November 5, 2020

Modern Democrats: All of the rigging, none of the welfare state, of the old school

As we witness the unfolding of the most flagrant attempt by Democrats to steal several state elections simultaneously, in order to steal the entire presidential election, it's worth remembering what the stakes are.

Most citizens by now already have such low trust in the government and societal institutions broadly, that they might not mind if the election rules were bent or even broken -- provided they got something out of it. Very few people these days idealize and sanctify the electoral process itself, as something to be guarded per se. In the trade-off of prosperity vs. liberty, if forging millions of ballots were to deliver the goods for you and yours, then forge away.

But this is not the close contested election of 1960, where urban Democrat machines put their finger on the scale to favor a New Dealer like JFK. He was not a proto-Reaganite like Carter, so if you liked the New Deal, you could have easily tolerated some breaking of election rules if that's what it took to get more of the New Deal programs.

Nor is Biden a latter-day remnant of the New Deal within the Reagan era, like former Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant, infamous for corruption and presumably no stranger to ballot tampering and the other typical Democrat electoral rule-breaking. Aside from bringing home the bacon to his constituents, he had a flawless record of voting against the two major destructive trends of our era -- de-industrialization and imperial over-reach. He voted against NAFTA, the China trade bill, the Gulf War, and was about to vote against the Iraq War before being driven summarily out of the party.

Robert Byrd, the Democrat Senator from next-door West Virginia, also had a flawless record on those four votes -- plus he'd been around so long that he got to vote for Medicare back during the New Deal era. So he wore some KKK robes when he was a young adult -- BFD, normal people will think, if he's giving the country Medicare, and voting against de-industrialization and getting sucked into Iraq.

Biden, on the other hand, voted in favor of NAFTA, the China trade bill, and the Iraq War. He did vote against the Gulf War -- the only good vote he ever cast -- as did the vast majority of Democrats, who controlled both houses of Congress at the time. But Delaware became even more of a shithole while he was Senator, and the nation tumbled off a cliff during his tenure as VP -- unless you were in the top 20% of the income pyramid, in which case the $4.5 trillion printed up by the central bank slushed your way (quantitative easing).

In the 21st century, that is what you're looking the other way for, when Democrats attempt to steal elections. It's not to elect a New Dealer who's in a tight race against an anti-New Deal Republican of the 1930s. It's to elect a neoliberal warmonger whose primary goal will be to cut a bipartisan deal with Congressional Republicans to gut what's left of the welfare state, de-industrialize the economy, and sink more money into failed militarism abroad (a la Clinton and Obama).

Democrats have truly become the worst of both worlds, corroding all norms of fairness in the naked pursuit of power, while not only delivering nothing to the common people, but acting to strip as much away from them as possible. Our elites have long since become parasitic upon, rather than mutualistic with, the common people. But the Democrat half of the elites has kicked their parasitism into overdrive.

Vote for the other party, and they'll rig the outcome in their own favor. Speak out against the steal, and Silicon Valley censors will muzzle your free speech rights.

This is just like the pattern of rioting over the summer, which an earlier post showed to be a campaign of violently whipping votes for Biden in battleground states (indeed, the same that are now subject to urban Democrat steal attempts). If you aren't going to turn out for our candidate, we'll burn down your neighborhood, and another, and another, until you show up to the voting booth and do as you're told. No promises of goodies and spoils upon victory, just preemptive punishment to motivate those under their control.

Like I said before -- no carrot, all stick. And so it is with the electoral process itself when voting Democrat. If you vote for us, we'll use power to rob you blind, and if you try to vote for the other party, we'll cancel that out with just-enough ballots that have materialized out of thin air.

More and more, the Democrat party appears unable to be reformed, and must be thoroughly replaced with a new second party, in the manner of the Whigs dying in order to be re-born as the GOP during the realignment of the Civil War period (the closest period to our own). Not a party that will deliver utopia, just one that can engage in mutualism with its voters, rather than relentlessly trying to rob them of their freedom while also sucking up as much of their wealth as possible.

