August 15, 2017

Trump explodes "one side only" BS about Charlottesville

Now that's the Trump from the campaign trail, unshackled from his Pentagon boarding party handlers! Suck on this, General Kelly:

From a press conference about infrastructure, the questions from the press went immediately to Charlottesville, trying to pin him further against the wall. But here in an impromptu setting, his natural instincts came out and he called out the Violent Left in addition to dissing the White Nationalists, as well as lambasting the media for only portraying one side as violent.

He also did a good job of de-contaminating whatever normies were in attendance at the rally, who just wanted to protest the removal of a Confederate statue rather than throw up Nazi salutes, saying they were not violent, and pivoting to ask whether the statue-removers will target George Washington and Thomas Jefferson next, since they were slaveholders too.

Great comeback, making the media and Establishment now stick up for the Violent Left and extremists who want to topple any historical monument on the grievance that all of American history is corrupted and stained by the legacy of slavery etc.

Larger lesson: Trump supporters need to do everything they can to remove the Pentagon boarding party from his cabinet. Easier said than done, but that must remain a top priority -- we see how he wins on his instincts, and gets led to the slaughter when the Generals pressure him into appeasing the executioners (which they do by design, to remove him from office).


  1. "We had been told Potus wasn't doing questions. He chose to overrule staff"

    Maggie Haberman‏ @maggieNYT 2h2 hours ago

    Suck on that, General Kelly!

  2. Tiny-tiny quibble for the future: use "Antifa" or "Violent Left" instead of "Alt-Left", which is a Clintonite term to paint the Bernie people as a left-wing version of neo-Nazis.

    Antifa or Violent Left are more accurate, and will keep sympathizers on the Dem side happy (Michael Tracey, David Sirota).

    Trump didn't make a big point out of using "Alt-Left" -- one of the journos did, so he just went with it in order to get to the main point about there being two sides.

  3. PJ Watson did a twitter post about nearly all of Trump supporters being diverse and levelheaded people wanting a fair shake, with the remainder being whackos who don't represent the majority.

    This would smack of trite ass-covering if it didn't happen to be true. Much of the Left accepts anarchy and terrorism in the name of getting their way and not hurting any (liberal pet group's) feelings.

    Cuck-wise, the timid response to the baseball shooting that damn near was a massacre, and the Penn. (or was it Tennessee?) GOP'er being shot to death by a deranged Dem. Boomer neighbor a couple weeks ago, are yet more evidence that the globalists have cucked virtually all high level Republicans, with most of the mid-tier not being that much better.

    There's mountains of fraud, corruption, treachery, and incompetence, yet the "conservative" side of the ruling elite refuses to even see it, let alone blast it apart.

    Enemies of the West and it's allies/potential allies have infested the power centers and we're long overdue for sealing it up and setting off a bug bomb. Islamic terrorist funders and symps dominate foreign policy discourse as they foment hostility to Iran, Israel, and Russia. Wall Street makes tons of money off of the exploitation and abuse of both First world and 3rd world proles. Cultural Marxists in academia and the corporate world stoke hatred of white men with minimal accountability.

  4. Going with the report that it was Kelly who urged him to do the "further condemnation" in the first place which had zero effect (something Trump immediately mentioned on Twitter) I'm hoping this is him finding his balls against the Deep Staters. Some times these things take time after all; it took longer than normal for Garfield to assemble his cabinet and in the end he managed to effectively end the political career of Roscoe Conkling for example.

    And as far as his comment about Washington and Jefferson, there's already been reports of a bunch of leftists/so-called anti-racists went to the Museum of Natural History in New York, covered up a statue of Theodore Roosevelt and demanded it be removed for being racist while also going on about how Columbus Day needs to be renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. Trump's right and it's obvious to anyone with eyes that these types completely want to erase then re-write American history to match what they've read in Zinn. Zinn, of course, who literally decried objective history and who routinely ignored examples that went against his narrative because A People's History othe United States is nothing but a Marxist, anti-American polemic disguised as a history book. Not at all a surprise given that he and his wife were communists; the damage he's done to American history and the study of it is criminal.

    I always like passing that to show people how much of a hack Zinn was.

  5. "Larger lesson: Trump supporters need to do everything they can to remove the Pentagon boarding party from his cabinet."

