July 25, 2017

Trump needs warriors, not perfect gentlemen, to win

Diehard Trump supporters, along with the President himself, have been souring on Attorney General Sessions as the Deep State coup has expanded in scope and intensified in severity over the past several months.

Sessions opened the door to this coup by recusing himself from the Russia witch hunt, leaving his liberal Democrat deputy Rosenstein to appoint the Special Counsel Mueller after what was an inevitable firing of FBI Director Comey. Sessions could have withdrawn his recusal and stepped in to shut down the coup once he saw how bad it was getting, but he continues to maintain his recusal.

The reason Sessions gave for recusal was that some people might think he was an integral member of the Trump campaign, so that an investigation of that same campaign would have given him a conflict of interest. In order to avoid even the possible semblance of a potential quasi-conflict, he recused himself.

In a context of there being no crime, no evidence, and a naked attempt by the Deep State to overturn the election, a Democrat AG would never have recused himself and left Obama or Hillary wide open to sedition, even if the AG had been their formal campaign manager, and a Democrat President would never have accepted it from their appointee.

Republicans, especially of the conservative type, continue to prize their own personal reputation for integrity, propriety, and even-handedness when an enemy army is marching straight toward them with guns drawn. In war, sometimes you have to act crudely and inappropriately in order to keep from getting wiped out by the other side, and no one can be even-handed and dispassionate when only one side is hell-bent on wiping the other out by any means necessary.

"Blind justice" would mean an immediate shut-down of the witch hunt against Trump (no crime cited, no evidence either), and an immediate empaneling of grand juries (not the phony political theater of Congressional hearings) to prosecute the crimes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Obama, Susan Rice, the Podesta brothers, and all the rest of them. Throw in the Republican backstabbers, too, if we need to be bipartisan.

When a conservative completely misunderstands the context, he cannot be said to be pursuing propriety, which is necessarily context-sensitive. He is simply out-of-touch, reckessly so if the stakes are high for making an incorrect assessment.

Back in the 1950s, when the body politic was not at polarized war with itself, and when both parties agreed to rules of fair play, then what Sessions did would have been proper. In 2017, when conflict, bias, and duplicity are the only constants in politics, what he did was to back away from shielding his leader, who remains vulnerable to being taken out by an utterly amoral enemy force that is operating in war mode.

Propriety, in this context, would have meant nipping the coup in the bud by not recusing himself, and shutting these witch hunts down, even if it meant the bad-faith inquisition of the mass media would try to shame him into recusal for being "involved in" the campaign under investigation. He should have told them that everyone is "involved in" everything, if you argue it right, and it's not as though he were a central figure to the campaign's operation. "So think what you want about my integrity, the American people know this is the right thing to do to protect their vote from being overturned by this coup attempt."

The cult of decorum that paralyzes conservatives stems from a total misreading of what kind of environment they're in. When you're on the battlefield, what is proper is to shoot or be shot by the enemy -- a mindset you would never take on in a cooperative environment like moving a heavy piece of furniture together. We are at war, so that means we must act like it -- acting otherwise is not "remaining above the fray," it is sticking your head in the sand and getting mowed down by the advancing army.

The Democrats are not afraid to get mean and dirty because they see themselves at war, and hey, you don't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Slandering Sessions as a racist during his confirmation hearing, going after the finances of Trump's family, and giving a pass to a Democrat would-be mass murderer targeting Republicans -- hey, war is hell, and these are all toward the greater good of ensuring that the righteous side wins over the evil side.

Any hope that the Democrats or the elites would sign a ceasefire with us after Trump's election have been flushed completely down the drain. That became obvious months ago. So like it or not, our side too must go into the same mindset as theirs -- we will slander one of theirs even if we don't believe the charges, we will sic the top executive agencies on them just like they did on us under Obama, and we will give a pass to the tumor gnawing away at John McCain's brain.

War is hell, we don't like thinking or acting this way because we're not inveterate sociopaths like the elites have become. But by now it is either them or us, and fighting with a self-imposed handicap is tantamount to surrender and suicide. We're not going to keep on thinking and acting that way once we have defeated them, and reconciliation and fence-mending can begin. But until they are defeated, we have no choice but to pulverize them with no mercy. The harder the clobbering, the swifter the resolution.

