May 25, 2022

"Girl Gamer" (Pokimane tribute, OMI parody), and wokeness killing off pair-bond R&B music

A recent post looked at wokeness killing off boy-bands, while tolerating the proliferation of fuccbois on the dating & mating market. This has left a cultural void for the pair-bonding guys and girls who like that genre of music. It only serves the tiny minority who are content with dick appointments, or with being a dick appointment.

The exact same trend for the worse has happened in black-oriented R&B as well, not just white-oriented pop / rock. Not too long ago, it was common for black R&B singers to serenade their one true crush, having worked up a lot of courage, in order to win her over into a pair-bond relationship. Now it's just rap-inflected fuccbois and OnlyFans thots on that side of the culture, much as on the white pop side.

One aspect of the woketards' branding was true, at least -- they didn't discriminate, ruining the culture for people of any race or sex who want a romantic pair-bond rather than an empty series of dick appointments.

To counteract that, I wrote new lyrics to the tune of "Cheerleader" by OMI (original lyrics here). But now adapted to the world where everything is virtual. I left it ambiguous whether the singer is actually in an IRL relationship with his crush, or it's only a parasocial fantasy. Much like our actual environment, where the blurring of reality and virtuality is standard.

That song was released in 2012, the same year that One Direction blew up, before wokeness destroyed and fragmented the culture for good. The most popular remix came in 2015 (embedded below), when it hit #1 as the song of the summer, and #11 for the entire year. It's more mature than the teen-oriented boy-band songs, but is still on the theme of serenading that one special girl to win her over forever, and expressing gratitude for having her.

I'm dedicating this one to an obscure, niche streamer you might've heard of, called Pokimane. Her tangents about "how to detect and avoid fuccboi behavior" inspired my comments on that recent post, tying it into the wokeness disease. But she's more into rap and R&B, so this one's more apropos for her (although I bet she had a crush on One Direction, too, like every other high school girl at the time).

As I detailed in this mini-post within a comment section, I think she's the most popular example of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl type in pop culture today. And a map of the most searched-for Twitch streamers by state showed that her appeal is across the country, not regional, not just bi-coastals, etc. She's what we used to call an all-American girl, despite coming from Canada and Morocco.

In a world that only values women who are cold, closeminded, HR Karens, it's refreshing to share the presence of a warm, empathetic, playful guardian angel. She wouldn't have millions of followers on Twitch if there weren't such a huge pent-up demand for her kind of character. But since the fossilized studios of Hollywood are only going to give us the next Amber Heards, it falls on the streaming platforms to provide us with the next MPDGs.

I have a hunchy-wunchy that she's been lurking here sometime recently, so I'm putting this tribute out there while I still have her attention, even if it means this blog is turning into a song lyrics journal for a bit. Hehe. I just want her to know that she's the kind of girl who can inspire one of those kinds of songs. She's done so much to comfort and encourage her largely male audience, and she deserves some appreciation.

Pronunciation: in the chorus, "no" draws out as "NO-oh". "CoD-er" rhymes with "fodder". "Radiant" also has stress on the last syllable, "RAY-dee-UNT".

* * *

When I need regeneration
My only healer is that streamer-girl sensation (yeah, yeah)
Like the perfect snack, she's tender
There's no need to be anon
Other girls may be aesthetic
But my medic stays logged on

And they say, "What's your Steamy?"
"Wanna see my feeties?"
"I can let you play on easy"
Then I cringe so hard I'm queasy

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer

I swear that Cupid is a CoD-er
She's remastering my life like a modder (yeah, yeah)
Now and then we hit a glitch
But our love will still respawn
Other girls may be aesthetic
But my medic stays logged on

And they say, "What's your Steamy?"
"Wanna see my feeties?"
"I can let you play on easy"
Then I cringe so hard I'm queasy

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer

She's my limited edition
Every guy is wishin'
A girl as Radiant as she
Could help him on his mission
Gifted her my heart
And she has kept it mint condition
Wherever her channel goes
I'll gladly owe her my subscription

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer

Oh, I've finally teamed up with a girl gamer
Shawty's T.O.S. has no disclaimer


  1. Hormonal birth control is over, and the fertility cycle is back -- at a widespread level, not just flukes here and there.

    This is part of a broader trend away from the cocooning phase of the cocooning vs. outgoing social cycle. The just-ended cocooning phase lasted from roughly 1990 to 2020, and paralleled the cocooning Midcentury of roughly 1930 to 1960.

