September 16, 2015

Tonight's GOP debate: The "jerk store" episode from Seinfeld, as snarky Repubs get asses handed to them by nimble Trump

Time ran an article about how all the losing candidates are going to focus their (lowww) energy on taking shots at Trump, with the moderators at CNN eager to stir up a food fight atmosphere.

One problem: the other candidates can't think on their feet, and have to come with a canned speech, micro-tailored talking points, etc. Only this time around, their boring canned speech will include a few barbs aimed at Trump. Shit-eating grins are already spreading across their faces in anticipation. No suffering from l'esprit d'escalier this time, eh Rand?

Obviously they were too busy mentally reciting their canned talking points during the first debate to notice that Trump batted away Megan Kelly's volley about the war on women -- instantly, effortlessly, devastatingly. "Only Rosie O'Donnell!" :crowd goes wild:

No matter how many times these clowns have rehearsed their one-liners, Trump is guaranteed to slam them with an even greater zinger, without missing a beat.

It could be the most entertaining spectacle you'll see all year. Just imagine -- two solid hours of the "jerk store" episode from Seinfeld, where George gets publicly outwitted by an even better comeback to his one-liner that he'd been crafting all week long, and had looked so smugly toward delivering.

The deflation that these limp-dick cuckservatives are going to feel will be all the more yoo-miliating because Trump won't just be swatting down some petty off-the-cuff insult, but their long-festering revenge fantasy.

Too bad it's going to be broadcast to the entire nation, so they can't go on Reddit afterward and write a phony story about how they finally worked up the courage to take on the bully and made him eat his mean words!


  1. This time out, the jerks have the live audience on THEIR side: only invitied guests are there, all RNC people and columnists like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, etc. on their side.

    He really is in enemy territory this time.

    I think all the jerks, and the lead jerks are many, will do their best to show that Trump is NOT Ronald Reagan since it's being held at the Reagan Library.

    Much as I look back fondly on Reagan for many things, his El Foldo on the invasion from Central America spelled the beginning of this mess.

  2. Trump would certainly do better if he had supporters' energy to feed off of, but he's got thick enough skin, and conviction from what the polls have said since the beginning, that he won't let them get to him.

    He might even invite his attackers to a bet on who will come out at the top of the polls after the debate, who the polls will say won the debate, etc.

  3. Dang, looks like they all pussied out on their revenge fantasies (to their credit).

  4. The debate looked like it was rigged. Trump was repeatedly baited, but he held his own.

    In a side note, there was this young film director sitting behind Jake Tapper in the audience and so many people took note of him that it became its own story. Just shows how uneventful the debate was.


  6. not sure who's in the lead now. Seems like they successfully trivialized Trump in this debate and made him look like an old fuddy-duddy.


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