March 9, 2006

Project Runway wrap-up (SPOILER)

It's official: Chloe has won season 2 of Project Runway! If you remember back to my series on race, sex, and sexuality differences in high fashion, it won't surprise you to learn that the three finalists were a gay white male (Daniel V.), a gay white-looking biracial male (Santino) -- and a straight East Asian female (Chloe), who joins the ranks of straight East Asian female designers that have given us Rei Kawakubo, Hanae Mori, Vera Wang, and so on and so on. Final thoughts on the show:

1) Thank god there is a TV show on that showcases people who have a minimal level of brains and creativity! The Apprentice also does this, but the IQ subscore most needed there is verbal, which just makes them good bullshit artists, and the extent of their creativity is thinking up the Next Big Deodorant Ad. Yawn. It's simply astounding how much financial and intellectual capital is wasted on advertising.

2) Runway judge and ELLE Fashion Director Nina Garcia is a sight for sore eyes. She's Colombian but looks damn Spanish. While not ubiquitous, a somewhat rodential face like hers is more common among Spanish women than elsewhere -- rodential, as in cute bunnies, not rats. More relief of the features, especially the teeth, very gracile. Penelope Cruz is another good example. Both also have what their detractors call "bug eyes" -- large eyes w/ almost no fold above the upper eyelid, so that it pops out from the background more. I prefer to call them half-moon eyes, after the shape of their upper eyelids. Strange tastes I have, sigh...

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  1. I had been pulling for Santino going in, but Chloe deserved the prize.

    Couldn't agree more with your take on Runway's appeal; I'm often at odds to explain to non-viewing friends why the show is so compelling. On the subject of g-based reality TV, I see where there's a new once featuring amateur inventors, which could be interesting.


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