April 28, 2018

In Rust Belt, Trump betrays "Hire American" promise, shills for cheap-labor immigrants

At one of his rallies that nobody bothers watching anymore, Trump addressed a Rust Belt audience in Macomb County, Michigan, on the theme of employment and immigration.

Did he say, "We're going to deport immigrants so that the greedy employers will have no choice but to hire struggling American workers and pay them a decent American-level wage"? Of course not. While actually in office, the fake populist has reverted to his cheap-labor instincts as a greedy employer himself.

From Breitbart's write-up:

President Donald Trump told American farmers on Saturday that he would allow guest workers to come into the country, despite his promise to protect American workers.

“For the farmers, OK, it’s going to get good, and we’re going to let your guest workers come in, because we’re going to have strong borders, but we have to have your workers come in,” the president said during his campaign rally in Washington, Michigan on Saturday.

Trump said that the unemployment numbers were so good that it was possible to allow guest workers in the country to work the fields and do seasonal labor.

“We have to let people come in. They’re going to be guest workers, they’re going to come in, they’re going to work on your farms, we’re going to have the H-2Bs come in, we’re going to have a lot of things happening,” Trump said.

The crowd of supporters did not cheer in response to his comments.

“But then they have to go out,” Trump concluded, prompting cheers again.

The president quickly changed the subject to manufacturing, talking about how Foxconn factories were being built in Wisconsin.

The Foxconn plant in Wisconsin -- now there's another beauty. They will only be hiring immigrants, as is their practice at their other plants already in America. Chinese will do the professional jobs, and illegals (probably also Chinese) will do the less skilled jobs.

The president admitted as much in his speech to CPAC (see the first link), that at any factory that comes back to our country, immigrants will be used to keep down labor costs and boost profit margins for the owners, rather than to give good jobs to the bottom 80% of Americans. Foxconn, Chrysler, you name it.

Promising to gut the hell out of NAFTA was the only way he flipped so many Rust Belt states, including the very close race in Michigan. Yet he barely mentioned it during the rally.

And we know the reason why -- his economic team has surrendered on re-industrializing our economy to benefit the working and middle classes, and has inverted the "NAFTA re-negotiation" theme to get even better deals for the large farm-owners who already benefit like crazy from NAFTA, and to get white-collar professionals a larger slice of the Mexican market in their sector (finance, tech, etc.).

The same applies to the fake trade war against China -- that is being used solely to get more benefits for white-collar professionals here who work in intellectual property, as well as moguls in finance, tech, and media, who want to enter the Chinese market in those sectors. None of it is bringing back the industrial commodities and manufacturing sectors to American soil, where they would provide solid employment and incomes for the increasingly precarious American citizenry.

On the one hand, every time Trump shills so shamelessly for cheap-labor immigration, it drives his true supporters up the wall. Aside from the harm it deals to our material standard of living, as those cheap-labor policies get enacted by his administration, it shifts the Overton Window entirely back in the opposite direction from what his campaign accomplished -- toward elitism, toward globalism.

The entire basis for mass immigration is for greedy employers to secure an endless supply of cheap labor, so when he touts the value of it in one sector like agriculture, and then another like manufacturing, he's really making a general argument for unmitigated immigration.

"Gotta keep those labor costs down for the employers, folks -- if it dumps another 50 million immigrants into your communities, just move somewhere else, unless you're OK with being losers for the rest of your lives."

On the other hand, his serving as the ventriloquist dummy for the Koch brothers only helps to accelerate the downfall of the GOP, as voters see how thoroughly incapable it is of undoing -- or even mitigating -- the cheap-labor globalist policies of Reaganism. Even electing the biggest joke of a politician, just because he was promising the right things on the right issues, could not compel the GOP to follow the orders of its own voters.

That will clear the way for the Bernie revolution to sweep into the government and take over where the GOP had failed. After Trump's historical upset victory, the Democrats learned that they have to fight populism with populism, if their shut-out party wants to dethrone their rivals as the dominant, paradigm-setting party, rather than play within the boundaries established by the GOP and occasionally win the White House.

That may have been appropriate when the voters wanted Reaganism, but now that the GOP's own hardcore primary voters have chosen the candidate who campaigned on doing something very different from Reaganism -- something populist and non-interventionist -- the signal has been sent that we want something anti-Reaganite from a Democrat candidate as well.

