June 14, 2017

Immigration battle headed in amnesty-ers' favor

While it is difficult to predict far into the future on a contentious topic like immigration, we can at least get a feel for which direction it is headed -- toward the nationalist or toward the globalist side.

Immigrants are not a homogeneous population, and will be dealt with by either side according to what kind of sub-group they are. Some are better, some are worse. The better ones will be harder to deport, the worse ones will be easier.

Since immigrants will be dealt with on a group by group basis, each side of the battle will prioritize which groups they want to deal with first, second, and so on until the last. Each side has opposite goals, so they will try to deal with groups in the opposite order.

The nationalists will try to deport the least sympathetic groups first -- gangs, for example -- and hold off on the most sympathetic groups until the end -- like the anchor babies or DACA people who were brought here as children by their parents.

The globalists will try to permanently amnesty and/or give citizenship to the most sympathetic groups first, and hold off on citizenship for the least sympathetic groups until the end.

Because there are so many people in any of the immigrant groups, they must be dealt with as an entire collective, rather than person by person. "Dealing with" some group means giving something like a blanket amnesty and citizenship to them, or sending law enforcement to deport them en masse (however long that may take).

So, to get a feel for which side is winning, we see which immigrant groups are getting dealt with as a collective first. If it's the sympathetic groups, then the globalists are prevailing; if it's the gang members, it's the nationalists.

So far, there is no program to round up and ship out the gang members or criminals en masse. Of course they are receiving priority -- or at least they were back when we were paying attention, a few months ago -- but the enforcement is still person by person rather than a collective response to round them all up.

This criminal is removed, that criminal is removed, some other criminal is removed. If there were a collective action, we would all know about it and see it, either on the media or in real life. It would be impossible not to see organized teams going through the major cities rounding up the gangs and criminals en masse. It would look like Operation Wetback, which targeted people as a collective -- any illegal -- rather than person by person.

And yet the Secretary of Homeland Security, General Kelly from the globalist Pentagon boarding party, keeps getting closer and closer to dealing with the DACA people collectively. From this recent article:

[Kelly] said he would not deport Dreamers but warned that the policy could change when someone else takes over his job, making the only solution congressional action. He said there is clear bipartisan support for some form of permanent legalization and urged lawmakers to take the opportunity that the Trump administration is giving.

“I’m not going to let the Congress off the hook. You’ve got to solve it,” he said.

So he's passing the buck to Congress, but still moving the ball down the field for the globalist team.

Mr. Kelly also took a humanitarian view toward perhaps 250,000 migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua who have been protected from deportation for nearly two decades under temporary protected status, a program designed to make sure people don’t have to go back home to countries suffering natural disasters. ...

The secretary said he would try to encourage the Haitians to go back eventually. For the Central Americans, however, “it’s kind of hard” to root them out and send them back.

He suggested instead that Congress grant them “a way toward citizenship.”

Another group that is relatively sympathetic -- people fleeing natural disasters -- although you'd think by now, after 20 years, it's safe to go back. At any rate, not gang members or criminals, but relatively sympathetic.

Which immigrant groups are closer to getting dealt with collectively? The sympathetic ones, not the loathsome ones. That is the first domino to fall for the globalist side, and the last one for the nationalist side. But we're just at the start of things, so this cannot be a last domino. It must be the first to fall in favor of the globalist side.

You can see how the next groups will go in priority -- first the DACA people get citizenship, then the refugees of natural disasters get citizenship, then their families get citizenship, and so on, until the gang members get citizenship. What is up in the air is how far along this progression the action manages to reach. Maybe the gang members won't get citizenship -- the point is simply that the progression or prioritizing of which groups are going to be dealt with collectively appears to be the order that the globalist side favors.

If the nationalists had the upper hand, the gang members would get deported first, then those with criminal records would get deported, and so on until the DACA people got deported, and maybe the anchor babies after that. Again, what would be up in the air would be how far along this progression the action managed to reach. Maybe the DACA people and anchor babies would wind up as citizens -- the point is just that this is the order in which the groups would be dealt with collectively under nationalist dominance.

We began believing that the gang members would be collectively deported first, while the DACA people would be saved until the end -- as a bargaining chip, as an avoidance of bad PR right away, etc. Now it appears the reverse is happening: the DACA people will collectively get citizenship first, and the gang members will be saved until the end -- to bargain with ("Mess with our legislation, and we'll give citizenship to MS-13"), and to avoid bad PR up front.

Remember that it's not important when the DACA get amnesty or citizenship -- that is up in the air, as is how far along the chain they will get before stalling out. What matters is which group is first in line for getting dealt with collectively. It looks like DACA, and it's the globalists rather than nationalists who want to collectively deal with DACA first rather than last.

And sure, this is subject to change -- but only if the DACA people are tabled indefinitely, while the gangs move to the front of the line to be dealt with collectively. When and if we see anti-gang squads rounding up the immigrant gang members en masse, then we will know the nationalists have the upper hand in the battle.

In the meantime, if the globalists are succeeding, this framework tells us how to push back -- lobby your representatives (or friends, family, whoever) about dealing with DACA later, and that right now we have to remove all the gang members and criminals, and we won't even consider amnesty or citizenship for the DACA people until the gang deportation problem has already been solved. That's more or less what Trump ran on during the campaign, but the globalists sent by the Pentagon are reversing that so far.


  1. Gang members were removed under Obama, but not in collective fashion. Here and there. So far, the same approach is prevailing under General Kelly's DHS -- pick some up here, some up there, but no collective effort.

    A collective solution would be the counterpart to giving the DACA people citizenship as a whole group, rather than giving a few dozen citizenship here, and a few dozen citizenship there.


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