    The outgoing phase of the cycle, along with rising crime rates, was 1960 to 1990, and 1900 to 1930, roughly. Not surprisingly, crime rates are surging again, from 2020 onward (probably till about 2050).

    I wrote all about this during the early 2010s.

    But this shift away from hormonal birth control is not something I was expecting, although it fits in with everything else. Girls want to get horny and natural again, not suppressed and artificial as they have been for most of their lives.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they started ditching their SSRIs and ADHD meds either. That would parallel the extensive drugging of the Midcentury to "stabilize moods" AKA fit into the cocooning zeitgeist. And then ditching those drugs during the '60s, '70s, and '80s, until Prozac and the rest of it took over during the '90s through the 2010s.

    This is just a little overview of a post, or maybe series of posts, I'll be putting up soon. But thought I'd do this now, so you don't think I'm abandoning everything else for writing songs about girls (that will continue as well, of course!).

    If any e-girls are reading this, please use your online influence to encourage other girls in your audience to leave behind their hormonal birth control, or at least open their minds to it, give it a try for awhile, etc.

    And to let the lads in your audience know what to expect from all the naturally hormonal girls they're about to be surrounded by! The few bad things, like more temperamental during PMS, but also the far more great things, like the outgoing behavior, smiling, flirting, engaging, libidinally driven NATURAL interactions!

  2. RIP Aimee's latest account on the hellsite. Specialist of frens, I know you're going to keep burning through alts as the woketards get you for ban evasion, but have you thought of using your What's Left account on Twitch?

    You could do a Daily Dose of Derangement, where you round up whatever the discourse is you're reacting to, and reacting to it on a stream, which you can archive as a VOD.

    You can share what's on your own screen to the video part of the stream, so the audience can follow along. Then the audio part of the stream is your reaction.

    You could do a live off-the-cuff reaction, as you scroll around the hellsite. Or you could make notes throughout the day, then do a round-up at the end of the day / beginning of next day.

    In the corner you can put your anime avi or your iconic alluring avi, and presto, digital hijab maintained! No need for an expensive camera set-up.

    I'm just trying to think of platforms or formats that will be better semi-permanent places for you to put your "daily react" content out there, aside from the podcast episodes or keeping in touch with frens. It's simply not going to last long on Twitter itself before they nuke your next alt.

    But AFAIK, Twitch isn't that insane about banning. Demonetizing? Maybe, I don't know, but you're not monetizing through them anyway. Most of the bans or deleted content I hear about are for copyright violations, or porny content. Neither of which you're doing.

    Twitch is not the takemeister platform, so there aren't roving mobs of discourse cops camping out in every channel's chat, large and small, let alone transcribing the speech of the content creator. They're more entertainment / reality TV oriented, not takes and discourse.

    Text is easy to search for magic words, and tweets are so small that they can be micro-targeted by the witch-hunters. Whereas an hour-long stream of you speaking would have to be listened to in its entirety, possibly transcribed, before one of the woketards wanted to report you for opposing whatever insane bullshit the woketards are on about that day.

    Maybe delete the VOD after a week or w/e, in case some psycho wanted to go through the back catalog.

    If you're worried about the WL account getting targeted, you could start a new personal one, with your iconic alluring avi. :)

    I'm sure it's not the most welcoming platform for anti-woke discourse, but there's no way it's worse than YouTube or Twitter. Maybe it is -- but it couldn't hurt to give it a try for awhile.

  3. Plus Aimee, think of the boost to your emotional health from not having to interact with these psychos all day long!

    You can still read it as often as you like, but instead of reacting right away, you're just putting a little marker in the places that you want to talk about later in the daily round-up.

    You wouldn't be writing up a script beforehand, like you were a TV presenter. You'd still be speaking extemporaneously, only with the topics selected and organized first.

    Not having to suffer through the tedious and pointless back-and-forth with those morons throughout the entire day, day after day. That'll drive you crazy (not merely deranged).

    Think of what any cable news presenter is doing -- they're not on Twitter interacting all day long. They have a list of prepared tweets or topics to talk about, then they talk about it -- to their own audience, outside the Twitter platform.

    While Twitter is in "cancel Aimee for ban evasion" mode, your audience will not be "political people on Twitter". They won't let you grow big enough to reach far and wide -- even when you were unbanned, they still shadowbanned your content.