    Do not follow the shiny object the MSM has thrown out there, identity politics brawling, and focus on the knock-out: delegitimizing these people over Russia. A member of a violent group was killed with a car... only the ID people, L/R, on twitter, and the press (because they're all ID politics people) care about this. We've finally got these people on the ropes and...
    Our side -the populists, especially on the right- are having trouble refocusing and have spent at least the last 48 hours on perma-defense. You can't afford to do this when you have these people on the ropes. You just can't.
    To their credit, the lefty populists have done a much better job refocusing on The Toppling. But it's distressing when I see prominent people spending hours upon hours on defense...and often against anonymous trolls who don't matter(!) at such a crucial moment.

    I'm worried they're going to skate by just like they did with Iraq WMD: it was just a "mistake" and not a single person held accountable. Legitimacy intact.

  6. We had William Binney on Tucker Carlson last night! HUGE!!! But Cassandra Fairbanks and others are not capitalizing on this today. THIS WON'T DO. Get back on offense and don't chase the ID politics shiny object.

  7. It's not an ID politics distraction. It's about collective violence, which the Left has specialized in for a long time, but which the media and both parties of the Establishment refuse to even discuss, let alone condemn.

    By this point, it's clear that Antifa is part of the police state / Deep State:

    There's an ethnic angle to it, but it's primarily about violence and the state, not ID politics.

    And after the idiot WNs made their little demo about white ID politics, the Pres had to respond to it somehow, and pivot -- make it about the Violent Left and extremists who want to tear down anything American because our history is tainted by slavery etc.

    The Russia thing will not go away just because more and more proof is brought against it. They'll just move on to some other thing in their shape-shifting witch hunt. Finances unrelated to Russia, whatever.

    So we didn't have them on the ropes -- the Russia thing has been proven bogus for a long time, but it isn't about facts, only a justification to remove Trump, which they'll do for any other reason if the first reason runs dry.

  8. "It's not an ID politics distraction. It's about collective violence, which the Left has specialized in for a long time, but which the media and both parties of the Establishment refuse to even discuss, let alone condemn."

    I believe the incessant raising up and following of one man and his band of thirty followers (out of a country of 300 million plus) has everything to do with our elites being deeply enthralled to identity politics.
    I don't disagree at all about that part of the Left and collective action...

    I see it more as a battle between populists and elitists: the populists are in charge, trying desperately to turn the corner, while the sociopathic elite engages in ultraviolence.

    The populists are the Trump Train and Berniacs. They clearly sided with us or were neutral.

    The elitists are mostly the Trustfund Left.

    And their problem is there are too few "bad guys". They've tacitly supported violence against women and children as well as covered up the murder of Seth Rich. These guys win and accelerate when they can find white nationalists. They lose when it's #TrumpTrain/Berniacs being hurt.

  9. In hopefully good news, it looks like Hope Hicks is getting Mooch's job as Communications Director. She's been working with the Trump Organization since 2012 so unlike Mooch or Spicer there's not really any questions about her loyalty and I'm already seeing moaning on twitter by Principled Conservative types that this is a bad move and he needs someone with "experience" (or implying that she got her position through sleeping with him). Makes me feel good and a little more more hopeful that Trump's starting to push back against the Swamp Creatures.

  10. Great news, Hope was one of the originals -- way back when Breitbart, Fox, Bannon, Kellyanne, et al were still backing Cruz. She's one of us.

    She still refers to him as "Mr. Trump" -- the way we still refer to him as just "Trump" instead of "President Trump". If we were there at the beginning of the underdog campaign, we all have an informal band-of-brothers relationship. Only those who lost are forced to refer to him with an honorific.

    She's rather wholesome and reserved for a former model, not the "if you got it, flaunt it" party girl type. Almost like she isn't convinced deep down that she's a babe, and is only aware that she is from how others respond to her.

    She's got an '80s mystique:

    1. Gotta watch now! I know so little about her, was always skeptical because of her age and complete lack of political experience
      But she's still there when so many have been flashes in the pan. Bet she'll be great.

    2. Ha ha! Space Age Love Song

  11. Manufacturing council disbanded right before NAFTA negotiations?
    I'm sure with Scott Adams thought, there's something about going into NAFTA negotiations with zero advice from the Leading Offshoring CEOs themselves.
    "Big business abandons Trump over 'muh racism'" is the headline... while Trump has 0 globalist CEOs involved in NAFTA re-negotiations all of a sudden.
    This whole weekend, what a well-timed salvage. Trump style reminds me quite a bit of prime Hakeem Olajuwon's low and high post game:
    -nice range of first moves, which made him an All-Star
    -near infinite arsenal of counter moves which made him Hall of Fame level

  12. He's dinged Merck for drug prices and dinged Amazon for killing jobs and localism. I figured that at some point, he'd go on a populist spree and start threatening robber barons. That was the appeal of Sanders, after all.

