May 12, 2013

The gay haircut fetish

Earlier I threw out the question of why gays are so against long or even medium-length hair, both as the way to wear their own hair as well as what they find attractive in others.

Since the major source of their disorder is being psychologically and even physically stunted in childhood, I figured their obsession with short hair -- permitting no room for variety -- was linked to children having much shorter hair than adolescents or adults. It's part of their way of cultivating and treasuring a childlike way of life.

But the second major source of their disorder is an addictive personality. Perhaps obsessing over hair length, compulsively getting it cut -- not just frequently, but having detailed / high-maintenance instructions, checklists that must be completed or else they're going to melt down... is just another one of their mild-to-severe addictions and fetishes.

Here is a blog called The Psychology of the Haircut Fetish, which only has one post. I won't bother quoting it since it's not very long, but basically a queer with a haircut fetish himself asked some therapists to read through a couple relevant online forums. The guys are gay, and they all share a fear of emasculation. In their minds, short hair = masculine, so "I must always have short hair, or else everybody will think I'm a sissy." Too late for that -- you're going to need major vocal chord surgery to fool anyone who isn't a total retard.

This fetish angle seems to make more sense than the infantilization angle, in this case anyway. Little boys do have shorter hair and feel weird growing it long, but they're not all OCD about bugging their parents to take them to get it cut every two weeks. Faggy fastidiousness is more addictive/compulsive than infantile. And of course it doesn't stop with the hair on their head -- they have an addiction/fetish to shaving off body hair in general.

Unfortunately I have to see or be around faggots every day in this city, and now that I think about it, they do play around with their scalp in that quick, jerky, fetishistic kind of way. You never see normal men running their fingers through their hair unless it's medium or long, and even then it's a slow show-off kind of motion.

But then queers have nothing to run their fingers through, and it's faster and more nervous or frenetic. It's more like rubbing or stroking the skin of their scalp to feel a little rush, not to show off their flowing locks to the babes or to functionally get their messed-up hair in a neater order. It doesn't matter if they're mostly bald and the remainder is buzzed -- they still play around with their scalp.

Through a google image search for "gay hair," I found this guy's profile that shows an animated gif of him playing with his short hair. Again, not fixing it, not showing off its length (it's short on top and buzzed on the sides), but using it as another outlet for public masturbation.

Christ, now it's going to be even sicker when I see them doing it. Just knowing that it's not some generic spastic tendency, but their socially acceptable way of beginning a jerk-off sensation in public once they see some guy whose butthole they want to lick out. Sorry if that offends you, but why bother trying to whitewash their rotten nature?


  1. Here's the thing: only gay men associate short hair with masculinity. Nobody else does, which is why, as the article points out, ancient male warriors wore their hair long, as do heavy metal rockers and bikers, and why the heros of women's romance novels have long hair(such as Fabio).

    So there are two possibilities. The first is that the gay men lack self-awareness, adn really do like short hair because it mimics little boys. The second is that they can't reason correctly, and have mistakenly believed that short hair = masculine, when few other people do.


  2. OT, but totally thought of you when I saw this (As well as when I see anything 80s related.)

    Boy-crazy girl jumps onto a baseball field and runs and grabs/pats two ballplayers' hineys. There's video, too.
    And probably because of your influence, her Britishness jumped out at me.

  3. Curtis,
    Not quite.

    Women tend to like longer hair on guys, but short hair has at times been associated with the military and masculinity. We've been living with the short hair=masculinity view since Napoleon. Such a shame.

  4. Here's the thing: only gay men associate short hair with masculinity.

    If you're talking cross society, this seems a bit nutty. You've got Romans with their short hair, Gauls with their long hair, Samurai with tonsures and Sikhs with turbans, Cossacks had their shaved heads (with a short strand), Native American mohawks. Pretty diverse. Some of these groups may not have seen short hair as masculine, rather than a sign of being strong or disciplined, but it overlaps.

    Women's romance novel covers tend to have a mix of fairly short and long hair but with no shaved heads though The hairstyles are longer than what you would get from randomly sampling real men or real dating websites, but the fabio thing recurs as it is oft parodied (prolly cos it's further removed from the preferences of ladies who don't generally read romance novels). Women have diverse preferences. It's hard for me to believe that long hair is preferred on average by women tho, unless men are totally clueless about trying to increase their attractiveness (they should respond to an incentive).

    The gay hair preference is interesting to me because it is the inverse of straight men's overwhelming preference for long hair, while lesbos seem to have diverse preferences like straight women.

  5. Yeah, I guess you guys are right.


  6. 1). Gay men haven't always preferred short hair--it happens to be their fad now and gays are into fads, as we know. The style may also be a recognition fashion for them.

    2.) Maybe because they understand fashion or care about it a bit more than straight men, perhaps gay men understand that short hair detracts from male pattern baldness. Yes, detracts.

    As a straight woman who appreciates good-looking straight men, I wish they'd learn that growing their hair longer is a sure way to draw attention to their receding hairlines and, in fact, to all the typical patterns of male balding. It's hard to convince them of that, though.

    In addition, fairly short hair makes every man over 30/40 look younger.


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