    So, effectively, you could only use that platform to socialize with frens -- which you can do in any other number of ways -- and troll the psychos to their digital faces, without however the broader user base being aware.

    You can keep up those roles with a revolving door of alts.

    But for semi-permanent content, meant to reach a broader audience of your followers and curious newcomers, Twitter is not going to be that for you, until/unless you get unbanned.

    Why not try something you already have an account at, and that you already have experience with? You used to livestream there before.

    Maybe make some clips from the full stream, for digestible bits that you think are important -- or rely on your reply guys to do so, where they could cross-post them on Twitter, to draw some attention to them on that platform.

    I remember one clip of yours did huge numbers, monologue-ing about Warren's neolib history and role in sabotaging the Bernie campaign. Clips are just as crucial as the streams they come from, for spreading the word.

    I would restrict chat to followers only, or if possible paid subscribers or something. Or just disable it altogether, if you don't intend for it to be an interactive "event" you're hosting, for back-and-forth with the audience. If it's mainly your reactions, recorded whenever you have the time, chatting with live viewers isn't that important, so you could close it altogether.

    I'm thinking in case a lamewad from Twitter tried to follow you onto Twitch for trolling, and distracting you while you're trying to record live.

    But like I said, Twitch is nowhere near as toxic as Twitter, so that might not even happen.

    Only way to find out is to give it a try! :)

  4. You're still safe on Tumblr, right? They haven't banned you -- it's not the discourse platform it semi-was back in 2014 or whenever, so the roving mobs of woketards aren't there anymore.

    In fact, most of the toxic waste from Tumblr migrated to Twitter, which is why it sucks so bad now (plus it getting hijacked by the intel agencies during Trump Derangement Syndrome).

    I think you'd see a similar result on Twitch. I don't see you getting insta-banned for BS reasons there.

    Who'd have thought your safest bets for major platforms would be Twitch and Tumblr, and not the supposedly mainstream / normie ones like Twitter and Facebook?

    Probably because the woketards / intel agencies are most concerned with the platforms with the largest audiences for takes, and Twitch / Tumblr are not them.

    Might be time to get a little counter-cultural, then, hehe.

    I'm sure lots of people miss the sound of your mellifluous voice, too, or would be delighted to hear it for the first time. Can't do that on Twitter, only on Twitch! For "daily react" content I mean, you'd still have your podcast for long-form themed episodes.

    We need that Daily Dose of Dulcet Derangement...

  5. ::hugs you:: regardless of what platforms you do or don't pursue. :)

  6. BTW, the Depp trial is HUGE on Twitch, and I know you were reacting to it on Twitter, tying it into your existing critique of MeToo.

    Lots of the biggest accounts are broadcasting / reacting to it, for hours on end, day after day. You wouldn't know it on Twitter, but it's one of the top topics on Twitch for the past few weeks.

    So maybe one of your first break-out streams could be your thoughts on the trial, and its relationship to MeToo, and bringing in the perspective of someone who went to law school for awhile. Most streamers watching it are not trained in law.

    There's got to be a Depp trial category tag, who knows? -- lots of new people could find you that way, people who would never subject themselves to the toxic waste of Twitter.

    The audience leans more towards Zoomers and Millennials, just FYI, not nearly as many X-ers as Twitter, and no Boomers. Mostly male, too.

    There is totally an audience for anti-woke opinions on this and other matters. And even most libs / progs / Dems are against Heard, from what I can tell. You would just be tying it into your own bigger picture, since most agree on how horrible her behavior has been.

    I believe in you, Aimee. :) Your voice was simply not meant to be hidden from the world.

    Luv u always, special fren

    [all for now]

  7. Kiara from HoloEN just released a new song. It has a 'coming out the cocoon - let's dance' theme.

  8. Yep, I listened to that earlier today. It's synthwave-y in its aesthetics, but it doesn't sound like the 2015-'19 vulnerable phase of synthwave, which was downer. This one is more upbeat, coming out of your shell, more appropriate to the restless phase of 2020-now. It's neat!

  9. Serenade report: wow, One Direction goes over even better when it's sunny out and the babes can see your face!

    I suspected that, when I didn't get *quite* as many look-backs as I was hoping for, while singing them at night. But the past two weeks, I tested it during the daytime, and these Zoomer babes get absolutely MELTING for a hot guy blasting and singing along to 1-D on a Saturday afternoon!

    No matter how hardened she might be to catcalls, you will break through her walls with a high-energy serenade.

