writing is on the wall, either we salvage the Senate in 2018 and live to fight another day, or expect full amnesty leading to GA/TX/FL/NC/AZ saying goodbye to R side forever, and with it politics of US looking like that of CA.

  3. Read your own list, numbnuts. All are concentrated in the Southwest and the coasts.

    Exclude fake entries like "52% of a town of population 112 are Hispanic". We're talking communities of any real size.

    Even with that ridiculously low bar, plenty of states don't appear at all -- Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Appalachia, Dakotas, Montana, etc.

    Don't project your multicultural dystopia onto normal American states.

  4. The odds are over 50% when it's the Bernie people controlling the Dems.

    Why would they pass up a chance to stick it to the white 1%, making them pay for the housing and employment of the poor mistreated DACA people? It's the least the white 1% could do to "correct the historical injustice".

    Throw in the appeal of reducing inequality -- physically moving some of the lowest layers in with those at the top. And breaking down barriers of racism, forcing integration of DACA people and white 1%-ers.

    This would be the easiest slam dunk alliance in the world, if only the Republicans and conservatives weren't a bunch of backward-looking defeatist morons.

  5. Moron Republicans will also balk at making the elites who've wrecked this country pay the costs of their open-borders policy of the past many decades.

    The alternative is not that the DACA people will all get sent back to their home countries, sparing any group of Americans the costs of their being here.

    That's the best-case scenario for immigration restrictionists, but Trump has shifted the Overton window back toward amnesty for the DACA "kids," and you see no one calling for them to be repatriated (at most, to remain here without getting citizenship, "living in the shadows").

    So in the contingency plan -- if the best-case scenario doesn't happen -- the alternative to forcing the elites to deal with the costs of DACA immigration is to do nothing and let the working and middle classes continue to pay the costs (lowered wages, higher housing costs, fragmented neighborhoods, demographic replacement, cultural alienation, etc.).

    Most Republicans are simply too cocksucking toward the elites to make them pay the costs of their own policies. Doing so would be too rabble-rousing and quasi-socialist. Only the commie-crats would make it a goal to "stick it to the one percent!"

    But the Trump army that doesn't care about Reaganite nostrums will have no problem teaming up with the Bernie people to make sure that any DACA amnesty makes the elites pay the costs of assimilation, rather than the working or middle classes who've already had to pay so much of those costs while deriving no benefits.

  6. I'll go even further and say it would help the restrictionist cause if the hordes of foreign workers on the mega-farms (legal or illegal) were to rise up in a Sandinista style revolution, seize possession of the farmland, crops, and equipment, and divvy it up among themselves.

    Then the callous white 1% mega-farm owners would finally have to pay the costs of bringing in these hordes of peasants instead of hiring Americans or mechanizing the farm tasks.

    So far, those costs have been paid by the working and middle classes -- lowered wages, higher housing, crappier neighborhoods and schools, feeling a stranger in their own community.

    So far, the uber-wealthy owners of these latter-day plantations have been totally insulated from the caustic effects of mass immigration -- they have only been exposed to its benefits, i.e. cheap labor that boosts profits.

    Not only would a Sandinista revolution in the Great Plains make these agribusiness magnates finally pay up for their open-borders policies, they would serve as a deterrent in the future -- any would-be greedy corporate pigs who are thinking of importing hordes of cheap foreigners, might think twice when they read in history class about how the Nicaraguan migrant workers turned Kansas into a hotbed of Sandinistas.


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