August 15, 2012

'90s revival at Urban Outfitters

Early '90s of course. They usually play that heroin kind of indy music that has no melody at all, no memorable chord progression, no riffs, basically nothing to hold your attention and get stuck in your head afterward.

So it was a real shock to hear "Pretend We're Dead", and I actually found myself singing along. Not the catchiest rock song ever recorded, but it gets the job done.

Then I saw they had a bunch of t-shirts with striped patterns, like this one, that were popular around '91 or '92. Kind of the last gasp of multi-color clothing that started in the '60s and peaked in the '80s. Didn't see any Hypercolor, though.

Just about all of the '90s sucked big time, but those first couple years weren't as unbearable as the rest. The wild culture was winding up and going to sleep, although it hadn't fallen into complete hibernation just yet.


  1. Please, say it is not so...I've tried so hard to leave high school behind.

    What's next, 2 foot long stocking caps? Doc Martens and Lydia Dietz stockings? SKIDZ? A new array of Manic Panic colors arriving just in time for the holidays?

    I suppose it is better than the skinny jeans being sported by boys who ought to know better.

  2. Guess I got to the other thread late. What do you think of the supposed "reversal of misfortune" regarding U.S & European crime rates?

  3. Maybe women will stop tanning and bring back big hair ;)

    (One can hope.)

  4. I totally had Manic Panic in my hair in 8th grade (1994 and '95), and I also had a pair of Skidz shorts (with a check pattern, not animal stripes).

    "and bring back big hair"

    Unfortunately it seems to get flatter and straighter every year...

    "What do you think of the supposed "reversal of misfortune" regarding U.S & European crime rates?"

    I couldn't say. I focus mostly on rising or falling rates, so I don't know how reliable the estimates are for a single year across countries.

    I know they've been falling across the West, though, so it must be something like the US rate fell even faster and is now below the Euro rates.

  5. The paper actually has European rates rising during some of the same time that U.S rates fell.


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