In the meantime, it's time for a reality check about what we're up against:

Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

We need people who are going to be as relentless and no-holds-barred against the enemy as they are going to be -- and have been -- against us. I wouldn't be surprised if, even after the Mueller witch hunt gets shut down, some other bogus pretext gets conjured up to launch another one. The AG must be vigilant from start to finish of Trump's term.

If Sessions cannot be persuaded to play that role as AG (and I don't think that he is a brutal vicious killer), then he has to go, as close as he is to Trump ideologically. Only the AG can shut down these Deep State coups coming from the DoJ, and shame and admonish the Republican Congress for allowing their own separate witch hunts to continue in the Intelligence committees. Whoever fills the role of AG must absolutely be willing to protect the President from these threats, which no other position can intervene to stop.

Who could take his place? Giuliani is an obvious choice, but there may be more obscure choices too.

The two complaints I've heard about Giuliani are that he could never get 50 votes in the Senate -- in which case Trump appoints him during the upcoming recess, and while the Senate decides when to hold a confirmation vote, the new AG shuts down the witch hunt.

The second is that he was for sanctuary cities as Mayor of New York in the 1990s, and amnesty more recently. Him and virtually every other Republican, aside from Sessions. But the main role of the AG in this context is preventing the Deep State coups from succeeding, rather than letting them fester, expand, and terminate the body politic. If he were chosen by Trump, after the immigration-themed election, I doubt he would go against Trump's wishes about sanctuary cities.

Plus it's not like Sessions has cracked down on sanctuary cities either -- issuing warnings for defunding so far, rather than doing the defunding, or escalating quickly in order to bring them around before Trump's first four years are up. We know he has never defended them, but if he's not going to be a brutal vicious killer, we need someone who will be.

And to his credit, Giuliani helped to craft the Muslim ban so that it would not be challenged as discriminating against a religion. That actually did go through in two executive orders, and has only been tied up in courts below the Supreme Court. Sadly, that's a greater tangible result on hardline immigration policy than the AG himself can claim so far.

Giuliani was also experienced at surveilling radical mosques after 9/11 in order to foil future attempts by jihadists already living within our borders. Radical Islamic terrorism was a major theme of the election, and continues to resonate with voters. He'd probably find it easier to label CAIR as a terrorist organization, especially now that our jihadist allies in the Middle East are targeting Qatar for its support of political Islam groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (while ignoring their own support for far more violent forms of Islam like ISIS).

Giuliani also broke up the mafia so much that the Sicilians put out a hit on him during the 1980s. Not to mention breaking up gangs during the falling-crime period of the 1990s. That would translate much more naturally into breaking up jihadist cells, MS-13, and other organized groups of bad hombres.

Again, maybe there's someone better yet than Giuliani, but he seems like a much better fit than the current AG for the world we actually live in.

Like Ann Coulter, I favor transferring Sessions to Homeland Security, where he can devote all his attention to immigration, terrorism, and drug cartels, and not have to get into the muck with the Deep State witch hunts. That would also dislodge one of the three members of the Pentagon boarding party, General Kelly, who could not sound any less like Trump on immigration if he tried.

It's nothing personal -- it's war, and if someone doesn't want to perform their duties in a certain role, they have to be assigned to a different role. People need to put aside their concerns over their personal image, and do what's best for the team to win against the advancing army with guns drawn.


  1. Yeah, it's very simple: the Trump administration has to become even more working class New York. The brawlers have to be brought in.
    I suspected from the beginning that Trump balked on Sessions as veep because he sensed he was too soft. If true, then even Trump must have been surprised by the ferocity of his opponents, making him AG, especially since Trump doesn't have that crippling, ideological mind.

    1. Sorry, that last sentence isn't clear. Trump making Sessions AG might show that Trump never conceived that his opponents would be so ferocious (or even exactly who they are and the nature of their beefs). It's been clear to me for awhile that the ideological mind is very foreign to Trump, but they make up nearly 100% of the MSM and many of his politician-detractors. He's learning very quickly.

  2. "People need to put aside their concerns over their personal image, and do what's best for the team to win against the advancing army with guns drawn."

    Good luck finding a politician like that, LOL.

  3. ConantheContrarian7/25/17, 1:07 PM

    Trey Gowdy would be a good AG. He's Doberman-Wolverine hybrid. I like Sessions at Homeland Security; this is where I thought he would be appointed in the first place.

  4. Scaramucci is another New York hitman who's turning out nice so far, firing a GOPe traitor who slithered his way into the WH after abandoning Trump during the campaign like the rest of the Establishment. A top Priebus ally, Michael Short.