    If consistent pressure is applied, CEO's will start to make moves to stave off populist scrutiny and disapproval rather than doing the same old same old that's elicited more and more frustration from the populace.

    Whether deliberate or a coincidence, the timing of the Charloteville shit show worked out for the elite, who now have an excuse to bury the visibility of Trump's economic reforms under tons of muh Nazi psy-ops. The badgering of Trump over his reaction to the rally is obviously a ploy, and an obnoxious one at that. He's anxious to discuss policy, chiding the media for avoiding discussion of his plans for trade and infrastructure. The obnoxious "gotcha" grandstanding and moralizing isn't going to change anyone's opinion of Trump, and the globalist press has no interest in promoting things that make Trump look better.

    The Boomers and early X-ers for whom the theater of politics matters as much as the substance of policy or listening to what the public wants, have actually dredged up the Dave Duke disavowal hoax all over again. Needless to say, we got sick of that crap back then, it got filed away after a little while and it's best to let it go. Yet I saw a fairly Trump friendly reporter (mighta been Hannity or L. Ingraham) who brought up that hoax to shame Trump about how he doesn't handle these controversies in a way that pleases followers and assuages critics.

    Hellloooo, Trump can't be all things to all people. Circumstances being what they are, wrenching changes are happening and it's up to the elites to decide who's gonna be wrenched and how hard they're gonna be wrenched. Somebody's feeling are going to be hurt, and if the CultMarx pansies and the elites who enable them can't deal with that, then tough shit. Dropping the theater critique and complimenting what's working and beneficial, while opposing the things and people who stand in the way of reform, is what needs to be done.

  13. Johnny Caustic8/16/17, 6:05 PM

    `Tiny-tiny quibble for the future: use "Antifa" or "Violent Left" instead of "Alt-Left"'

    Funny, I read someone else argue exactly the opposite earlier today.

    His argument is that most normies won't understand a word they've never heard before like "Antifa", but instinctively understand what "Alt-Left" might mean; and among the minority of normies who have heard of "Antifa," what normie would object to someone being anti-Fascist?

  14. On the stuff about the headlines about CEOs pulling out because of "racism", it seems like a good amount of the Trumpian types aren't buying it at all pointing to his current tough talk on trade with China (where many of these companies off shore to and I'm sure a lot of these tech companies are getting investment from) is the real cause and the racism is just an excuse. That's something that needs to be hammered home as publically as possible. The assault on the tech industry's Chinese ties as well as the fact the film industry is seeing massive injections of Chinese money so Hollywood can put out more pro-Chinese movies (and movies catered to the Chinese public that only cares about fancy looking action and effects, no matter how much of either of that is good).

    The tech and film industries are slowly transforming into arms of the Chinese billionaires (and by extension the Chinese government) and perhaps we'd do well to remind people of that. In fact if we're going to do this trade war with China we should be pointing out how they're snaking their way into everything they can think of in various countries, especially real estate in places like Australia, Canada and the west coast of the United States.

  15. "His argument is that most normies won't understand a word they've never heard before like "Antifa", but instinctively understand what "Alt-Left" might mean"

    Like I said, it's not a big priority, and it looks like the ship has sailed.

    I'm more in favor of "Violent Left" since it spotlights exactly what threat they pose to society, and it forces the majority of libs and Dems to disavow and prove that they're not violent themselves or sympathetic or tolerant of the people who chase down normal Americans attending a Trump rally and hit them upside the head with a brick in a bag.

    Democrats are a million times more tolerant of violence, from not criticizing let alone expelling the Antifa types, to calling any police action a fascist crackdown.

    As long as it's violence from below, it doesn't matter who it's targeting -- Mexican gangs ethnically cleansing black areas in LA? Meh. At least the harm isn't coming from a Republican who re-drew their Congressional district.

    Jihadist militias putting masses of citizens under a violent theocracy in Syria? Meh. At least it's not the government or a corporation doing the theocratizing.

    The Left will never do real soul-searching aside from a tiny minority, even if one of their own pleads with them to do so, like Michael Albert from ZNet.

    They will have to be forced by the Independents and Right casting collective blame on the Left for the vast majority of deaths and injuries caused by collective political violence. That's the only thing that will make them distance themselves from violence and expel the Antifa types.