    Last week, there was a shy tall girl walking alone with her arms folded, and she heard the song from some distance away -- I was blasting it, after all. But I passed by her right during the high point -- "I NEED THAT ONE THING, YOU'VE GOT THAT, ONE THING". And she turned her bashful little head 90 degrees to look over at me looking right at her while belting those lines out. She couldn't help but break character and smile!

    "Wh-who, me? Shy lanky tall-girl me? Walking with no friends, and my arms folded? Really? Y-you think I'm special?"

    Well of course, gurl, I wouldn't be serenading you if I didn't! :) I don't have to know you that long, I can spot special people.

    Some people need their spirits picked up like that, and you can't feel that way from guys, even hot guys, liking your posts, etc. on social media. It has to be a display that costs the guy a lot -- risk-taking. Belting out 1-D... in broad daylight... in 2022... in the busiest part of the city... oh yeah, that's a risk, baby!

    "H-he didn't have to spend that social capital on me, but he did anyway... maybe I'm not undesirable after all..."

    How could these babes even begin to think that? But they're all crippled with anxiety and depression and whatever else. They need some intense shock therapy to wake them up from their nightmare. Serenade squad to the rescue!

  10. Today was the same story. Singing along to "One Thing" as two girls are a good ways up ahead with their backs to me, and traffic is slow, so sometimes they're catching up to me while I'm stopped.

    Anyway, it goes on for a bit, and by the time "What Makes You Beautiful" is on, I'm catching up to them again. Earlier, the tall tan thicc brunette one had begun to sneak a peak at this weirdo singing out of the car windows, turning to face her friend, so it didn't look like she was turning to look at me -- plausible deniability, not hooked just yet.

    But while I'm belting out the chorus, I'm looking right at her, and she's finally looking right back at me. Dude, she's smiling EAR-TO-EAR, so dazed her mouth is open wide enough to see below her upper row of teeth, and her eyes are squinting in a pure honest smile.

    That, "You can do no wrong, I will let you lead me anywhere, and enjoy it all the way" kind of look. Blissful, but in an excited and eager rather than calm and soothed way.

    It lasted most of the chorus, too, not just a quick drive-by. No wam bam thank you ma'am. We held eye contact for an eternity, and I raised my arm in a wave at the end -- something of a good-bye, but also an acknowledgement and appreciation, like waving to the crowd applauding you after a stage performance. Then let my arm hang out the window the rest of the way... ahhhh.

    What are you even doing this summer if you're not serenading babes in booty shorts to the tune of boy bands??? Imagine! Couldn't be me...

    It's really a more advanced level of catcalling. I mean, you're directing a horny hadouken right at them, except it takes more skill and commitment, and therefore risks more, than just "AWOOOOO". And because you're putting more into them, they'll give back more to you than an "AWOOOOO" in return.

    It is not at all a step-down in horniness from catcalls, as though trying to sanitize or kiddify the climate from animalistic hooting. Oh no, when you hear a guy belting high-energy songs out his car window at the girlies, and they're just reduced to the Beatlemaniac starry-eyes emoji, you know some NEXT LEVEL horniness is filling the air.

    The shift within the excitement cycle may not be covered by the fake news media, but that doesn't mean it isn't taking place. You just have to get out and experience it for yourself. Hopefully some enterprising horny-ass dude like me is already at work livening the place up where you live! And if not, and you're a guy, what's stopping you?

    Men's role is to lead a crowd, so lead the crowd!

  11. Another Zoomer babe mannerism I saw IRL in the thrift store today: caressing or stroking themselves, usually in the fertility zone (belly, hips, ass, thighs). They do this so often on TikTok, it's as central as the low-angle camera position to the aesthetic of the platform. And no, it's not a trend in itself that you can look up -- they do it in any variety of videos, just like the low angle.

    If they're not that horned up, they'll just raise their arms to the side, let them fall, and slap against their thighs.

    But it's evolving into something more salacious, where they put their hand against their thigh, then caress or stroke upwards over their hip. Not slutty, more like they're petting themselves.

    One was heading down the aisle toward me, and did a real big fluff of her hair -- normal so far -- and then did the Zoomer thigh stroke, while wearing booty shorts, so it was against her skin. That's not something I've seen IRL before, only on TikTok.

    Pretty hot, not gonna lie.

    Also she was part of the new wild-child cohort, born during the last restless phase of the excitement cycle -- probably 2005 or '06. Not one of the early 2000s sad girls, born during the vulnerable phase (a la Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo). Same cohort as my nephew, in fact, and believe me I know how crazy that cohort is.

