July 17, 2017

Pointless "messaging campaigns": Go on the attack, not defense

Rather than defend the President from the growing witch hunt, the RNC leaders in the White House are sending him on a tour of "theme weeks" that are supposed to change the narrative from the Russia fixation. This week is "Made in America", highlighting companies who have not off-shored their work force.

None of these theme weeks will change the narrative for a nanosecond because they cannot compete for interest value with the ongoing Deep State coup in plain view that threatens to overturn the results of the election. Whether you support the coup or are against the coup, that topic obviously holds your interest more than a tour of plants that still make things in America, however much you may also support that.

Trump is a media genius, and realizes that it is the psychological hook that matters for a story to catch on -- not how often it is repeated, or how prestigious or high-ranking the story-tellers are, or how much money goes into its promotion. And he is not stupid enough to think that any of these "theme weeks" can compete in their psychological hook with the coup attempt.

Only the Republican Establishment, led in the White House by Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, would come up with a communications campaign this pointless. First, because they don't understand how the media environment works. And second, because they are not interested in protecting Trump from the witch hunt -- they want him held hostage to sneak their own unpopular agenda through the backdoor, rather than pursue the populist and nationalist positions that won him the election.

In order to truly drive the narrative, Trump has to make an even bigger move than the day-to-day activities of the Deep State coup agents. The most successful so far was the morning he sent out a string of tweets accusing the Obama administration of illegal surveillance of Trump's campaign and transition.

Flagrant illegal use of the surveillance state in order to sabotage an incoming presidency? And the accusation coming from out of the blue -- and on Twitter -- and from the President himself? How can you possibly top that story?!

That forced the media to cover the political crimes of the Obama team, both the front office faces like Attorney General Lynch and back office Deep State agents like CIA Director Brennan. Day after day, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes kept coming forward with disturbing findings, and regardless of how much he revealed to the public, it was obvious the Obama team had fucked up big-league.

When it then came out that Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice was the one who unmasked Mike Flynn's name in surveillance, things were looking pretty dire for the Deep State (and for the corporate media, since that story was broken by Mike Cernovich).

But unlike the worthless and disloyal RNC, the Deep State actually understands the laws of psychology. After the story against Obama's team had gained so much momentum that it threatened the former National Security Advisor, they decided to change the topic themselves in an even bigger move -- use whatever flimsy pretext they could find in order to get the Pentagon to launch missiles into Syria, and make Trump be the public face of the attack as Commander-in-Chief. That would make him stand with the coup agents, in the interests of national security unity during an attack on a foreign power.

That move succeeded, and we haven't heard anything about the "Obama tapped my wires" story ever since.

Only another rapid-fire barrage of tweets from Trump targeting the Deep State can shift the national conversation away from the witch hunt, while weakening the coup plotters at the same time. "Theme weeks" are too boring to change the topic, and they do not target the enemies who pose the greatest threat to the President's success.


  1. Lefty Max Blumenthal on Tucker tonight, going more on the attack to defend Trump against the Russia witch hunt than Trump's "own party" has ever done in Congress or the Executive branch.

    Righty Richard Baris (People's Pundit Daily) tweets agreement to Blumenthal's point about the Russia hysteria being turned on any Democrats who step out of line, and need to make common cause to stop the hysteria.

    Blumenthal got in a good dig at Deep State, about the hysteria serving the govt's policy of supporting "jihadist proxies in Syria to weaken Russia" -- and Tucker not pushing back, because he agrees. Where else in the mainstream will you hear phrases like that?

    Tucker also put Sec HHS Price on the spot, asking hypothetically if the Senate healthcare bill doesn't pass, that will make the push toward single-payer more likely -- would you be for it then? He dodged, saying "the devil is in the details."

    Not a bad forecast when the GOP Establishment guy who leads the HHS does not dogmatically reject single-payer in front of a national Republican / conservative audience.

  2. Its interesting that Tucker Carlson is now emerging as a major media figure. He was big in the early 2000s, when the crime rate briefly rose, but went into obscurity after that, until now. When crime rises, business becomes more competitive, and the public demands a good product - whereas cocooning promotes mediocrity.


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