  16. Plus there's nothing "alt" about the Violent Left. Aside from violence finding mainstream tolerance among libs and Dems, I mean that the Antifa types never behave like the Bernie people, and are always in lockstep with the Dem Establishment.

    Antifa only targets the Right, never the corporate or elitist Dems on their own side -- unlike the bruising primary battle that the Bernie people waged against their fellow Dems.

    Where was Antifa at the DNC last summer? True anti-authoritarians view centrist corporate Dems as crypto-fascists, so Antifa should have been protesting them, assaulting their supporters, and destroying their property. Instead: nowhere to be found.

    This is so out of character for the Dems, who fight with each other all the time at the grassroots level, especially during the always divisive primary season, even if their leaders generally "don't punch left". That makes Antifa appear as an arm of the Dem Establishment, by not targeting other Dems.

    And the whole obsession over racial ID politics boogeyman points directly to the Dem Establishment, not to the class-and-empire focus of the Bernie people and other anti-authoritarian leftists.

    After the tiki torch rally (but before the car attack), Michael Tracey and David Sirota said "Oh great, now the Clintonites are going to use this Nazi crap to distract focus from class topics, and make everything about Nazis vs. non-Nazis". Which is exactly what happened. The Bernie faction loses when the focus is anything related to race and ethnicity.

    Antifa partners with the Kurdish militias who are a proxy for Uncle Sam in the Middle East.

    Antifa and the International Socialist Organization support regime change against Assad, talking about the jihadists like they're a Che Guevara force.

    And Antifa is MIA from any protest against the police state, prisons, and other targets of anti-authoritarians.

    I put the link further up to an earlier post showing that Antifa are indistinguishable from the police state, and indeed function as a covert bad cop that inflicts physical punishment, denies free speech, and obstructs free assembly, while the overt good cop stands idly by.

  17. The many undercover videos by Project Veritas also show that the violent and crazy people that come out to attack Trump supporters, or any generic Republican event, are recruited, paid, organized, and legally protected by the Dem Establishment, through organizing groups like Democracy Partners.

    They are not part of the grassroots Bernie movement, or the anti-authoritarian Left. They're an arm of the Establishment Left.

  18. Hannity keeps playing reels of words rather than actual violence committed by the Left. Tucker showcased actual violence against normies -- like the rioters outside of the San Jose Trump rally last year.

    People don't need to hear rhetoric coming from the Left, they need to see actual violence committed by them -- and against normal Americans, like Trump rally attenders rather than Nazi LARPers.

    There's no shortage of footage from all the Trump rallies last year, the BLM sniper who gunned down five cops at the Dallas BLM rally last year, the Pulse nightclub shooter's father standing behind Hillary at one of her rallies, and so on and so forth.

    Then show the mealymouthed non-apologies and even "we must understand" rationalizations of the Violent Left's actions coming from Obama, Hillary, et al.

    Throw in the WTC collapsing just for good measure to remind people what political Islam is all about.

  19. Also there's a bunch of stories on places like TMZ and calls from people on Twitter about removing statues of Washington. Some pastor in Chicago is calling on Rahm to remove a statue of Washington and rename Washington Park as well. It's like they're so deluded and high off their own farts that they can't wait to prove Trump right thinking that everybody will agree with them.


    The headline is a no duh thing, but in that post he says what we locked onto ages ago and which the MSM/elites/Trump haters still don't get: Trump never marketed himself as morally superior. The haughty denunciations of Trump's reaction being insufficiently lacking in moral grandstanding won't change anyone's mind about anything. His supporters understand him matter of factly saying that both sides let the situation get out of hand, neither side is fully good nor fully evil, and his explaining some of the anodyne investigation details of which there still aren't that many.

    It's not the culture war anymore, and that's why Trump got as far as he did. He wants to bring back the "just the facts" culture of the mid-Century. The Left's constant battering of his "evil" acts, character, and style is partly fueled by the frustration that they can't expose sanctimonious and divisive grandstanding by the GOP president since it doesn't exist, least of all when the Left is doing so much of it themselves.


    Town near the Czech border, crowds are largely hostile towards Merkel. There any chance of Germany being split, again? Merkel could (will) win her 4th term again. The article says that the populist nationalist German party is strongest in this region of Germany.

  22. A Missouri state senator is openly calling for Trump to be assassinated and is doubling down on it because he needs to "apologize for being a bigot". They've completely lost their minds.

  23. "They've completely lost their minds."

    They have had it their own way for so long, they cannot believe anyone could disagree with their narrative.


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