September 18, 2019

The left: Give us Elizabeth "Barabbas" Warren!

Let Bernie's blood be upon the left and upon the left's children.

They chose Warren, AOC, and milkshake-throwing dorks over socialist Jesus.

Bernie was never the "most left," just as Jesus was not the "most Jewish," whether according to the Temple priest Sadducees, the info-gatekeeping Pharisees, or the purity cult Essenes.

Barabbas was just some random insurrectionary against the occupying Roman Empire, while Jesus said to not worry about the Romans because there were far larger problems headed our way -- the literal end of the world as we know it. Of the two, Barabbas was more of a polarizing, culture war, troll-the-enemy figure. Jesus' message was more universal, regarding both the problem and the audience.

Bernie was content to render unto the Cultural Right what is theirs -- the 2nd Amendment, strong borders, the Electoral College, etc. His proposed revolution fell under an entirely different domain of matters, and he meant it to involve and to benefit people from across the spectrum.

The growth of populism, socialism, whatever you want to call it, will never proceed through the left, any more than the growth of the Christian movement went through the Jews. It will go through the masses of people who are culturally alien to the left, just as Christianity only resonated among Gentiles.

Socialist apostles must ignore the left from now on, and send missions instead to the normies, respecting their unwoke beliefs and behaviors.


  1. The quote is adapted from Matthew, the Jewish Christian Gospel, akin to the anti-woke left of today.

    Socialism had roots in the left, but only grew once it shed those cultural particulars -- normie labor union halls, not fin-de-siecle Bohemian salons. Christianity had roots in the Jewish culture and religion, but only grew once it shed most of that.

    Matthew's group were the most bitter about the Jews rejecting Jesus because they were Jews themselves, not Gentiles like the audience for Luke. "The ultimate fulfillment of Jewish prophecy is sent to Earth -- and *this* is how we Jews have repaid God? Shame on us."

    That's how the left socialists are starting to see themselves -- and their enemies on the left, the culturally left neolibs / radlibs / woketards / etc. Aimee Terese and co. are trying to shame the other leftists for basically rejecting Bernie, who the anti-woke left see as both the fulfillment of leftism (the best there is today, at any rate) and the beginning of a broad movement that will bring in a whole bunch of people who don't care about leftism one way or the other.

    They're struck by anxiety -- losing socialism as a distinctly leftist project, while also gaining broad appeal (down the line, of course). They're hopeful of the broad acceptance, e.g. by sympathetic Fox News viewers of Bernie's message, but they're also concerned that it might lead to a total loss or inversion of leftism in the process. They want to preserve certain crucial points of leftist orthodoxy, even though the obvious trend will be for socialism to become something separate from leftism entirely (without being a total inversion of it -- the antinomian concern).

    Matthew is wrongly considered by morons to be the most anti-Jewish of the Gospels, because it's the harshest on the Jewish Establishment of the time. But that's only because it was by and for other Jews, the early Jewish followers of Jesus, who felt disappointed and betrayed by their fellow Jews for looking the ultimate gift horse in the mouth.

    Morons deride the anti-woke left as anti-leftist -- crypto-fascist, even! -- because of how harsh they are against the leftist mainstream. But that's only because they see Bernie's campaign as the one true shot that the left has at fulfilling its goals, and their fellow leftists are just shrugging their shoulders, or writing apologia for Elizabeth "Barabbas" Warren and Alexandria "Judas" Ocasio-Cortez.

  2. Fox News polls looking bad for Trump vs. literally anybody...think the RNC is setting him up for a fall?

  3. Trump doesn't want the nom himself, so RNC is not setting him up but cooperating with him on how his exit can work best for both sides -- save as much face for Trump, cause the least headache for the RNC in replacing him.

    Same poll also found that the replacement won't come through the primary voting -- Trump was 80-some points ahead of the declared cucks like Weld and Walsh.

    They want to suppress any awareness by the voting rubes that Trump is on his way out, right up until it's too late for the rubes to do anything about it. During primary season, Trump and the RNC will pretend that he's going to be re-nominated. Then at the convention:

    "Hey folks, y'know what? I've accomplished so much more than any other president in our nation's history -- in just one single term -- that I just don't have anything left to do. I'd love to, I just couldn't possibly make America any greater again than I already have. So I'm passing the baton on to [whoever], and I'll be campaigning like hell for him, because we can't let those Democrats take over the White House that I've made so awesome and powerful."

  4. If Trump does indeed back out, what happens to him after he leaves office? Are he, his family and his business embroiled in legal and criminal battles? Is he a free man for the rest of his life? The stakes seem too high for him to willingly walk away.

  5. Doesn't matter if that's 0 or 4 years after 2020, though. Supreme Court would block any vindictive lawfare toward an ex-pres -- especially one from the dominant coalition (Supreme Court has been Reaganite for decades, and Trump is a GOP who surrendered to their paradigm).

    And remember there's not going to be impeachment -- Pelosi is shouting at Nadler to STFU about it for the last time. I discussed that earlier -- only opposition presidents get impeached or de facto removed from office, and both houses of Congress have to be from the dominant party.


    No comment.

  7. LOL if Trumpy finally sacks up and implements capital controls!


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