    Great troll too:

    ' “This is the problem with the leaking,” [Scaramucci] said. “This is actually a terrible thing. Let’s say I’m firing Michael Short today. The fact that you guys know about it before he does really upsets me as a human being and as a Roman Catholic.” '

    That's proof that he's loyal to Trump and not the Establishment, whose candidates he backed at the beginning of the primary (Walker and Bush). But he's a non-ideological money man, so he only wanted to bet on the winning horse, not try to ram through a deeply unpopular agenda against the American people.

    Giuliani was pro-sanctuary cities -- but then proves loyalty to Trump's vision and away from lax immigration by crafting the Muslim ban.

    If they were just moles or plants for the GOPe, they never would have fired on their own like that. It's like testing whether a new member to Gang A is loyal, or a potential saboteur from Gang B -- have them kill a known member of Gang B, and if they refuse, they're an infiltrator.

  5. A general rule is "more Italian-Americans". They're more pragmatic than ideological, more territorial than permissive, and more from a Culture of Honor than a Culture of Legalism (especially "an eye for an eye").

    If there were Scotch-Irish hillbillies willing to infiltrate the Swamp, recruit them too, but they tend to want to stay in their homeland. As do the Italian-Americans, but their home turf includes the ACELA corridor.

    We flipped so many Democrat strongholds up and down the East Coast, where working-class and middle-class Italian-Americans live. Like Suffolk County, Long Island (population 1.5 MILLION -- not a rural revolt), right next door to Scaramucci's home town.

    Aside from Mooch and Rudy, there's Roger Stone, Tammy Bruce, Mark Simone, Joe Piscopo (not Chris Christie, the only one who should be barred), Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and so on and so forth.

    Throw in the Near Eastern Christians too, they're similar enough. Taleb, Judge Jeanine, Walid Phares, Ralph Nader (head of Antitrust Division at DoJ), and the Levantine cheerleader squad on Twitter. Taleb said the only bad one is Peter Daou, a Hillary hack.

    No Greeks, though -- they have resisted assimilation, and still refer to themselves as "the Greeks" rather than "Greek-Americans". They're still kneejerk Democrats. The Podestas, Stephanapoulos, Nomiki Konst, and even the half-Greek rat Reince Priebus.

    No Irish either. They too have largely refused to assimilate if they came over during the Ellis Island era. Even the Republican ones like Sean Spicer, always referring to "the Irish" rather than "Irish-Americans," calling the Prime Minister by the Celtic title Taoiseach, etc.

    Too sentimental, and also too bullheaded for its own sake -- willing to get into a brawl no matter if it leads right over a cliff, rather than brawl toward a purpose. Bannon can be the token bar-room brawler; in general we need laser-like hitmen.

    Way too many Ellis Island Irish are still kneejerk Democrats, like Tammany Hall never ended. The Joe Biden kind of garbage.

    And their Motherland counterparts are more anti-immigration and Euroskeptic in Italy vs. Ireland. Even the populist mayor of Rome, a mixture of the Bernie and Trump movements (or if Macron and Le Pen fused together), wants to keep immigrant hordes out of her city.

  6. Gowdy is a just an kabuki actor -- what ever came of the hearings about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.?

    And he's the Chair of the Oversight Committee at a time when the Deep State is staging a coup in plain sight against the President of the Chair's "own party," while the Chair's colleagues on the Intel Committee allow the witch hunt to proceed as though coups were totally normal in America.

    If he's complicit by inaction, while holding an influential role, he cannot be trusted.

  7. "And their Motherland counterparts are more anti-immigration and Euroskeptic in Italy vs. Ireland"

    Doesn't this have to do with historical conflicts? NW Euros have mostly fought other whites, historically. So that's why Irish and Anglo Brits blow each other up, while there's no where near as much hostility to Muslims.

    And this plays out in America, too, wherein many whites feel greater hostility to whites of other regions than they do to complete foreigners.

    One could put this down to PC, but then, why is sometimes violent animosity between different white ethnic/regional groups still apparent after decades of growing PC?

    Mediterranean and Slavic whites, having fended off Muslims and Mongols at various points in the past, are more willing to judge and confront non-whites.