    Similar to the 1990-'94 births. Miley, Demi, Charli... Dasha, lol. I get hit with such deja vu when I'm around the '05-'09 births, it's just like those early '90s births back in the late 2000s, trying to scandalize everyone.

    I really respect Dasha for actually trying to stay in touch with Zoomers (dating one now, iirc), whereas most Millennials can't stand that they're not young and cool anymore, and that the people telling them how annoying they are, are *younger* rather than older.

    And for like 85% of Millennials, it's not even, "Yeah I don't know what's going on with the kids these days, lol" -- it's a full-blown moralizing panic to demonize, degrade, slander, etc. OK spiritual Boomer.

    Dasha was born in '91, so her perfect 15-year cyclical echo would be born in '06 -- all those 16 year-olds she's surrounding herself with at Brandy Melville!

    If it means anything to her, she still sounds like a 16 year-old from 2007, to me anyway. "My 23andMe test came back -- 100% puhhhh-RIN-cesssss....."

    I don't notice that about others in her cohort, BTW, who are generally the most black-pilled about aging or not being the young generation anymore. It's crazy how old they think they are at 28 or whatever.

    The eternal teen.

  12. Gura & Fauna are not only my faves, but my fav collab pair. Great class clown / straight man dynamic between them.

    Also, tonight's WWE 2k22 stream reminded me of how the video game industry initially got girls to be so interested in video games -- "character creation," AKA playing dress-up with their digital dolls. (Beginning with The Sims.)

    Most of the chat is guys, and they're reacting with, "Get to the beat 'em up part already!" Meanwhile the dainty girly shark can't stop dressing up her dolls, even if it's in a cursed aesthetic.

    I don't know how often I'd watch girls play with dolls, but it's wholesome, and refreshing to see. It highlights her fundamentally feminine side -- she only has a streak of tomboy behavior -- and guys need exposure to girls acting like girls, so they don't become functionally gay by hating girls and finding them yucky.

    Nothing more tiresome in pop culture than the "dude with tits" badass butt-kicking chick, designed for the functionally-gay guys out there. Just like a dude, so she's not yucky -- and also she's got tits, so it's definitely not a guy, and therefore OK to lust after her.

    These dorks need to learn what girls are actually like and accept them -- enjoy them, even.

    When the HoloEN girls called in on Ina's birthday stream, it reminded me how girly and feminine they all are, and how none of them is a girl-hater. They're all girl-likers.

    Pretty rare in pop culture these days, where all the promoted and in-demand girls have to be a girlboss, or a "female misogynist". A woman who can't stand other women.

    The HoloEN girls get along with each other, like interacting with other girls, and like indulging in girly behavior with each other. Maybe because the parent company is from Japan? I dunno, but it's nice knowing there's a girly-girl safe space out there, hehe.

  13. Also thought of the shark-girl today at the thrift store, when I saw a set of coasters by Pimpernel -- English cottages. Perfect for the cottagecore princess. :)

    Very WASP-y too, and I believe she is a WASP. She let out a "wicked" on one stream, and she doesn't sound like an Ellis Islander by dialect. I'd guess Mumei is WASP-y, too, based on how similar they sound.

    There's a common misconception that WASPs are only stuffy Puritans, but every counter-cultural or sub-cultural movement has to have them, to show how serious of a cultural movement it is -- even the WASPs, regulators of manners and taste, are on board with these changes. They have a stamp of approval to wield, that other groups do not.

    All those It Girls from the late '60s Mod scene, for example. And flappers in the '20s. And now, Vtubers in the 2020s.

    Sure, it may just be "the daring one" from the family, not the entire family. But still, other movements they don't take part in at all, not as ring-leaders anyway.

  14. There were two cottagecore sapphies in the thrift store, too, browsing the housewares section to decorate their place. Both wearing masks still, unforch -- really sterilizes the wild nature branding of their subculture.

    But still, worth it to see a young girl in a long flowy whitish dress and floppy sun hat. The other one had green hair, like Faunya. Fauna would've had a more dramatic princess dress, though, hehe.

    I think she's going to like the song I'm writing about her, or really about the whole online fairytale land she's created through her streams. To the tune of another escapist tropical song, hmmm, wonder what it could be?

