February 11, 2017

High energy winning music du jour

Now that the public reverence of victimhood has begun to sober up, the bright cheerful music we feel nostalgia for will no longer strike a bittersweet, ironic note as it did during the Obama years. Now it only harmonizes with our daily mood of never getting sick of winning. Now it will be the Leftists with good taste who feel this music bittersweetly and ironically (more their thing anyway).

Ultimately that will be good for the Leftists' mood -- listening to upbeat music as escapist micro-"resistance" -- rather than constantly wallowing in aggro / emo / pitying / mock-macho music. But given the soaring levels of partisanship, they may put tribal loyalty over both national cohesion and personal well-being.

Hey, your guys' loss!

Vicious Pink, "Ccccan't You See" (1984)


  1. Most of my mood has been upbeat + TRiUMPhalist:


    Also, there's the mood of attempting to explain what just happened to normie observers as rapid-fire social and political changes go down almost hourly:


  2. https://twitter.com/Joy_Villa/status/830951551061614592

    Never heard any of her music, but this looks like it could be evidence that what you've been saying will happen is beginning.

  3. "Do our supporters have the greatest curves, or what, huh folks?"

    Her instagram post links to the designer, a flamboyant Filipino, who made his own pro-Trump statement after the election:


    Culture will be downstream from politics because Trump's victory has given these people the legitimacy to "come out".

    You might think that Trump sympathizers in the entertainment industry would have to keep extra quiet, now that the hysteria over him / any GOP Pres has reached such a feverish pitch.

    But that describes the earlier state of affairs under Clinton, even Bush (corporate globalist), and Obama. They couldn't express their views because they didn't feel like anyone big out there would validate them. Now they've got the tacit validation of the President of the United States -- so who cares what some pedophile producer from Hollywood thinks about you supporting Trump?

    I keep coming back to the Trump phenomenon being about breaking the conformity effect, where Trump publicly calls out some idiocy, and everyone who was already thinking the same thing, says "Thank God I wasn't the only one thinking that!"

    Trump is letting people know it's OK to think, feel, and act the way they had wanted to, since it's perfectly normal and mainstream. He didn't have to persuade anyone and did not convert anyone who'd started with elitist or globalist sympathies. He knew there was a great support base already out there, and simply said "I'm your guy," and proved it.

  4. BTW, if a half-black woman in SoCal can signal Trump support from behind enemy lines, then every white guy reading this can wear a MAGA hat while out in your white suburb to regularly remind all the sympathizers that we're the majority, not some hunkered-down sect.

    Just the other day, a redneck shitlord in the thrift store called out, "Like your hat!" and he was wearing a camo Trump hat. Last night a black woman who works at the grocery store said "I like your hat" and "We're *all* trying to make America great again". Meaning, maybe she did or didn't vote for Trump, but regardless she's on board with the basic goal, rather than wanting to nitpick, nay-say, and obstruct like the elitists.

    Now is not the time to hide what you stand for. We have to not only remind each other that we're the majority -- we have to remind the globalists and elitists that they are now the marginal paranoid sectarians.

    1. Oh, God! Glad to see I can't be the only one who is disgusted to see white, male Trump supporters outside the South go on about how you *can't* show open support or violence!
      One, most of all, who will go unnamed. Huge megaphone. Just makes me cringe and filled with disgust.

      Exactly. If that woman can do what she did, and with her megawatt smile, everyone else can.
      And there was *nothing* about what she did or said that signaled in any way she wanted to upset and antagonize. No, she was all about being happy and joyful.

    2. I have mentioned it before but the most fun I had in 2016 was walking around Seattle with my friend who was proudly wearing a Trump MAGA shirt (wish I had one at the time). We even went to the most liberal parts of the city such as the Capital Hill district. This was about a month before the election.

      Everyone noticed him. So much feedback. I never felt less invisible. I found it interesting that the most typical response of young women was "Are you being ironic?". I was surprised how many people,more than I can count, came up to him to say they loved his shirt. This is a reminder that there are Trump supporters everywhere, even in the bluest of blue enclaves.