    1. In a small economy the big pay off for a civil servant is promotion to Brussels and the EU. So the authorities push the Poz but the 93 IQ Paddy is as natural a Shit Lord as you will ever find. He just needs a worthy leader to step forward and he'll be goose stepping past the G.P.O. in no time.

      A dirt poor peasant who is a bit dim compared to the locals, newly landed in the US, has to lean heavily on his ethnic network. Who else is going to support a Mick? A Wasp, a Jew, a black?

      Other West Europeans assimilated because they didn't have the numbers except for Italians. Germans didn't want to draw attention to their ethnic background because of the Wars. Irish were able to keep up their ethnic pride because a population of 5 million potato farmers is a threat to no one.

      Every Irish American I know is unabashedly proud to be American and their Irish pride is countered by an strong belief that America is vastly superior.

      The idea that they haven't assimilated because they identify as Irish and cooperate is like claiming mormons haven't assimilated.

  8. Roger Stone on Alex Jones says Trump is mulling Mike Pompeo to replace Sessions. Pompeo, the CIA Director, is a Deep Stater who would be a million times worse in the most important role of the AG here-and-now -- repelling the Deep State coup.

    Adding Pompeo would immediately raise Trump's risk of assassination by an order of magnitude -- like Reagan having to bring former CIA Director George HW Bush on as VP.

  9. In the novel "The Fourth K", by Mario Puzo(the author of "The Godfather"), an Attorney General conspires to assassinate his president. The FBI keeps a list of all individuals who have publicly threatened to harm the president or any other politician; the Attorney General simply goes into that list, and removes the name of the lunatic he considers to be the most dangerous - which results in an assassination.

    I don't actually think Pompeo would do that, but its interesting that mentioned it.

  10. Persona-crafting aside, Mattis is a company man for the Pentagon.

    Flynn was more of a warrior type.

    Anytime you hear the media gushing over someone's "broad bipartisan support" and "impeccable credentials," they're an inoffensive gentleman type.

  11. "Persona-crafting aside"

    This is the problem, in that politics in general selects for personality-types that are good at crafting a certain type of image - farmers/abstract-oriented. Even Flynn may have been more of a phony type, just willing to go farther to preserve the false image.

  12. The difference between Flynn and Mattis is that Flynn is a media figure who has written a book(about how to win the war over Radical Islam) and appears on news shows. He has other interests, like selling his books, or his private equity consulting, and is just more dedicated towards his persona of a no-nonsense tough-talker.

    "Prior to his short-lived role in the Trump Administration, Flynn consulted for private equity firm Francisco Partners – owner of Procera Networks, which was controversial for its work with the Turkish government.
    Flynn also was a paid advisor for Francisco portfolio company NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity company whose software was used by the Mexican government to spy on journalists and anti-corruption advocates. This past weekend there was an Israeli media report that The Blackstone Group is in talks to buy a 40% stake in NSO, while ClearSky would purchase another 10%."


  13. Flynn was a doer -- that's why he was kicked out by Obama. He uncovered the fact that we were arming the jihadists in Syria, and tried getting that info out there to stop the practice.

    He also went on RT and more or less said that the 2013 chemical attack in Syria was a false flag by the jihadists to try to get the Pentagon to strike Assad. The matter was brought up in a question/comment, and he did not deny it, and said yeah it's possible, we know that they do that kind of thing all the time, and kept his answer going for a good minute or so, rather than a quick dismissal.

    He also re-organized the National Security Council when he was the Advisor, demoting the usual Pentagon and CIA Deep Staters, and elevating guys like Bannon. He wanted to re-organize and purge a lot of the intel community.

    Plus talking with Russia to pave the way for "getting along with Russia".

    Because he was such a doer rather than a talker, the Deep State coup took him out first, almost immediately. The NSC reverted to its old structure, demoting Bannon and re-elevating the CIA / Pentagon brass.

  14. I'm listening to Cernovich going on about how devastating the Trump firing of Mooch was...

    I'm 14:00 in and there is nothing about Mooch's interview where he trashed Bannon and Priebus. Yeah, it was entertaining, but in the real world, you won't get away with that. What kind of a man would allow another man to say he sucks his own you-know-what and get away with it?

    I read that interview and knew the man was a goner. You *cannot* do that to other men. Unless he's a total cuck, you're not getting away with that. Donald Trump is too much of a Culture of Honor man to have countenanced it.

