September 6, 2017

Veto bill that only condemns violence from the Right

A bipartisan Swamp team is trying to send a bill to Trump's desk that only condemns hate and violence when it comes from the Right. They're still trying to win the game of getting him to disavow only one side, and protect the far more violent other side.

Trump should preemptively threaten to veto this bill unless it is amended to condemn hate and violence when it comes from the Left, calling out specific groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc.

To give himself cover, he can cite the recent broad condemnation of Antifa by the mainstream Left, including Nancy Pelosi. The Establishment has already started to sour on its pet militia after a successful campaign to collectively blame the entire Left for Antifa violence, which has forced Democrats to disavow the paramilitary group by name.

Bonus points if he gets the bill to use the specific phrase "many sides" in its condemnation of hate and violence no matter which of the many sides it may come from.

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  1. Along the same lines it's now coming out that Heather Heyer died due to a heart attack, not because she got run over... not surprising because there's a bunch of pictures of her from the protest looking morbidly obese with packs of cigarettes.

    So the Charlottesville GTA Enthusiast and (more broadly) far-right may no have actually killed her after all.


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