  5. Interestingly in SoCal most of the most ardent Trump supporters, the ones who did grassroots work, are people from blue-collar minority groups. The kinds of peopler who mostly interact with other minorities and don't deal with with middle-class whites all that often. The guys are Hispanic men who look like they were cholos back in the day. or women who wear wear way too much makeup. I know a black single mom with five kids who is an ardent Trump supporter, etc. I've gotten into political discussions with the cashier at the grocery store, and an employee of Costco. In each case they were middle-aged Hispanics with heavily accented English who were adamant about the need to "build the wall." In each case, they initiated the conversation, not me.

    I wore my MAGA hat on Election Day, and the day after, and on Inauguration Day, because I wanted to represent. I wore it to an upscale coffee shop that is primary patronized by rich Boomers, 65+, who had artistic pretensions in their youth, and younger hipsters from wealthy families who can afford to live in that neighborhood because they get financial assistance from mom and dad. I chose that coffee shop so that I could really trigger its patrons. The sudden intense rage of the Boomers was great. But the young people looked so...dejected...that I took off the hat. They looked like they'd been punched in the gut -- it was really something -- and I felt like i was rubbing it in.

    However, later that day I went downtown. The pussy march went right past the office building where i had a meeting, so even though it was pouring rain I put on my hat and stood watching the marchers for about 10 minutes. The 50ish lesbian women who made up the majority of marchers gave me the most...intense...looks. They weren't rude though.

    I live in an area with so many minorities that for the most part, no one has ever seen anyone wear a Trump hat or a bumper sticker. I had a bumper sticker on my car for just a couple of days before the election, but took it off because of concerns that someone would vandalize the car. A lot of people craned their necks to read the sticker. A couple of illegals in a pickup truck shouted something in Spanish, some kind of cheer. I think they were being ironic, but they were good-natured about it. I've worn my hat to the predominantly Asian grocery store a few times, and most of the shoppers did double-takes. They weren't mad or rude, they've just never seen one before and were surprised to meet a genuine Trump supporter. The Chinese immigrants in this area are not very political. They vote Democrat, to the extent that they vote at all, because they think that Democrats are the party of the educated and minorities. But there are Republicans too, in CA you find all kinds of people. I know an elderly Chinese grandmother who is a devoted Rush Limbaugh listener, plus a couple of our friends are tiger mom Asian immigrants who are diehard Trump supporters. But most Asian immigrants don't understand the Trump movement, they've got no ties to the heartland and Trumpism just doesn't resonate with them, they are curious about it.

    I always wear my MAGA hat while landscaping. I make a point to wear it while mowing my OWN lawn. I want the whole world to knoiw that we don't actually need illegals to mow our lawns -- we can do it ourselves.

    In general blue collar people seem OK with Trump. Even the illegals are pretty up front about the whole phenomenon. They don't want to get sent back, but they know they are here illegally. They don't get hysterical or shout racism or whatever, they just hope they'll be able to stay. The white collar libs are, as we know, decidedly NOT OK with him. But blue-collar folks, even in the bluest of blue states, are mostly cool with Trumpism.

  6. Wow that fashion designer is awesome. He's a FLAMING homo and a diehard Trump supporter. I'm always sorry to see people get caught up in that lifestyle. That said, the dude is not afraid to represent.

  7. Now that her sales are skyrocketing after the publicity stunt, it will spawn imitators who are just looking to make a quick buck off of the Trump movement. Lots of entertainers have no ideology, and just want attention and sales.

    Shrieking against Trump has brought no skyrocketing sales, and at worst has alienated middle-of-the-road folks. No money to be made there.

  8. "This is a reminder that there are Trump supporters everywhere, even in the bluest of blue enclaves."

    I just got back from dinner out with my uncle, and the two of us are the biggest Trump supporters in the family. I'm wearing my red hat, and a woman (a Gen X supermom type) walks by our table and says she loves my hat, and the three of us start talking about how great the Trump movement has been, how down-to-earth Trump himself is, etc.

    Turns out she was a volunteer slaving away on the campaign in the bowels of Kasich country. You never know who you'll meet.

    She asked nervously what the response to the hat has been, and I said I've only gotten positive responses. Anyone who has a negative reaction says nothing and does nothing. At most friendly joking around about how they hope it's only four years, etc. Good-natured stuff -- but then this is the Rust Belt, not some elitist coastal bubble.

    Then the woman from the couple behind us turns to us as we're leaving and says she wishes she had a Trump hat, too. Looked Asian, nearing retirement age.

    We're all over the place, but unless we wear identifiers, you might not even guess who we are. That's why we have to wear the hat!


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