October 31, 2009

No more "you're welcome"?

Maybe this trend started earlier, but I encounter it enough now that I think it's real: service workers have stopped saying "you're welcome" or just "welcome" when you tell them "thank you." They just say "thanks" or "thank you" back, perhaps with a different inflection like, "No, thank you!"

It's too feminine, and not in a good way -- in that annoying passive-aggressive way, while also mirroring what the other person said. I'm sure that businesses have run a variety of tests and determined that most customers feel better when the clerk says "thank you" back instead of "you're welcome." But you'd think there would be a subset of these industries that would cater to the apparently tiny niche I belong to, just like some low or mid-priced restaurants don't have waitresses who lay it on extra thick with the hiiii omigod you guys look so awesome, i mean, you're like totally the bestest new friends i've made tonighttt!!!

Anyone know of places where it's still common to hear "you're welcome"?


  1. Could be a change for the better, I remember someone decrying the use of "No problem" for you're welcome some time ago saying that De Nada essentially meant it was a problem.

  2. Hello,

    I posted a comment here (http://anepigone.blogspot.com/2009/07/veggies-more-educated-less-intelligent.html).

    The blog writer sent me to you - are you aware of any study showing vegetarians had their IQ depressed?

    I've been a vegetarian for 9 years, had health problems because of it, and had to quit. I'm trying to do some research about the impact on the brain. Thank you

    Thank you

  3. For a while, something like ten or 15 years ago, there was a thankfully brief trend of cashiers and others saying "Have a nice night."


  4. LOL---speaking of passive aggressive, your post reminded me of something from years ago.

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "See You Next Time"? What is happening is that the cahsier is calling the customer a "C-U-Next-Time" or "cunt" right to their face. A friend worked in a beauty supply store for a while and told me some of the girls working there would do this to particularily abrasive customers. They'd even spell it out for a few of them by saying, "C-U-N-T, see you next time" really fast to see if they'd catch it. A few actually did call them out on it.

    Those gals can be awfully rough on each other. Im always try to be polite to the help, especially if they are handling any food or drink I might be having.

  5. Blacks in service jobs, at least the well-bred ones, seem to say "you're welcome" more than any other group, IME.

  6. Reg C├Žsar11/5/09, 9:46 PM

    service workers have stopped saying "you're welcome" or just "welcome" when you tell them "thank you."

    This is backwards. Service workers are supposed to thank you for your custom. Thus, you are the one to say, "You're welcome."

  7. Usually when I visit the US the service people are really friendly but "You're Welcome" is never that common. Often when you thank someone they'll just say UHh-HUH. It might depend on where you are and I know it's not purposely rude it just comes of that way when you are use to more polite behavior.


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