With today's Democrats, it's not a trade-off of prosperity vs. liberty, but a lose-lose.


  1. Do you feel that Trump will ultimately lose this election because of vote tampering? Or will he prevail?

    My concern is that, even if Biden loses, the Democrats will feel vindicated in their candidate and nominate somebody like Biden in four years' time. Tulsi still won't have a chance, and she's the person this nation needs. The Republicans will probably nominate Rand Paul or someone of his ilk. It's just a continuation of the same dogshit that I can't stomach anymore.

    If Biden prevails, the Republicans will nominate some RINO in four years' time. However, I don't think Biden will be around in 2024, so it'll be Harris against some shit sandwich. So, I now think that the Republicans have a bigger chance of imploding and remolding the entire party if they get destroyed in 2024 (assuming Trump loses the election).

  2. I still believe the 6-3 SCOTUS is the firewall against Dem fraud at the state / local level. It's an easy case to decide because the fraud was so flagrant in the degree per locale, and the scope across multiple states, coinciding with the shutting down of the vote count, and discovering dumps of 100K+ ballots that were 100% Biden the next day. FOH.

    The White House should... [meta-comment: any remark that begins with "so-and-so should do X" is usually fan-fic meant to pressure the "content creators" within the political media sector to make sure the next plot twist satisfies the audience. Don't ruin the ending -- we'll howl online for the studio to release the director's cut! The shadow-narrative!]

    But the White House should offer an unconditional full presidential pardon to any low-level Democrat flunkies who carried out the ballot-burning, ballot-forging, etc., in exchange for whistle-blowing on their superiors. Throw in a presidential medal of freedom as a reward, not just a suspension of punishment. That sidesteps having to go through cuckservative Congress, RNC, etc. -- just the White House, where people are at least half-way loyal to Trump and his voters.

    Give them a sympathetic face-saving sob story -- they're low-level workers whose livelihoods depended on carrying out the fraud that their superiors commanded them to do.

    Oh, and Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, and crew throw them a big fat celebration party. Not quite a "welcome back from jail" party -- a "congrats, you are NOT going to jail" party. Cue the Maury Povich "you are NOT the father" dance.

    Ideally, it'd go up the chain and some senior bureaucrats could actually get thrown in jail. But pragmatically, the flunkies' testimony is sufficient evidence for the 6-3 SCOTUS to issue an expedited ruling that the elections were stolen in those states, and that the state legislatures should honor the will of the voters and send a Trump slate of electors to the EC.

    Yes, in a world with infinite time and resources, everyone gets punished. But we need this shit wrapped up PRONTO before the CIA color revolution at home snowballs any further. Lavish whatever it takes on the handful of lowly whistle-blowers.

    As for 2024, my line has always been that that's the *earliest* that the realignment will begin. It depends on how long the oppo party refuses to court mass defections from the dominant party, bowing to the themes of the zeitgeist -- i.e., populism, protectionism, scaled-down military footprint abroad, re-industrialization, and so on.

    These things can come out of nowhere, just like Trump in 2016. Who expected such a seismic shift in 2014, '13, '12, etc.? Same for the Democrat realigner.

    They don't actually come out of nowhere, when you look at what phase of the regime cycle we're in -- way past the mature phase, and into the disjunctive phase. But without that multi-decade perspective, it does seem to come out of nowhere.

    Could be '24, could be '28. But it'll be sooner than later. No one is ignorant of the moribund / crisis phase of Reaganism that we're in, and have been in since Trump began.

  3. Pardoning whistle-blowers would not only defeat the steal on a material level, but the narrative level as well.

    The main goal of the Dems and CIA is to get Biden inaugurated rather than Trump. With whistle-blowers pardoned, SCOTUS rules swiftly, and boom, Trump gets inaugurated rather than Biden.

    But the Dems / CIA / Silicon Valley / media are prepared to accept a Trump re-inauguration, as long as they can delegitimize the outcome by crying about heavy-handed authoritarian intervention, or whatever the libtards want to hear as a rationalization.

