October 29, 2019

Anna Khachiyan and Mediterranean / Eastern witchy sensuality

Ania Pieroni as the Mater Lachrymarum, trying to bewitch the protagonist of Inferno (1980):

Anna Khachiyan, trying to bewitch someone off-camera (2011):

Mediterranean and Near / Middle Eastern faces work best for vampires and similar characters. They combine severe bone structure with full-sized soft features -- eyes, eyebrows, and lips -- mixing danger and sensuality into a heady witch's brew. The restrained expression of Easterners intensifies the power behind their visage -- the energy becoming highly concentrated rather than dissipated.

I don't buy Slavs as vampires -- the bone structure is not high-relief enough -- not so threatening -- and the tendency toward an epicanthic fold keeps the eyes from achieving maximum size -- not so sensual. The vampire legend had to draw on Romanians because Westerners can code them as Slavic (hence Eastern European), but they're substantially Mediterranean (Balkan).

Some resist the idea of Mediterranean / Eastern vampires because they're supposed to be pale, not swarthy. Still, Italians, Armenians, etc. are olive-toned, not dark-brown like the Arabians. Light skin functions, in this character type, as a signal of a more sober temper than a more earthy and lusty one. They're not bloodthirsty predators always on the prowl, they pass for normal in temperament -- even seeming somewhat delicate -- and only occasionally give in to their passionate side.


  1. Persian vampiress Sheila Vand has a bit too delicate of bone structure to fully pull off the type. (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) Just needs a somewhat stronger brow and nose.

    They cast her as a girly-girl inversion of the type -- like Little Red Riding Hood attacking the Big Bad Wolf. Inversions of types can work sometimes, but rarely for something so primal and visceral as the vampire / witchy type. Danger and sex appeal are too fight-or-flight related to allow much deviation from our lizard-brain expectations.

  2. Aimee Terese and Sameera Khan could play this role, to round out the list of leftist exotics (Levantine, Indo-Aryan). Aimee's mellifluous girly-girl voice would disarm the audience too much to translate well into a speaking role, but a purely visual portrayal would work.

  3. Albanians would make good vampires. Ava Max in the "Sweet But Psycho" video, especially the scene where she's serving her crush a drink with something in it. She's got dark red hair there, too -- no blonde vampires or witches allowed. And she's got very high-relief facial features, as well as large eyes and plump lips.

    Bebe Rexha has the face for the role, although may be too much of a voluptuous sex bomb (also blonde). The type is supposed to be alluring enough to get your attention, but not "beat you over the head" level of sex-pot curves and meatiness.

    Rita Ora doesn't have the look, though -- no nasal bridge, gentle forehead, too babyish looking.

    Dua Lipa comes closer, but not quite as pronounced of a nose as Ava Max or Bebe Rexha. And she doesn't have the exotic half-moon eyelids like the others do, which give the appearance of even larger eyes. Plus being a lesbian, she doesn't have the sexual magnetism needed for the role.

    Bonus Indo-Aryan pop star -- Charli XCX (on her mother's side). She just needs to grow out that big wavy hair that she used to have. Very witchy vibes from that one. She, and Ava Max, may be too extraverted to play the restraint necessary, but Charli can be low-key if she wants to.

  4. Being attractive w/o having a sex bomb body is key to the type. If she has a meaty curvaceous bod like Bebe Rexha, there's no need to bewitch anyone -- guys will be helplessly drawn to her for her body shape alone.

    And yet these women say that they punch above their weight in the mating market, perhaps to their surprise (and relief). And they're not socially dominant -- they're not succeeding against what they think are stacked odds through force of will, maneating conquest, etc. They're sexually submissive.

    That's why they need to allure, bewitch, hypnotize, and spellbind. They are too submissive to approach their target, but if they can just catch his attention, maybe they can telepathically draw him over into approaching her. Making the first move without making the first move.

    How do you lure someone over, though, if not with a Sophia Loren body? These women are also average or short in stature, not standing out like the statuesque Amazon type. (They don't look mannish -- too slender and petite. It's only their facial bone structure that is somewhat masculinized.)

    Well, you need *some* signal of feminine ripeness -- large eyes, furry eyebrows, plump lips -- but you also need facial features that will act like a command. "Hey you, come over here and talk to me, dammit!"

    Low-relief, baby-like bone structure is not commanding. A pronounced nose, strong brow, overbite, flaring cheekbones, perhaps even an angular jawline / chin, is forceful and imposing. It's more like a mature animal's armaments -- to back up a request, into a kind of gentle threat. "You'd better come over here and talk to me, or I might have to use these things..."

    There's something more tenacious about high-relief features, too, going along with the more forceful overall impression. She's not going to sheepishly fade into the background like a babyface would. Once she gets ahold of someone's attention, she isn't going to let him go.

    That lowers the guy's defenses -- it would only be inviting her dogged pursuit to try to lose her. You're going to wind up talking to her one way or another -- it might as well be friendly, at the outset, when you look like the one making the first bold move, rather than after she's been pursuing you, when you'd feel like you were surrendering to a girl.

    These women tend to write their success off to having large breasts, but I don't buy it. There's not that many thirsty, hot boob men out there -- plus the chest is not as on-display as the face and hair.

    They might also reduce it to ethnic exotitude per se, but that's only epiphenomenal. Hot white guys are drawn to babes like this, whether they're ethnically assimilated into the social-cultural mainstream -- like Italians -- or are still only white-adjacent -- like Levantines and Armenians.

    Unlike their anti-woke Left political inclinations, this time it's a matter of physical, not cultural, anthropology.


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