In the meantime, support for the GOP will continue collapsing, as none of its candidates for the mid-terms are campaigning on restricting immigration in order to ensure that Americans get hired, and at higher wages. The president himself keeps campaigning on exactly the opposite program.

Once the Bernie people take over the government, the populist-nationalist Trump supporters will enjoy some action at last on the issue of employment and immigration. They're all about dramatically raising the floor on the income scale -- "abolish cheap labor" will be their slogan. And once you abolish cheap labor, you abolish immigration de facto as well.

And guess what -- debt-burdened, dead-end-job-having Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers are not going to give an absolute shit if the same policies that raise their own standard of living have the side effect of ending immigration.

So while the wave of the future will not indulge former-Trumpers' nationalism rhetorically, it will deliver on the issue nevertheless. And that will be totally fine -- results over rhetoric, material issues over cultural concerns. The wrong pitch would be ending immigration as the central issue, with the side effect being higher incomes.

Former Trump supporters should get out in front of this paradigm shift and help it to stay neutral and declare a truce on cultural matters, rather than let the identity politics warriors among the Dems try to hijack the labor issue to benefit immigrants over already-struggling Americans. With Bernie supporters and former Trump supporters teaming together, the moribund identity politics movement doesn't stand a chance.


  1. What is it with millenial commenters noy being able to handle unpleasant info. Agnostic doesn't condescend the way heartiste does.

  2. Trump's lost it, along w/ his personality cult followers and the election-losing GOP base.

    Amazing that he could visit the Rust Belt and spend more than an hour impotently whining about headline news, as though he thought the crowd showed up just to watch a real-time reaction video of a Fox News addict shouting at the TV.

    Thankfully the Bernie people are busy building a real alternative to failed Reaganism, and we won't have to put up with this boring joke administration for much longer, or its out-of-touch mouth-breathing sycophants who think shilling for cheap labor immigration is anti-Establishment.

  3. "Bernie people"

    You mean DSA, as in the neo-Communists. What's next? SecDef Rapone?

  4. Unlike the Trump side, there's widespread support for Bernie's platform within his own party -- politicians, activists, and voters -- so no need to resort to the fringes.

    He's already got 16 Senators on board with Medicare for all, and others who at least support a buy-in option for Medicare. That's as of last year, will be the consensus by 2021.

    How many GOP Senators, grassroots activists / organizers, and voters, are signing onto terminating NAFTA or withdrawing from the WTO? Zero. Pulling out our people from Afghanistan? One or two libertarian Senators. Deporting millions of illegals? One Congressman.

    Again, my advice is to just sit back and enjoy the Bernie revolution working to solve these problems, with or without the style of rhetoric that a Trumpian would prefer. "Abolish cheap labor" = no more immigration. And winding down the failed empire and smashing globalist trade deals is a Democrat specialty to begin with.

  5. Jeremy Corbyn will be leading a similar long-term shift in Britain, where the ossified cuckservative party led by May will keep failing. Situation would be similar, unfortunately, even if Nigel Farage were the figurehead of the government, given the institutional constraints.

    They too are in a disjunctive period, trying to radically alter their Thatcher paradigm (same as Reagan's) via the Brexit negotiations.

    But being the party that founded the corporate globalist paradigm, they won't be able to pull off the change, which will fall instead to the opposition party led by a trailblazing figure who made a decent but unsuccessful run during the power struggle at the start of the disjunctive period -- Corbyn.

    He's even better than Bernarino, mainly on foreign policy, whereas Trump and the GOP keep trying to inflate the brand value of the Saudi Arabian jihadists who blew up the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon.

    It will not be the nominally nationalist party of the Conservatives, but the Labor party under an anti-imperialist re-aligner, that will disentangle Britain from jihadist influence.

  6. The best and only way to reverse immigration and raise wages/create jobs is by government wage regulation and stringent labor standards.

  7. Exactly. An approach I've been pushing in order to get Trumpian outcomes from the coming death of the GOP and Bernie revolution:



  8. "He's even better than Bernarino"
    God, isn't that the truth.

    "Again, my advice is to just sit back and enjoy the Bernie revolution working to solve these problems, with or without the style of rhetoric that a Trumpian would prefer"

    Gotta have that "T", Ag! It's not fair to compare anyone to Trump, but at least Corbyn's got some testosterone...


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