August 25, 2021

"Smooth Apu-rator" (Sade parody, Aimee Terese collab)

I had been working on this parody, which for a change is not a tribute to Aimee Terese, but about the Apu frog meme culture. I'd planned to add an image with Apu all dressed up for nightlife, to match the jazzy sophisticated tone. But because we often arrive, unplanned and unannounced, at the same place at the same time, she made exactly this meme on her own:

Although this is not about Aimee herself, I could imagine it being sung in her melodious voice, since it's a 3rd-person narration from a woman familiar with his lifestyle. Original lyrics here. I only did the first half, but it's a through-composed song, so that still gives a lot of variety.

* * *

Cyber vibes
Froggy boy
He rules the race, he's maximum based
And minimum soy

Of meme delights
The dudes all 'mire, makes grils perspire
On siiigh-er sites

No space for the cringers or SJ-dubtards
He's detonating cozy bombs
No space for the jannies, it's all no-holds-barred

No need to @

He's a smooth Apu-rator
Smooth Apu-rator
Smooth Apu-rator
Smooth Apu-rator

Post to post, on main and on alt goes
Lifting veils
From Twitter to Twitch, from Stacys to art hoes
Snail trails


  1. Oooh, bonus content! A parody of another song by the same group. I'm only doing this little fragment, though, to call dibs on the song title before anyone else does.

    You send me, you send me
    The sweetest Apu
    That's why I'll
    Stay sub'd to you

    I like this one because, like "Apu-rator", it sounds nearly identical to the original. The final "t" in "sweetest" carries over into the next word because that one starts with a vowel, and "p" is the same as "b" except it's unvoiced.

  2. Doe-Eyed and the Seven Groyps: Cozy, Copey, Frenly, Lurky, Simpy, Seethy, and Aut.

    Just saw Snow White for the first time since I was little, and couldn't help but notice how Aimee is yet another Disney princess.

    This one showcasing her maternal side, looking after a group of grown-up yet childlike orphans -- the deplorables and groypers. They take her in as one of their own, in a peripheral environment, while she's evading the wicked stepmother who's hell-bent on canceling her out of (what else?) envy. The queen-witch was the original AWFL mad hoe.

    The huntsman is the middle-mod who reluctantly restored her account after banning her on orders of the cancel queen.

    Prince Charming is the one who wakes her out of her ghost-like slumber, by a sign of true love (whose power the wicked witch is butthurt about being unable to neuter). Seranading her at the beginning, and kissing her awake by the end.

    They really captured that rare type of woman who can relate with men, without being "just one of the guys". Tending to their needs, maintaining her feminine charm, exerting her womanly pressure to clean them up (literally or figuratively).

    They're all just so spellbound that such a feminine woman can relate to them so effortlessly. They wind up looking up to her, "we must protecc," etc.

    As much as Aimee likes to self-effacingly refer to her autism, she -- like Snow White -- relates to men more through empathy, putting her mind into the mind of someone different, not because she is a clone of the men and effectively already shares their brain.

    They're entranced by her femininity (empathetic powers, maternal caring), not masculinity (tomboy similarity).


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