    Hey, they tease us before their songs debut -- it's only fair to get teased by us while we're creating our fan-art. :)

  15. Speaking of girly-girls playing with dolls, Gura's first big content creator role was as an LPS-tuber on YouTube, already in high school.

    "Littlest Pet Shop" -- cute little cartoony toy animals, with dollhouses and playsets and such for them to inhabit. The video genre was making them interact socially with each other, as characters acting out sketches and storylines.

    I mention her history only in order to emphasize that she really is a feminine girly-girl at heart, a girl-liker, and catering to a girl-liker audience. She was never a STEM-major butt-kicking "dude with tits", nor a woman-weary female misogynist, the only two options for female pop culture personas during the 2010s.

    Again, how ironic that the decade of wokeness was all about erasing femininity, and therefore putting a target over 99% of the gender that the woketards claimed was already so oppressed and bullied. I know what they need -- even more bullying for who they were born as! Such a toxic decade.

    Just because she's edgy, spicy, occasionally sassy / smuggy, etc., doesn't make her a tomboy. Maybe a little streak, but that's it. Only clueless gender warriors who think the typical female role is to be lifeless, docile, etc., would label her a tomboy. As if it weren't totally natural for girls to be willful, headstrong, sassy, razzing, and having an attitude -- at times, anyway, especially when they're young and full of energy.

    We here at the lads-and-lesbians club really appreciate having such girly-girls represented in pop culture.

  16. Poki played "Cheerleader" in the middle of streaming today. Much appreciated, and happy to see the tune is still in your head. :) So catchy. Whole chat was vibin' along, too -- how could you not?

    Just before 4 hrs 43 min:

    I mention this not to be like "omg senpai noticed me," but to establish to the readers that I'm not actually schizo-posting when I say "I believe so-and-so is lurking around here lately".

    She recently tweeted that her brain is 75% song lyrics -- those are rookie numbers, chat, we've got to fill it all the way up to 100! Stay tuned...

  17. Resonating with songs like "Cheerleader" is a huge green flag in a girl. As much as a lot of guys like to complain about there only being girlboss feminazi psycho thots etc., they can't even see what's right under their nose, with a girly-girl who smiles along to soulful songs about pair-bonding and appreciating each other in a relationship.

    Not me, though -- I recognize that when I see it, and that's why I've been keeping in touch with her channel for two years now. Even when she's PMS-ing and playing Tumblr Fake Stories: The Video Game (AKA Life Is Strange). Hehe. All part of a well-rounded character in the new reality TV format (streamers).

    If you can't handle her at her crabby, you don't deserve her at her beaming. :)

    Anyway, just want to remind her that she is totally a keeper, and not to lose sight of that.

    Those of you out there who are not tuning into the content of the 1995-'99 manic-phase births, why do you continue depriving and torturing yourselves? Time to lighten up and live a little!

  18. Fauna playing dress-up with digital dolls as well. The explosion of Mii's and Mii Maker was another major prong in the video game companies getting girls hooked on their product, through the appeal of character creation.

    Two and a half hours of character creation, vs. two hours of gameplay. One of the girliest girls out there. :)

    And no, you don't have to stay glued to your seat during these long character creation segments, if you're a guy. You can have it in the background and check back in on the progress every now and then. There's no narrative or action you're missing, while they're playing dress-up with their dolls.

    I had her stream on today while making a nice big crock-pot meal, over the course of an hour. When you have chores to do, why would you *not* want the uplifting company of a giggle-pants in the home, even if it's in virtual / ghost-like form?

  19. I suspect girl-haters have been forced to be around the bad part of the female sex, like working a feminized office-job where callous, hyper-competitive girlbosses are the norm, and have power over them. I'd probably come out of that environment hating "girls" too.

    But you have to remind yourself that the HR Karens and Amber Heard psychos are only one form that women come in, and to heal yourself of your nascent misogyny by keeping in touch with the friendly, uplifting, feminine girly-girls out there.

    If you can't be around them IRL, you can always tune into their streams. One of the few entertainment formats where these types can still be found in abundance.

    Otherwise those toxic girlbosses are going to corrode your soul. Don't let them have that satisfaction, and restore you dignity and love for those who matter by, yes, becoming part of an online fandom for a streamer.

    If you have a better option, by all means, take it! But somehow I doubt that terminally online girl-haters do actually have a superior IRL option. Gotta do the best you can under the circumstances.

    Most people would be really surprised by the level of good vibes, as well as edgy humor, there is in the streamer-verse.


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