August 7, 2015

Fox News lobs bomb at Trump, bounces back, blows the face off of sell-out "right-wing" media

In case you missed the GOP debate, the cuckservative moderators failed to ask any substantive questions of Donald Trump, using the opportunity instead to try to snare him with petty, snarky "gotcha" questions about:

- Whether he's inflaming the War on Women by calling Rosie O'Donnell a fat hairy dyke?

- Whether he has a professionally lit cell phone video of the Mexican government nudging their undesirables over the border? And

- Whether he'll swear loyalty to the Republican Party rather than the American people?

On and on it went, the most shameful thing I've seen in a long while. The substantive questions went only to the empty suits who gave boring, dickless responses, all of them canned. Yet I sat through two hours of questions from a bitter bimbo and a leathery, closeted Jew (frat bro was OK, aside from the opening ambush about GOP uber alles), just to see if it would ever get good (it didn't).

That was the first and last time I'll willingly tune into Fox News. But I'm not part of their target audience, so big deal to them, right?

However, check out the comments at Fox News' Facebook page, or responses on Twitter. Those are coming from the large pool of regular viewers. Not a single person chimed in to tell them what a great job they did as media moderators between the public and the candidates. Every single one that talks about the debate overall is not only negative, but shaming of Fox News as a whole and the individual moderators too (mostly the airhead and the putz).

Even if these devoted viewers weren't all gung-ho for Trump, they were still disgusted by the flagrant set-up of the most popular candidate, and coming from what they had trusted as the only (quasi-)conservative news source in the mainstream media. Recurring comments to the effect of "Now we see your true colors," "Never watching again," and so on.

In fact, most reactions weren't in favor of this or that candidate's total performance, so the debate's effect on the polls may or may not be noticeable. Fox News failed at their goal of souring the conservative voters on Trump.

The main result of the network's debate was in fact to alienate and anger a YUGE segment of the party's base from the network itself. The consensus from the audience response is, "I don't know who won, but the clear loser was Fox News".

And so, not only is the Trump phenomenon breaking apart the corrupt Republican establishment, it has also led one of the central propaganda outlets to self-destruct. While flailing to wound Trump, the arrogant fool wields the blade so recklessly that it hacks off its own head.

Truly this campaign is the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. The lady moderator looked like she was wearing fake eyelashes.

    The other thing I noticed was Ted Cruz's eyebrows.

    Trump was by far the best. Hopefully, he'll be another Ross Perot.

  2. Ricky Vaughn pointed out how much of the defense for Trump came from women, despite Megan Kelly's repeated attempts to shame the candidates about the War on Women.

    The tone-deaf airhead honestly believed that the average female Fox News viewer is an amoral, status-striving harpy living in a one-percenter zip code, who would identify with her attacks.

    Earth to Meg: snarky ambushes by a self-styled Queen Bee will make women among the party's base feel flashbacks to high school when they were ambushed by that one narcissistic wannabe alpha-female. Those girls can never keep girl friends and are always driven out of the group.

    Imagine your high school's most hated catty bitch cracking snark to one of the few teachers who most of the students respected and looked up to. She is so unable to empathize that she thought this would make her the star of the school, rather than a pariah.

    I've never watched Fox News before, so she must have hidden or re-directed attention from her personality. I imagine something like, "I may come across as brusque, but I'm the alpha-female you want in your foxhole when enemy fire is raining in." Only last night she turned on the leader of the in-group (for the audience), making her look like a self-aggrandizing traitor.

    This is the best outcome of the debate -- cuckservative opinion-shapers unmasking themselves in front of the base, who recoil in disgust and reach for their can of bug spray.

  3. Aside from flopping with white women, the attack will also anger the handful of black and Hispanic viewers that would consider voting Republican only if Trump were the nominee. Not that they matter for winning the election, but still hilarious how out-of-touch and tone-deaf the media establishment has become.

    "Look at deez leetle blonde BEETCH tryin' to emasculate Da Big Man. C'mon Trump, tell dat stuck-up white BEETCH to suck on deez nutz!"

  4. It gets better: record viewership for the debate.

    "A whopping 24 million watched the debate from 9 p.m. ET to just past 11 p.m. ET. FNC drew 7.9 million in the A25-54 demo.

    "This is now the highest non-sports cable program of all time, the highest-rated cable news program of all time, and Fox News’s most-watched program ever."

    Their botched hit-job on The Don was not some cuck-and-dagger affair in an underground parking garage at 3 a.m. Fox News eagerly broadcasted their attempted Satanic sacrifice into the living rooms of MIH-YINS UPON MIH-YINS of Americans.

    The effect?

    "The debate, which was co-sponsored by Facebook, increased interactions on [Fox News'] Facebook page by +74 percent from a typical day in July."

    And all of that YUGE spike in traffic went there just to let Fox News know how pathetic and petty they were at the debate, and that they won't be tuning in any longer.

    In their kool-aid addled minds, the execs and pundits are looking at the record ratings as a triumph, rather than the ultimate sacrifice of long-term survival for short-term stardom.

    They're just like the lunatic assassin who winds up making a martyr out of their respected target, all so they could be famous for 15 seconds. These assassins are simply better funded than the run-of-the-mill disgruntled immigrant bomb-lobber.

