April 10, 2010

What's your video game personality type?

Neat quiz. Mine is conqueror-seeker. Back in the day, we didn't need a name for that, but now that most video game players are a bunch of pussies, I guess we do.

They should put a label on the box of the game that says what type of person it's intended for. Just labeling it "adventure" or "RPG" doesn't tell me much. The Castlevania games in the style of Symphony of the Night would probably be labeled action/adventure, but they feature way too much accumulating of pointless crap, which really derails you from getting important stuff done in the game. Those are much more suited to the mindless collector type of person, not to the action and challenge type.

And any game that has lots of "leveling up" is not an action game, since you become lulled into a zombie-like trance while level-grinding, and there is little sense of adventure since you wind up leaving and re-entering the same single screen just to kill the enemies and gain more experience points and money. Gay. Zelda II is as far as a game can go in the leveling up category and still be fun. Any more than that and it's like sleepwalking on a treadmill, which would make a great icon for the "collector type" label.


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