November 8, 2006

Barcelona m'espera!

I'm finally going back to visit Barcelona! It'll only be until next Tuesday, but that's long enough. Ah, tomatoes, octupus, hot girls... speaking of which, I'll be hanging out with one of my nonchalant, red-hot rockstar Catalan friends Saturday night! (This one) I miss girls like that so much. Catch y'all later. Barcelona awaits me!


  1. Razib -- granted it's 7:30AM, and I haven't gone to bed yet after getting home at 6:30, after having had a few drinks... but what the hell is "bearded-claim"? Is that supposed to say "bearded clam"? If that's a ref to Mediterranean hairiness -- girls here wax their legs, lips (if necessary), etc. about every week. A former roommate of mine when I was here two years ago was working for Gillette; she noted the difficulty she was going to have getting Spanish girls to buy razors & shaving cream since no one here goes that route.

    Dennis -- thanks! It's pretty difficult not to enjoy oneself here. DCers are pretty wimpy when it comes to cutting loose, but here even the other outgoing Europeans are amazed at the festive spirit the Spaniards & Catalans show once the weekend arrives. And the females don't invariably have a sourpuss etched across their faces!

  2. yeah, i meant bearded clam. i'm taking pussy.

  3. Agnostic, that term has been around for a long time. It is used regardless of hairiness or lack thereof. I agree it sounds unappealing.

    There's even a female character by that name on the Comedy Central cartoon, "Freakshow."


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