June 21, 2017

Democrat void not being filled by Trumpers, but cuck GOP

After yet another disappointment for Democrats in special elections, Trump supporters should not get too carried away and think that these GOP wins are going to help advance the populist and nationalist agenda that Trump got elected on. Now that the rush is starting to wear off from laughing in the loser Democrats' faces again, let's take a cold hard look at what the special elections have meant so far.

They have not flipped any seats since they were Republican to begin with. They were held by Republicans, less than a year after already being won by Republicans last November. Democrats have been losing Congressional seats for years and years, so this is nothing new.

None of the new Republicans are aligned with the Trump movement, representing instead the stale and unpopular cuckservative wing of the GOP. So these elections have upheld the status quo not only at the party level, but at the policy level within the party.

Trump supporters actually did run in the primary stage -- Gray in Georgia and Pope in South Carolina -- but they got no support from the RNC, the GOP Congress, or the President himself. Also, in the primary for Governor of Virginia, Trump did not boost the big-league Trump supporter Corey Stewart, who narrowly lost to Establishment cuck Ed Gillespie, in what will be a toss-up race during the general election.

Perhaps it would have made a difference if there were more grassroots activism on their behalf, in the media, on social media, and through PACs, but it would have been far more cost-effective for Trump to build his supporters up on Twitter.

The fact that he didn't, and used a generic phrase like "Republicans get out and vote" during the Georgia primary, is contrary to his behavior during the 2016 season when he favorably tweeted about Paul Ryan's GOP primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, before ultimately endorsing Ryan when the polls showed there was no way for the challenger to win. But Handel was not going to have an over-the-top win in her primary, and Norman just barely won his primary in South Carolina. Trump's support could have easily put Pope into the House, and given Gray a fighting chance as well.

If Trump switched behavior from boosting an anti-cuck challenger in 2016 to laying off the cucks entirely in 2017, it means the RNC and GOP Congress have enough leverage over him to get him to help their agenda and elect their style of politicians, without them helping out much with his agenda (immigration, foreign policy, populism -- aside from trade).

The RNC and Congress are not worried about partisan wins, since Trump supporters would still be Republican -- they specifically want the elitist and globalist agenda of the Paul Ryan "Better way" BS. They are OK with a Deep State coup to oust the election-winner who is their antithesis, and they want to impose austerity measures on the American people like we're some backward Third World shithole being dictated to by the IMF and World Bank -- a vision that Trump savaged all throughout his campaign as inhuman.

Of course, the cucks are enemies who at least can be negotiated with, compared to Democrats who are enemies that refuse to negotiate one bit. But judging from the legislative agenda for the first two years of the Trump administration, the failure of Congress to help enforce the Trumpian executive orders, and their refusal to shut down the coup under way, the cucks have substantially more leverage than the Trump movement does within Washington where things actually get done.

Going forward, we are going to have to work a hell of a lot harder at the grassroots level, since we cannot count on Trump himself to promote his own supporters -- not out of callousness or lack of awareness, but because that would trigger a retaliation by the RNC and Congress against him. After the election, we were thinking "How awesome will it be to see Trump target the cucks for primaries using only a few tweets!" That has turned out to be wrong, so we need to do the work ourselves.

In that work, we only need the numbers, not the symbolic victories. Primarying Paul Ryan would be the ultimate scalp, but he will be a 20-year, 10-term incumbent who is third in line for the Presidency, and will have an unlimited war chest and media campaign if need be. Whatever it would cost us to defeat him, would be far better spent across multiple primary contests, at least some of which we could win.

We cannot turn into the self-destructive Democrats, whose mindset is to target high-risk symbolic-reward-only contests like the Georgia seat last night. Invest instead where the general election is a safe R, and where there are enough Trump supporters in the voting pool who could get one of our guys through the primary against an electorally weak cuck.

The Democrats have been a dying disaster of a party for awhile now, outside of the Presidential election, where only Trump could score a decisive win against them. Still, replacing Democrats with Republicans, and laughing in Democrats' faces each time they lose more and more contests, has done nothing to improve how this country is run, because the Republicans who have taken their place are worthless sell-outs as well. They're simply less offensive during campaign mode, unlike the Democrats who relish in condescending to voters and insulting most of America.

Less-offensive elitist globalists is not exactly what we voted for last November, or what we burned down the GOP for during the primary. It's time to take the void left by Democrats and actually do something useful with it -- not just laugh at what terrible campaigners the Dems are.


  1. As you have more or less said, the first step is to finish shutting the unreasonable dems out of the game so inter-coalitional struggles can be pursued in earnest.
    And, as you also noted, Trump cannot yet undermine mainstream GOP candidates without facing consequences.

    However, every candidate he helps get into office owes him favors now and the cuckservatives' fortunes are that much more tied to his. The longer his coattails down-ticket, the harder it will be to ditch him.

  2. The GOP is not treating it like they owe him favors for him getting them into office.

    These special elections are just 4 cases -- but far many more swept into the House, Senate, Governors, state legislatures, school boards, you name it, on November 8th. If it was a close race, supporting Trump got you a win -- like Johnson who won WI, whereas Ayotte lost NH.

    Then there are the scores of appointments he's made of Establishment Republicans at the highest levels -- the only Trump people in the high-ranking Cabinet seats are Sessions, Ross, and Lighthizer. Everyone else is a Pentagon boarding party member, or a sinecure for an Establishment figure.

    Those appointments were made half a year ago.

    And of course appointing their Heritage-approved guy Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

    None of these appointed people, and a good chunk of the elected people, would be in office without Trump. And they've had over half a year to do what he got elected to do.

    Favors they've done for him so far in return: diddly squat, other than on trade, which they now realize is their issue too, if they ever want to win the WH again and keep the Rust Belt.

    They are treating all those appointments and electoral successes as not deserving any political repayment. In other words, they're treating him as deeply in debt, and getting all these Establishment figures into office is just paying off some of that debt.

    We'll see if they ever consider that debt repaid, and start to horse-trade with him, or go to bat for him on policies that they do not already want themselves. Given how backstabbing the GOP is, I'm doubtful they ever will. They'll try to string him along for all four years.


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