    Another thing: the idea that Trump loves an obsequious person is way oversold. In fact, it's the opposite: he's wary of such people. "What's their angle?" "He's false." Trump is no different than anybody else is liking to be flattered (and he famously flatters himself), but people wrongly deduce he likes flattery more than most. He values loyalty more than most. Not the same thing.

    I am *very* anxious about Kelly, but the idea that the guy who said the things he did -totally meaning for them to be heard, by the way- wasn't going to pay a price? For a man to think Mooch could get away with that...he does NOT come from an honor culture. It doesn't matter -just interesting- but it's a tell that the Game/Pua/persuasion crowd doesn't come from a Culture of Honor.

  15. Bannon was already gunning for Mooch to be gone, long before the NY-er interview. Along with Priebus, Bannon was dead-set against Mooch becoming the Comms Director. They both intensely lobbied Trump not to hire Mooch to begin with.

    Trump hired him over Bannon's objections.

    So if anything Mooch was just getting some licks in at the guy who tried to keep him from the Comms job. The sucking-his-own-dick remark did not provoke Bannon -- he was already provoked by Mooch even having the chance of getting that job, let alone once he got over-ruled by Trump and Mooch appeared to be there for good.

    1. Good reminder, Ag. But that was far beyond a lick and it sounds like Bannon is redeemed in having intuited something about the guy. Not to hate on him, no, or even say he's a bad guy. But when Cernovich came out with #MoochMemes and was all loving on this man who just dissed so badly and baldly one of the *good guys*... it was weird and where I'm from, this man would have been beaten within an inch of his life for what he said.

      We only see the tiny tip of the iceberg, but visiting that kind of public humiliation on someone is a giant tell that something is a bit off.

  16. Trump was amused by the NY-er interview, so his intuition was that Mooch's Bannon remarks were just shit-talking between rivals in the workplace.

    Trump only got uneasy when the negative media coverage started piling up.

  17. Matt Well, top pick to replace Mooch (per Cernovich), is a GOPe hack. Part of Swamp group (45committee) that targeted Gray in the primary for GA special election, and favored Handel instead.


    Gray was squishy on Trump in 2016, but in special election ran on being the most willing to align with Trump -- willing to adapt. Handel was a NeverTrumper, and remained so during special election. Gray was a businessman, Handel a career politician.

    Matt Well did work in the "war room" during transition to hype up Trump's nominees, but most of them were Establishment-friendly anyway. When it came to Trump faction vs. GOPe faction in an internal GOP primary in GA, Matt Well chose the GOPe side.

    Matt Well's policy pursuits are standard corporate Republican BS like tort reform. Did PR for the SEC.

    So in place of a pro-Trump outsider like Mooch, we get an anti-Trump GOPe Beltway hack. And Priebus' replacement now seals off access to Trump, so that even Bannon reports to CoS rather than directly to the Pres.

    Shift toward the worse so far.

  18. Blind Gossip has an interesting article about Trump's staff:

    "Gordo, The First Guy, thought he was destined to be The Hand Of The King. He tried to pull focus to himself practically the first day the ascension was announced… and was quickly given a big push out the door.

    Scooter, The Second Guy, did not try to steal the limelight from the King. However, his quirky behavior caused the public to focus on (and ridicule) his behavior rather than focus on the King’s message. Pulling focus from the message and inciting ridicule are as big of sins as pulling focus from The King himself. Buh bye.

    Wimpy, The Third Guy, was named Hand Of The King, but he was ineffective and disloyal. The latter is the worst thing you could be. See ya.

    Slimy, The Fourth Guy, kissed up to The King more than anyone else, but his big undisciplined mouth immediately thrust him into spotlight and pulled focus from The King’s accomplishments and The King’s message. Dumb. Next.

    The secret to succeeding in the Royal Household?

    DO. YOUR. F*CKING. JOB! [The King’s] world is chaotic so he counts on you to bring order and discipline. Your job is not to create drama or be the star! Your job is to serve. Those who do their jobs quietly and effectively and methodically and loyally without pulling focus from [The King] OR [The King’s] message will do fine.

    Steely, The Fifth Guy, has all the desired qualities, and we predict he will succeed as Hand Of The King."

    The Guesses are

    Gordo: Chris Christie
    Scooter: Sean Spicer
    Wimpy: Reince Priebus
    Slimy: Anthony Scaramucci
    Steely: Michael Kelly

    Interestingly, the article mentions "wimpy"(Reince Priebus), as being disloyal.



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