September 15, 2010

Blocking the market in used video games

Story here. If someone buys a game and agrees to a statement that they won't re-sell it, as the game is only licensed to the buyer, then clearly they shouldn't be able to re-sell it. I just wonder how many people will buy these kinds of games. Will the video game developers who refrain from putting such clauses into their games advertise this on the front of the box? -- maybe a yellow smiley face with the words "It's Yours" on it?

Another episode in the decline of the video game industry and culture, and another reason why I've had so little interest in staying up-to-date for the past 15 years.

Imagine any other hard copy of a piece of entertainment that prevented you from re-selling it. Movie studios could offer the same rationale for including "no re-sell" wording in new DVDs -- they make no money on all sales in the used market. Ditto the music industry and used CDs. Fortunately if this damage gets done, it will only affect the garbage that's coming out of the entertainment industry today -- your copies of Rocket to Russia, Ghostbusters, and Bonk's Adventure will be safe.

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