March 20, 2010

Which car decals are elite-approved?

Here is a complaint on an NYT blog about car decals that say what beaches you head to for vacation, like the OBX one that stands for Outer Banks, North Carolina. (I don't know if these exist outside the East Coast.) Other prohibited decals are those that advertise what sports your kids play, including cheerleading -- things that might make them popular -- and decals that show your family togetherness by giving each member their own stick figure decal.

Are there any decals that the complainer would allow? Sure: the ones that signal where your kids went to college, ones that signal your political views, and presumably an Apple logo (hey, the personal is political).

Basically, being a status-obsessed dork is OK, while having a life is forbidden.


  1. I though you might find this interesting.

  2. I always thought that OBX-type decals were at least mildly status-obsessed. After all, they're a way of advertising that you've gone to trendy beach resorts, perhaps even owning property there. Among the sports decals, the LAX* one is also a status symbol, lacrosse being the ultimate upscale suburban spoiled-brat sport.**

    There's no way I could get those family stick figure decals, as it would be impossible to find enough room for all the cat figures.

    * = when I first saw one, I actually thought it had something to do with the Los Angeles airport

    ** = a bit ironic, given the sport's American Indian origins



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