    But if Trump gets re-inaugurated because of DEMOCRAT whistle-blowers who reveal what actually happened internally, then there goes the whole narrative about Trump being illegitimate. It would be members of the other side who tell the story about election fraud to favor Biden.

    And it defeats the narrative about Trump being a psychotic vindictive partisan -- as usual, pure projection from libtards. Trump is the least partisan president we've seen in awhile, he wanted to cut deals with Dems on more infrastructure, cheaper drugs, more healthcare, etc., and he's offering half a trillion dollars to blacks if they give him a chance (carrot, rather than stick). He's already jail-broken thousands of black felons who he knows will never vote for him.

    Makes him look magnanimous and disinterested -- about preserving the integrity of the entire nation's election, not just himself getting the win.

  4. Why weren't they able to rig Hillary into office in 2016 when they had the presidency?

    "If you aren't going to turn out for our candidate, we'll burn down your neighborhood"
    I don't think there's any conditional, or any real master plan (as Cochran & Sailer have warned). There are people who like rioting and urban politicians who got too caught up in BLM to do anything to prevent it, regardless of which neighborhood it was.

    In 2016 one commenter here agreed to bet me that Trump would win, and I had to pay up. No one took up my offer this year (including for a non-linear bet), and I thought it might be because nobody really thought Trump would win. The size of the EC win is less interesting now than the binary of whether Trump gets re-elected at all. I'm willing to offer 5-to-1 odds that he isn't, regardless of the 6-3 Supreme Court. So I could pay $100 or $1000 or $10000 (though I'm not an expert on the limits to easily transferring large quantities of funds online) but at most only win $20, $200 or $2000 (respectively).

  5. The GOPe has decided that they have the Senate and 6-3 SCOTUS and Trump is more trouble than he's worth. That might also explain their screw up forcing PA to wait on counting the mail in ballot until after election day, you never want your opponents to count their votes last.

  6. Everyone assumed Trump would lose in '16, including morons like TGGP, that's why they didn't bother preparing a multi-state steal on the scale we're seeing in '20. He was going to go down in flames, worse than McCain. No need to rig.

    Once he won, it disproved their view that "it can't happen". Suddenly they did have to worry about him winning the Rust Belt, and the fix was in.

  7. What is this cope about "fraud always happens"? We witnessed UNPRECEDENTED fraud in real time.

    In no other election have all of the crucial battleground states simultaneously stopped their vote counting when it had become clear that their enemy was going to win, then when the counting resumed the day after the election, magically there are 100K+ dumps of votes coming in that are 100% for their own candidate. And even then, they keep stopping and resuming in order to magically discover more batches of ballots that are preposterously in favor of their guy -- with the preliminary count only to be announced a week or more after the election.


    There's probably some gay Latin term for this, but it's equivocating between a claim of kind vs. degree. "Fraud" categorically happens every time, but the quantitative degree that it's been dialed up to this time is unprecedented. You don't remember this ever happening before because it never has.

    *Meteor 10 km wide wipes out 75% of all species on Earth*

    Rocks from outer space collide with our planet all the time

    *Black Plague kills off half of Europe's population*

    People contract diseases from flea bites all the time

    *Dow Jones craters 50% over 2008*

    Stock markets experience down-days all the time

    *Three 10s slobbering your knob all at once*

    Guys receive fellatio all the time

    No modern election has been subject to steal attempts like this one. Not even 1960 -- that was just Texas and Chicago. This is insane degree steals in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. And all unfolding in plain view, even more corrosive to norms than if done in secret.

    And no, 2000 was not like this either. That was only 1 state, and it was not during the actual election itself but in the various stages afterward, involving the recount. GOP-ers didn't halt the counting, mysteriously find 100K batches of ballots, 100% for Bush, the days after the election.

    And it was SCOTUS who flipped the apparent winner from election night -- not anyone from the state or local level (Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gore). Plus, Gore sabotaged his own recount by choosing only a handful of areas to recount, where he thought he'd do well (but did not), instead of the entire state (where he would've won).

    Florida 2000 was not a case of "the fix is in".


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