  5. "That was the first and last time I'll willingly tune into Fox News."

    How many younger people have been alienated from the mainstream media? If you've lived your whole life in the past 40+ years, you've been bombarded with 2+2=5 levels of BS from day one. And it's gotten worse since the early 90's. If you're a gen X-er or Millennial with any shred of intitiutive regard for reality, you can only put up with so much before you call BS and turn the station.

    Don't notice that post 60's blacks are ignorant, entitled, and out of control. There are similar white people, after all.

    Don't notice that Mexicans are dull, have awful taste, and are willing to live on top of each other. That would be stereotyping.

    Don't notice that modern media, business, government, and academia are riddled with shameless strivers who couldn't care less about the average American. They work hard, right?

  6. Re: generation, the only poll I could find that looked at age differences shows Trump holding the same support among 50+ as well as under-50 (26%). Results released this past Monday.

    However, the Silent / Boomer demo is more supportive of the leading Establishment choices, Bush and Walker, who get a combined 27%.

    Gen X and Millennials look at the other candidates as indistinguishable also-rans, and spread their non-Trump support more evenly, so that Bush + Walker = 19%.

    So while both groups on the generation divide support Trump to the same degree, X-ers and Millennials are numb to appeals to support the party favorites.

    Silents and Boomers are far more likely to include "Republican" (or "Democrat") as a crucial facet of their identity, while Gen X and Millennials place the general society's welfare above partisan loyalty.

    The hyper-competitive Me Generation of Silents and Boomers has a deep need to be on a Winning Team, complete with emotional reactions to team colors. The accommodating Gen X and (once they mature out of brattiness) Millennials want to restore the health of their sickly country, whoever the hell it takes to do it.

  7. Most of the "conservative" media analysis has been predictably pathetic. Here's one guy who gets what the debate was all about -- Fox News vs. Trump, rather than any of the candidates vs. any other -- and that the attempted media coup will likely backfire by angering normal Americans, who will support Trump even stronger in the aftermath.

    Joshua Green at Bloomberg:

    1. Mickey Kaus was great with his predictions, too. Your take was pretty spot on with my own

      What Fox did would have been tolerable if conservatives weren't so red-pilled (got that right?) now. We've got so little to lose. They managed to even eff up a popular measure banning abortions after 5 months soon after the last election tsunami gave them an even larger majority in the House.
      TPP, um yum, that's where it's at! That's *exactly* what all those church ladies and soccer dads were going door-to-door for!

      James Carville recently said that Bernie supporters like Hillary and vice versa, but Trump supporters hate the Republican party. Sounds right.

      Not to mention the GOP treated Ron Paul and his supporters like absolute garbage at the 2012 convention when it was completely unnecessary. Sore winners from Hell. I believe Trump is carrying a lot of that disaffected support (judging by Rand's numbers he sure isn't the recipient). I supported Paul then as a vehicle for voicing my unhappiness with the GOP, especially its foreign policy. All the reasons I supported him to begin with PLUS the way they treated him...

      Bernie Sanders' supporters aren't dealing with anything like that, but only because they're blissfully unware of how corrupt Progressive Inc. is and Obama has actually treated them very well. They've got Soros goons wreaking havoc with whom the limpwrists can't deal, and who knows what else coming down the pike, but they'll happily support Hillary.

      (BTW, you know that the Bernie Sanders campaign has just come out with a plan for the next time Black Lives Matters thugs show up? A chant. Agnostic, they're going to chant those thugs the Hell out of there! This is their plan!)

  8. Less of a fan of Trump than you are but the moderators took up too much time. CNN will have the next debate and I bet, not sure, that will copy the FOX style.

  9. Donald Trump is succeeding where the Tea Party failed; that is, in not letting himself get controlled by GOP, Inc.

  10. "Donald Trump is succeeding where the Tea Party failed; that is, in not letting himself get controlled by GOP, Inc."

    It was only a matter of time before we would a get Master of the Universe who opted to skip paying off spineless/dull middle man candidates in favor of actually running himself. Trump is probably as incredulous as any one that we're getting another dose of Bush/Clinton. With few to no credible alternate choices. He figured that the time was ripe for a "maverick" to get in the fray and deal some tough blows to an anemic and almost defenseless group of candidates.

    The others wouldn't even dare talk straight about Mexicans; how are they going to respond to Trump's call to arms about the invaders? By calling him a bigot, a bully, a nut case who needs to "tone things down" and be more "tolerant"?

    People are sick of happy talk and cliches. The obligatory homilies and lectures about America's diversity being such an impregnable asset.

  11. Illegal immigrant labor benefits many wealthy conservatives who want cheap domestic help and want to keep wages down. They are almost as culpable in this as the Leftists are.

  12. "BTW, you know that the Bernie Sanders campaign has just come out with a plan for the next time Black Lives Matters thugs show up? A chant. Agnostic, they're going to chant those thugs the Hell out of there! This is their plan!"

    Maybe if they give a disappointed look and tone of voice while chanting, the blacktivists will be overcome by shame, apologize, and be welcomed back into the liberal flock like prodigal sons....

    Or maybe they'll just get all up in them cracka-ass faces, DON'TCHU TRY 'N' SHUSH ME YOU MINNESOTA NICE HONKEY ASS BITCH!


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